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106 - 20 Things To Avoid At All Cost

Make It Count

English - September 19, 2023 17:00 - 13 minutes - 9.37 MB
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Today is all about focusing on what really matters, how 'less is more' and  'the good is the enemy of the great.' (Make It Count - Episode 8)

Warren Buffet has been famously attributed with the "25/5 Rule":

Write down a list of your top 25 goals.List them in order of priority. The top five are your most important goals. Cross off the other 20 goals and designate these as 'Things to avoid at all cost.' 

Whether or not Buffet actually came up with it or uses it you can see how powerful it is to reflect on what is truly most important to you. This week we're talking about what this looks like in practice to make it count this year.

Join us as we move from the daily drift to positive purpose.

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