Microcosm Coaching Team Call 09/23/2022

The long steep hill is my greatest frenemy! Nothing makes me cringe more when I look at my plan and see something like 6 x 3 minute steep hills mod/hard, 20 minute tempo on tired legs directly after. Having done these before, I know they never get easier and things are going to feel so hard by the middle part of that tempo that I'm going to want to phone in a friend for a pick-up or a SAR team for a rescue. This stuff is brutal!! BUT some tips and tricks, yes some tricks like smiling when running uphill, can really help. We break it all down on this weeks podcast/community call.


-Hill Strides


-Advanced Workouts

-Race Specific Workouts

-Incorporating hills into weekday runs and weekend long runs.

-A beginners approach to hills and improving on hills!

-Poles or no poles?