Realtors should sell fewer homes, on purpose! For any real estate agent that wants freedom and flexibility, "selling more homes" may be the exact opposite goal that you should have.

In this episode, Dustin Brohm discusses what he means by selling fewer homes on purpose, what that looks like for you as a Real Estate Agent, and ways to build a real estate business with the mindset of an entrepreneur.

He emphasizes the importance of thinking like a CEO and creating systems and infrastructure that allow for growth and flexibility. Brohm suggests partnering with or learning from successful team leaders who have already built profitable businesses.

🔑 The key takeaway is that agents should focus on building a business that gives them the option to step out of sales if they choose to.


➡️  Agents should aim to sell fewer homes on purpose and focus on building a business as an entrepreneur.
➡️  Thinking like a CEO and creating systems and infrastructure are crucial for long-term success.
➡️  Partnering with successful team leaders can provide valuable guidance and help agents build profitable businesses.

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