Every day, you have an opportunity to create yourself.  

Every day, you are given a gift: you get to decide who you are and how you will show up in your life. 

Every morning, you are given an opportunity to construct a new experience and new way of moving through your life.  

But are you taking it?  It is easy to get caught in the day-to-day monotony of your routine, and while in some ways that is a beautiful thing, in others – it is dangerous.

Creating intention behind what you are doing and being sure the patterns you are repeating are working in your favor, not keeping you stuck in a loop, you would rather not be circling in, is something you can do when you have a morning check-in practice. 

In this episode, Heather will help you find a morning routine, one that will take you under five minutes, but will ensure you are an active participant in your days, not a passive zombie along for the ride.

If you can give yourself ten minutes in the morning – you can shift your life.  This episode will show you how.


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