As many of you may know by now Georgie Morley (aka @init4thelongrunblog) & I started a podcast together, called Gal Pals!  It’s is ALL about celebrating the power of female friendships and deep conversations. You can find the rest of the new GAL PAL episodes HERE Because Georgie and I can literally talk for hours this is a deep-dive lifestyle podcast. Tune in every Thursday to hang out with us, as we candidly chat about navigating specific life moments like: . dealing with conflictgetting out of our own headsowning your ishhealthy communicationseeing the stories we tell ourselves. We basically dives into the kinds of topics you might talk about in therapy. And we’re all about keeping it candid, playful, and abundantly detailed! QOTW: What’s a new discovery you’ve found this week Georgie – doing something different and energizing in the morning Engrid – Louise Hay videos in the morning We Talk About Giving feedback Confrontation How to react when people cross your boundaries Fear of telling someone “no” How people pleasing stops us from having hard conversations Deciding when to tell someone they’ve let you down Working on saying “no” Why holding space for other people’s emotions is hard Times when […]

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