Today’s care for adrenals in the realm of alternative and conventional medicine is similar to being on a boat in the ocean, but there’s a hole in the bottom of the boat and all you have is a little bucket to scoop out the water that’s coming in, and in order to stay afloat you have no choice but to keep scooping the water out or you will drown. Any recommendations that are potentially helpful for someone’s adrenal fatigue or adrenal issues is quickly voided out by the lifestyle the person has. It’s the same lifestyle taught to them from earlier on in life, or even recent, trendy, selfcare lifestyle hacks that are also unhelpful to the adrenals and even threatening. What practices are you doing for your adrenals? Chances are some of those practices aren’t supportive to the adrenals and could even be doing the opposite, including harming the adrenals.

We take for granted our adrenals. Our everyday existence hinges upon how strong our adrenals really are. Every move we make and every chore we do relies on adrenaline. Even the most basic, simple, everyday tasks and necessities depend on adrenaline. There is a large amount of adrenaline wastage occurring in this world and people are throwing away critical storage bins of adrenaline out the door and even worse¬—that very same adrenaline is corrosive and damaging to the brain and nervous system when deployed improperly. Most people have addictions they are unaware of that require large amounts of adrenaline to be released into their bloodstream so they can function on a high that they absolutely are oblivious to. It’s not their fault; it’s what we have been taught down here on Planet Earth. If you are someone who is interested in restoring the adrenal glands, those two little warriors that sit above your kidneys, or if you are someone who is suffering with any kind of adrenal issue, including adrenal fatigue, you may want to listen to this episode.

In this episode…
• Discover how we take our adrenals for granted every single day.
• Learn what your adrenals do for you and how, in return, we don’t do a lot for them.
• Uncover how we are taught to destroy our adrenals.
• Learn which practices are beneficial or harmful to your adrenals.
• Discover how, without adrenaline, we can’t do many of the things that we enjoy, or even do normal tasks or chores.
• Learn what happens when you don’t have adrenaline reserves or have weak adrenals.
• Discover why a non-muscular person might be able to lift heavier than somebody who appears muscular.
• Uncover how adrenal reserves actually determine push strength for a woman during child birth, and how weak adrenals can influence the likelihood of a C-section.
• Learn how high-fat diets affect our adrenaline.
• Discover what low-carb and intermittent fasting diets can lead to.
• Discover what three things our adrenals need in the body.
• Learn how adrenaline impacts the brain and the nervous system and what issues it can create.
• Discover how you can restore your adrenals, including recipes and supplements that provide adrenal support.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

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