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Nutrition NUTZ, with Jim Wilk C.N.C.: Episode 1 | The Immune-Supporting Powers of Sovereign Silver with Robert Scott Bell of Natural Immunogenics

Medicine via myPod

English - May 16, 2024 20:00 - 36 minutes - 24.9 MB
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In this episode, Jim's guest is Robert Scott Bell of Natural Immunogenics. They will discuss what Jim describes as the "go-to product for almost anything" that ought to be in the medicine cabinet of every household. That go-to product is Sovereign Silver. 

You'll hear about the history of silver's use and learn how colloidal silver brings the body back into balance supporting the immune response without harm. Jim and Robert also examine the current uses and available forms of colloidal silver, such as sprays, drops, or ointments. Is it safe for children and pets? Are you at risk of turning blue?! How might it protect us in future, possible pandemics?

They'll also touch upon copper, its role in our body, and how we may be at risk for its depletion.

Take a listen and see if you learned as much as we did. Use promo code "SILVER NUTZ" for 15% off your entire order on our sponsor's website

Dr. Bell is a homeopathic practitioner, an author, and an expert in silver therapeutics. As a keynote speaker, lecturer and educator, he shares his expertise and practical experience with a broad range of audiences from Health Care and Wellness Professional forums, to Natural Industry trade and consumer shows, addressing those who are seeking the depth of his knowledge, education and key insights from his years of holistic practice, supporting effective natural health and healing choices. He hosts the popular Robert Scott Bell radio show where he discusses everyday health issues from the perspective of alternative and holistic health care.