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Airdate - 1/13/2021

First Pick

Kaldheim Previews


Evan Cards: Mystical Reflection, Starnheim Unleashed, Saw It Coming


Reuben Cards: Quakebringer, The World Tree, Funeral Longboat


Erin Cards: Tibalt’s Trickery, Kardur Doomscourge,  Weathered Runestone, 


Evan Erwin’s Magical Christmasland Show:


Gather the Townsfolk


Kaldheim Early Access Streamer Event:


Temur Cube:


In-Store Play Update:


Scryfall Supports Premodern and Gladiator:


Kaldheim Apparel:


Desperate Ravings


Parasocial Relationships in Magic Content:


Coldsnap Relative to Ice Age and Kaldheim:


The Broken Pact:




Candlekeep Mysteries:



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