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Equity markets were cautious on Monday as investors wait on the FOMC policy statement due on Wednesday. The FOMC is not expected to alter its policy, but it could issue a very hawkish statement given the state of inflation and the rise of oil prices. As it is, the market does not expect the FOMC to hike rates anymore this year or this cycle and may get a shock come Wednesday.

Strikes have emerged as a threat to the economy as industry after industry walks off the job. The risk is more than life disruption today; it also extends into inflation. The goal of unions is for more pay, shorter hours, and better conditions, fueling labor costs and inflation later this year and next.

The S&P 500 is hovering beneath critical resistance at 4,540. This level may hold until Wednesday, when the FOMC issues its statement. The market will then signal its next big move, and the odds are high for a correction.