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Mens Rea is the legal principle of intent that must be proved in a number of crimes, such as murder. It means literally, "guilty mind".

Mens Rea Podcast explores the most notorious crimes from Ireland and the UK and the court cases that followed. Join your host, Sinead, every fortnight when a new case is discussed.

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80 - Trauma: The murder of Wayne McQuillian

November 22, 2020 03:00 - 56 minutes

In the early hours New Year's day, 2014 Wayne McQuillain stumbled out of a house in Rathmullen Park, Drogheda Co Louth. He was covered in blood. Paula Farrell, his partner would face trial for his murder three times. But did she have a defence?  ******** Join me at CrimeCon UK on June 12-13th 2020. For more information and tickets visit ( . Use the code MENSREA for 10% off. Purchase a ticket with the code and get in touch to get a free Mens Rea T-...

80 - Trauma: The murder of Wayne McQuillan

November 22, 2020 03:00 - 56 minutes

In the early hours New Year's day, 2014 Wayne McQuillan stumbled out of a house in Rathmullen Park, Drogheda Co Louth. He was covered in blood. Paula Farrell, his partner would face trial for his murder three times. But did she have a defence?  ******** Join me at CrimeCon UK on June 12-13th 2020. For more information and tickets visit ( . Use the code MENSREA for 10% off. Purchase a ticket with the code and get in touch to get a free Mens Rea T-S...

79 - Savage: The murder of James Healy

November 09, 2020 03:36 - 59 minutes

In February of 1996, 16 year old James Healy was found brutally beaten in a field near his home in Tralee. It wouldn't be long before gardai zeroed in on their prime suspect - a 25 year old man diagnosed with anti social personality disorder.  In fact, police feared that he would one day murder. ********* Join me at CrimeCon UK on June 12-13th 2020. For more information and tickets visit ( . Use the code MENSREA for 10% off. Purchase a ticket with...

78 - The Field: The killing of Paddy Daly

October 25, 2020 10:18 - 1 hour

In January of 1996, 69 year old bachelor farmer Paddy Daly went missing from his home just outside Killarney in Co. Kerry. His family told the press and the police that they were baffled as to what had become of him. Six days later, Paddy's body was found in a well on the family farm, covered in stones and sand. He had been beaten to death. Two members of his family were charged with his murder. ********* Join me at CrimeCon UK on June 12-13th 2020. For more information and tickets visit c...

77 - The Murder of Georgina Eager

October 13, 2020 11:03 - 59 minutes

In May of 2003, family members discovered the body of Georgina Eager in the bedroom of her flat. The knife used to kill her was still protruding from her neck. A man was arrested shortly after in London, who admitted to killing the 28 year old receptionist. This would lead to a prosecution for murder in London, the first case of a crime committed in Ireland being tried in the United Kingdom under an obscure law dating from 1861, avoiding the lengthy extradition process. ******** Join me at...

76 - House of Horrors: Cork's Missing Men

September 29, 2020 02:00 - 1 hour

Just before Christmas 1994, Patch O'Driscoll went missing from his bedsit in Cork City. When the garda investigation began into his missing persons case, it was discovered two other men had also disappeared from the very same house on Wellington Terrace. Though there was no evidence of a crime scene inside the large dilapidated building, the cause was certainly within.  But there would be few answers and no justice in the case. ********* Join me at CrimeCon UK on June 12-13th 2021. For mor...

75 - Pathological: The murders of Lesley Clarke & Trevor Buchanan

September 13, 2020 02:35 - 1 hour

In May of 1991, the bodies of Lesley Clarke and Trevor Buchanan were discovered in a fume filled car, parked in Lesley's deceased father's garage. The deaths were ruled a tragic double suicide - probably the result of the affair that Lesley and Trevor's spouses were carrying on together. But 18 years later, a startling confession would launch a renewed investigation into the deaths, this time as a case of murder. The prime suspects were the victim's spouses - Colin Howell and Hazel Buchanan....

74 - Marilyn Rynn: The Shortcut

August 17, 2020 04:00 - 47 minutes

In December of 1995, 41 year old Marilyn Rynn disappeared after attending her workplace Christmas party. Two weeks later her body was found hidden in bushes at a park near to her home. She had been attacked as she took a shortcut on her journey home. A combination of cutting edge forensic techniques and old fashioned police work solved her murder 8 months later. ********* Sign up for professional online counselling at and get 10% off your first month! Get $2...

73 - The Park: The killing of Rachel Kiely

August 02, 2020 05:00 - 55 minutes

22 year old Rachel Kiely left home in Ballincollig, Co. Cork with her two dogs on the afternoon of the 26th of October 2000. Her dogs returned to the house, but she didn't. A few hours later, her body was discovered hidden in undergrowth at the local park. The person responsible would spend the next two decades in and out of court. ******** Thanks to our sponsors for today’s episode: Sign up for professional online counselling at and get 10% off your first m...

72 - The Missing Postman: Larry Griffin

July 19, 2020 03:30 - 1 hour

On Christmas Day, 1929, postman Larry Griffen went to work in the small village of Stradbally, Co Waterford. As he called into homes with the post, he was thanked with tips and a few drinks. That night, Larry never made it home. His bike was found abandoned in the middle of the road. A conspiracy of silence kept the truth of what happened to Larry Griffin from his family, and still does to this day. ******** Thanks to our sponsors for today’s episode: Try the casual mobile puzzle game Bes...

71 - A Walk in the Dark: The murder of Rachel Moran

July 05, 2020 02:00 - 47 minutes

In the early hours of New Years Day 2003, Rachel Moran decided leave her parents house and make the 20 minute walk to her own flat. Her worried mother tried to stop her, but Rachel said she would be fine: she'd ring as soon as she got in. But the phone call never came.  And Rachel was never seen alive again. *********** Thanks to our sponsors for today’s episode: Try the casual mobile puzzle game Best Fiends today! Find it on the Apple App store (

70 - Lives of Violence: Robert Mone

June 22, 2020 05:30 - 1 hour

In 1967, a teacher was shot in her classroom in Dundee. In 1976, two men escaped a mental hospital and killed three others in the process. In 1979, three women were found beaten and strangled in a flat in Dundee. All of these horrific events had one thing in common.  The name Robert Mone.  ********** Thanks to our sponsors for today’s episode: Help take control of your debt with (   Get 10% off your first three months of vitamins at http:/...

Introducing: Murder in Hollywoodland

June 17, 2020 08:30 - 6 minutes

It's February 2nd 1922, and all of Hollywood is about to wake up and learn that William Desmond Taylor, the most famous film director in town, was murdered in his home last night. The investigation will shine a light on some of Hollywood's most scandalous affairs, backroom deals, and underground drug dens. This real life Murder Mystery is one of the most iconic "whodunnit" cases of the 20th century that will leave you guessing and second guessing who killed William Desmond Taylor for weeks to...

69 - The Emergency: The IRA, spies and the murder of Michael Devereux

June 07, 2020 03:00 - 1 hour

In 1940, 24 year old Michael Devereux disappeared from his home in Co Wexford. A year later, his body would be discovered buried in an isolated part of Co Tipperary. A number of men who were known members of the IRA found themselves accused of the murder - allegedly motivated by the belief that Devereux had been a spy among their ranks.  A four month legal battle ensued, which saw the use of the Emergency Powers Act passed to deal with "The Emergency" of the ongoing war in Europe used to circ...

68 - Mountain Mysteries: The murder of Phyllis Murphy

May 24, 2020 02:00 - 53 minutes

Just before Christmas 1979, 23 year old Phyllis Murphy disappeared while waiting on a bus in Newbridge, Co Kildare. Her body was found in an isolated spot 25 miles away at Turlough Hill, Co Wicklow a month later.  After a huge search and investigation, the gardai had no leads as to who was responsible for her death.But in 1998, DNA in Phyllis' case was tested as part of Operation Trace. As a result of that, 53 year old John Crerar - a neighbour of Phyllis' remaining family - stood trial at th...

67 - Honor Bright: Murder in the Free State

May 11, 2020 02:00 - 1 hour

In 1925, while the Irish Free State was still in it's infancy after the close of the civil war, the body of a young woman was found dead lying at a lonely cross roads in South County Dublin. Her name was Honor Bright, a woman who made her living as a sex worker in town.  Two men were tried for her shooting death, but was her killing a the result of her "unfortunate" status, or part of an attempt to keep scandal away from the halls of power in a newly-independent Ireland? ******** Thanks to ou...

66 - A Family Destroyed: The murder of Becky Watts

April 26, 2020 02:00 - 1 hour

In February of 2015, 16 year old Becky Watts was reported missing by her family. A city - wide search ensued for the shy and socially anxious teenager. But it would turn out that Becky, and the answers about what had become of her, would be found much closer to home than initially thought.  ********** Thanks to our sponsors for today’s episode: Sign up today with ExpressVPN for secure browsing and access to streaming content worldwide. Get 3 months free when you visit https://www.expressvpn.c...

65 - A Deadly Affair: The killing of Penny McAllister

April 12, 2020 22:30 - 53 minutes

Penny and Duncan McAllister married young. But by all accounts, their marriage flourished while Duncan pursued his career as an officer in the British Army. In 1990, they moved to Armagh. Through their involvement in the diving community they met a young soldier with the UDR, Susan Christie.  Nine months later, both women would be injured while out walking in a secluded forest, and Penny was horrifically killed.. But who had been the attacker? ******** Thanks to our sponsors for today’s episo...

64 - Hostage at Derrada Woods: The story of Don Tidey

March 29, 2020 18:07 - 1 hour

In the early 1980s, there was a series of kidnap-for-ransom crimes committed in the Republic by the Provisional IRA in order to raise funds to finance their organisation and its terrorist operations here and in the UK. One of the victims of these abductions was prominent businessman, Don Tidey, and Englishman who was the senior executive of the Quinnsworth group of supermarkets. Tidey was held for 23 days in Derrada wood, Co Leitrim. He as rescued by the gardai and the army, but a garda proba...

63 - Under the cover of Darkness: Dolores Lynch & Lyn Madden

March 15, 2020 18:23 - 55 minutes

In 1983, three women died in an horrific house fire at Blackpitts in Dublin. It would emerge that one of them - 34 year old Dolores Lynch - had been targeted by a violent and vengeful pimp. John Cullen was alleged to have held a grudge against the former sex worker for pursuing charges against him for an assault seven years before. In the course of getting justice for Dolores Lynch, there would be shocking revelations about what went on in Dublin City under the cover of darkness. ******** Tha...

62 - Kidnap: Joyce McKinney

March 01, 2020 03:00 - 52 minutes

In September of 1977, Kirk Anderson a 21 year old American Mormon missionary is reported missing in Ewell, a town just south and west of London. Three days later, Kirk turns up again. Reports emerged that he had been kidnapped by a woman who was obsessed with him, and forced to have sex with her. But Joyce McKinney was a petite pretty blonde woman, and the British press and public were incredulous at the idea that anyone would have objected to her company for a few days and nights. So, was Jo...

Introducing: Verified

February 24, 2020 08:55 - 6 minutes

We’re bringing you a special clip from Verified, a new investigative true crime podcast from Stitcher. Season one of Verified tells the story of a group of fearless women from around the world who band together with a team of Italian reporters to bring a policeman turned sexual predator to justice.  Hosted by investigative reporter Natasha Del Toro, this ten-episode, immersive true crime series examines the trust we place in the sharing economy and the power that a simple checkmark or digital...

61 - Retrial: The murder of Jong Ok Shin

February 16, 2020 03:00 - 52 minutes

On 12th July, 2002 Jong Ok Shin a Korean language student was brutally murdered while living in Bournemouth. A local drug addicted man, Omar Benguit was quickly identified as the prime suspect.  But shortly after, it would emerge that at the time of Ms Shin's death, a man that had committed two murders, was living just streets away.  ********* Thanks to our sponsors for today's episode: Sign up today with Better Help to start professional online counselling. Get 10% off your first month when ...

60 - Siege: The death of John Carthy

February 02, 2020 03:00 - 1 hour

In April of 2000, 27 year old John Carthy, who suffered from bi-polar disorder, barricaded himself in his family home while in the throws of a manic episode. The gardai were called, and soon the old, dilapidated bungalow was surrounded by armed officers.  What followed was a standoff that lasted over 24 hours, and resulted in the tragic death of John.  But where the gardai responsible?  ********** Thanks to our sponsors for today's episode: Start your Ritual today and get 10% off your first t...

59 - A Miscarriage of Justice: Nora Wall

January 19, 2020 03:00 - 53 minutes

In 1996, former nun with the Sisters of Mercy Nora Wall was accused of rape by a girl who had formerly been in her care at a group home in Cappoquin, Co Waterford. Alongside her, a homeless man, Paul "Pablo" McCabe, who had once been resident at the same institution was also implicated. The two went to trial, but the affair would later be declared a miscarriage of justice.  Find us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( ! With thanks to ...

58 - Murder by Mistake: Melanie McCarthy McNamara

January 05, 2020 03:00 - 56 minutes

Gangs and drugs effect nearly every community. But in 2012, the Dublin suburb of Tallaght was shocked by the spillover of violence. 16 year old Melanie McCarthy McNamara was shot while she sat in the back of a parked car on a residential street. The gunman had shot from the back of a black SUV and sped off immediately.  Two men alleged to be involved in drugs locally were identified by gardai, and after protracted court battles have found themselves in prison in relation to Melanie's killing....

57 - Unsolved: The murder of Grace Livingstone

December 22, 2019 03:00 - 35 minutes

In 1992, a murder unlike any other happened in the quiet seaside town of Malahide. Grace Livingstone (56) was bound and then shot in the head in her own home.  Gardai initially suspected that the culprit was someone close to her - Grace's husband, Jim. But Jim himself suspected that whoever was responsible had taken their displeasure for him, and his position at the Irish taxing authority, out on poor Grace. Her murder remains unsolved. ********* Find us on Facebook (

Introducing Detective Trapp

December 17, 2019 00:00 - 10 minutes

In a brand new podcast from Wondery and The Los Angeles Times, Detective Trapp takes you into the life of a cop who conducts herself relentlessly. Hosted by Dirty John’s award-winning journalist, Chris Goffard, Detective Trapp is the story of a detective who fights through her own personal struggles and society’s indifference to bring a serial killer to justice. Trapp’s strongest resource for catching dangerous criminals? Personal experience.  Listen now at Music fr...

56 - Predator: The deaths of Patricia McGauley & Mary Cummins

December 08, 2019 03:00 - 56 minutes

1990 was a decade of missing women. We remember the names of the unfound - Annie McCarrick, Eva Brennan, Jo Jo Dollard, Deirdre Jacob.  The names Patricia McGauley and Mary Cummins were once on that list. These two women disappeared from Dublin in the space of a year, and it wasn't until a large scale review of cases of missing women from Dublin that a startling link was discovered between the two women.  Both of them had unknowingly spent time with a predator: Michael Bambrick. ******** With...

55 - Murder by Arson: The McCann Family

November 24, 2019 03:00 - 1 hour

In the summer of 1992, the McCann Family endured a series of gas leaks in their home, and a spate of threatening phone calls. These nuisances escalated quickly though, and culminated in a raging fire in their Rathfarnham home. Esther McCann and her foster daughter, Jessica, died in the blaze. Investigators ruled that this was a case of arson, and gardai quickly discovered that Frank McCann - the grieving father and husband - had some dark secrets.  ********** The featured podcast this week is...

54 - The Serial Child Murders of Robert Black

November 10, 2019 03:00 - 1 hour

A stranger snatching a child off the street is thankfully a rare thing. But throughout the 70s and 80s, in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, a number of young girls disappeared as if into thin air while walking alone. Most went missing in broad daylight. Some were found - their bodies dumped hundreds of miles from home. Some remain missing, presumed murdered. In 1990, police in Scotland realised that many of these cases were linked. A delivery driver living in London was responsible for...

Introducing What Makes a Killer

October 31, 2019 06:00 - 7 minutes

Audioboom presents: What Makes a Killer. Listen to new episodes of What Makes a Killer for a look into the life and crimes of the world’s most infamous serial killers. Featuring interviews with family members, forensic experts, law enforcement, and witnesses. What Makes a Killer premieres 10/31. Subscribe to What Makes a Killer on Apple Podcasts: Music: Zombie Hoodoo Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative ...

53 - Exorcism: The death of Christine Taylor

October 27, 2019 03:00 - 52 minutes

This week, we delve into the world of the paranormal - sort of. In 1974, in the small town of Ossett, northern England, Michael and Christine Taylor found religion. They became born again after attending a small Fellowship meeting in their community.  The meetings had a profound effect on Michael, and he began to act oddly. His behaviour led local clergy to suspect that Michael had been possessed by demons, and so an exorcism was in order. But, before the end of that process, someone would be...

52 - Betrayal: The murder of Mary Gough

October 13, 2019 02:00 - 54 minutes

Mary Gough tragically fell down the stairs in her home, only 6 months after her wedding day. Or, at least that's what her husband, Colin Whelan, said. When Mary was rushed to the hospital after this purported accident, the Gardai did not take him at his word. His story did not add up, and Colin Whelan was charged with with Mary's murder. But when Whelan's car was discovered at the top of Howth Head near the seaside cliffs, people thought that there would be no justice for Mary.  But they were...

51 - Rampage: The murders of Elizabeth Plunkett & Mary Duffy

September 29, 2019 02:00 - 58 minutes

In 1976, there was a crime spree in Ireland. Houses and caravans were burgled, cars were stolen, and then two women went missing. Elizabeth Plunkett disappeared in Brittas Bay in Wicklow, and a month later, across the country in Castlebar, Mary Duffy went missing without a trace. The gardai discovered that all these crimes were related, and had been committed by two men who had only arrived into the country a year before from England, where they were wanted in relation to a number of sexual a...

50 - Murdered Abroad: The story of Jason Corbett

September 15, 2019 02:00 - 1 hour

In August of 2015, a Limerick man, Jason Corbett, was found dead on his bedroom floor of the master bedroom of his lavish family home in North Carolina. His young wife and her father were covered in blood hen police arrived, and a bloody baseball bat and paving brick were found in the bedroom. They told the police that Jason had been killed in self defence. But Molly and Tom Martens would both face trial for the murder of Jason Corbett. The Limerick man's family fought for justice, and for cu...

49 - Wrongful Conviction: Tim Evans & the serial murders at 10 Rillington Place

September 01, 2019 02:00 - 1 hour

A man is hanged for the murder of his child, and presumed to be the his wife's murderer, too. But three years later, in the same house that the couple had lived, more bodies were found. Six More.  Including the wife of the man who had been the Crown's star witness against Tim Evans in his murder trial. This is the story of the serial murders of John Reginald Christie at Ten Rillington Place.  ********** Head to ( and enter the code MENSREA at...

48 - Milly, Marsha and Amelie: The Bus Stop Murders

August 18, 2019 02:00 - 1 hour

In March of 2002, Milly Dowler went missing. She was 13 years old and had been walking home after school that afternoon, down a busy road in a familiar area, near to her middle class home. Despite efforts by Surrey police to locate her there were no leads. Her body was found 20 miles away over 6 months later. No one knew who had taken Milly, or what had happened to her. Nor was it know that hers would be the first - and most high profile - in a series of murders and violent attacks carried ou...

47 - Family Secrets: The death of Brian McGrath

August 04, 2019 02:00 - 45 minutes

In 1987, Brian McGrath disappeared. His wife, Vera, said he'd gone to Holland to find work. That he was abusive and delusional. But 6 years later, their eldest daughter Veronica told police that her mother, and her fiance at the time, had beaten Brian McGrath to death and buried and burned his body at their home in Coole, Co. Westmeath. Who murdered Brian McGrath? Find us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( ! With thanks to our suppor...

46 - Tipperary Love Triangle: Patrick Quirke & the murder of Mr Moonlight (Part Two)

July 21, 2019 02:05 - 1 hour

Bobby Ryan was a well known and well loved figure in Tipperary. He was a local DJ, known as Mr moonlight, in addition to his work in the local quarry. He was divorced, with two grown up children and in 2011, he was dating a local widow - Mary Lowry. On the 3rd of June of that year, Bobby Ryan went missing. 8 years later, it was spark the longest-running criminal trial in the history of the state. But how did we get here? Part Two of this two part series on the recent trial and media spectacle...

46 - Tipperary Love Triangle: Patrick Quirke & the murder of Mr Moonlight (Part One)

July 21, 2019 02:00 - 36 minutes

Bobby Ryan was a well known and well loved figure in Tipperary. He was a local DJ, known as Mr moonlight, in addition to his work in the local quarry. He was divorced, with two grown up children and in 2011, he was dating a local widow - Mary Lowry. On the 3rd of June of that year, Bobby Ryan went missing. 8 years later, it was spark the longest-running criminal trial in the history of the state. But how did we get here? Part One of this two part series on the recent trial and media spectacle...

45 - The Fall: Deaths on Fremont Canyon Bridge

July 07, 2019 02:00 - 53 minutes

Casper Wyoming is a quiet town. But in 1973, it was marred by an horrific crime. Two girls, sisters - Becky Thompson and Amy Burridge - were snatched off the street, attacked and driven 35 miles to an iron bridge over Fremont Canyon. Then the two men that took them threw them over. But one of the girls survived the 112 foot fall and identified Ronald Kennedy and Jerry Jenkins as the men who attacked them. Still, tragedy would follow her. Find us on Facebook (

44 - Missing & Murdered: Operation Trace

June 23, 2019 02:00 - 47 minutes

Women have been disappearing from, or ending up found dead in, the Wicklow Mountains for over 30 years. In this bonus episode we look at a man that is suspected to have committed some of these abductions and murders,  look back on a number of unsolved rape and murder cases in the 80's, and bring the story right up-to-date with that latest unfortunate woman to have been killed and dumped in what is called "the vanishing triangle". So, what the heck is going on in the Wicklow Mountains? Find us...

43 - The Abduction & Murder of Sarah Payne

June 09, 2019 03:00 - 58 minutes

In the summer of 2000, 8 year old Sarah Payne was out playing in the evening sunshine with her two older brothers and her little sister. After falling, she ran out of the field and into a lane to head back to her grandparents with brother Lee following behind.  But then, Sarah vanished.  Find us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( ! With thanks to our supporters on Patreon! If you would like to support the podcast, head on over to Pat...

42 - Danger at Home: The Killing of Celine Cawley

May 26, 2019 02:00 - 1 hour

Celine Cawley was a model, a former bond girl, an advertising producer and a successful business owner. But in December of 2008, she was attacked in her own home and died of her injuries. Her husband, Eamonn Lillis, said that there had been an intruder in their exclusive Howth home, but was he telling the truth? Promo: The Murder in My Family ( ) Find us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( ! Wit...

41 - Attacked: The murder of Karen Buckley

May 12, 2019 02:00 - 49 minutes

In April of 2015, two countries were gripped by the disappearance of a 24 year old nurse. Karen Buckley, from Co. Cork had gone on a night out in Glasgow's busy West End. But she didn't return home. Quickly a police search for the missing woman was up and running. But it would prove to be too late. Karen's fate was sealed mere minutes after she told her friends goodbye. Find us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( ! With thanks to our ...

40 - Chaos, Neglect & Abuse: The Killing of Melissa Mahon

April 28, 2019 05:00 - 1 hour

In September of 2006, Melissa Mahon (14) went missing in Sligo Town. She was supposed to in the care of the Health Service, but she had developed a habit of running away. That summer, she had met some new friends. The Dunbar girls. And through them, their father, Ronnie Dunbar. Nearly two years later, Melissa's remains would be found in the nearby River Bonet after a shocking confession of her friend. Featured promo this week is from our friends over at Moms and Murder (

39 - Terrorism at Lockerbie - The Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

April 14, 2019 05:00 - 1 hour

In 1988, a routine flight took off from London Heathrow. It was the second leg of a transatlantic flight that would stop in JFK, before heading even further west, to Detroit. In fact, Flight 103 had started off in Frankfurt. But something got on the flight in the German airport that shouldn't have. It was a brown samsonite suitcase, filled with clothing and a Toshiba cassette tape player. Inside the electronics was a pound of semtex and a timer. Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over the Scottish co...

38 - Tortured Teens: The horrific murders of Suzanne Capper & Sylvia Likens

March 31, 2019 05:00 - 1 hour

Early on a December morning, in 1992, Suzanne Capper (16) was found wandering on a quiet laneway south of Manchester. She was half naked, and her body had been burned badly. She was brought to hospital, but died 4 days later of her injuries. It quickly emerged that she had been held in a house, tied up and tortured for nearly a week before her death. These horrific acts were committed by people she had considered friends. She was able to name them before she died, and they were held responsib...

37 - St Patricks Day: Crimes & Mayhem

March 17, 2019 06:00 - 47 minutes

It's St Patrick's day. Worldwide, buildings are being "greened". Shamrock shakes are being consumed. Guinness is being poured, and we're drowning the shamrock. But, this time of year sees a lot of bad behaviour. Some directly as a result of our celebration of all things Irish and some... a little more premeditated. This week, I'm joined by 4 other fabulous podcasts to tell the story of some St Patrick's day crimes for you. Special thanks this week to: All Crime No Cattle (

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