Based on this measure, over three million children (4.3% of the under-18 population) in the United States had a disability in 2019, up 0.4 percentage points since 2008, according to the US Census Bureau.  For Kirsten Fowler: “I am a mother of four children. Three of them have special needs from a genetic factor called Fragile X Syndrome. It is the most known cause of inherited autism. This syndrome also affects carriers like me. Through chronic illness and mental health issues I have been able to find joy and fulfillment raising my children. I am also blessed to have a loving relationship with my husband that sticks with me through it all. I have an educational background in family life and enjoy talking about family, Christianity, Fragile X Syndrome, and special needs in general. I want to share my book with others so that they can find hope in difficult circumstances and help them not feel alone in their journey. In my book and in general, I speak on various topics from special education, therapy and ABA for children, special vacations, mental health, and more.” She joined me this week to tell me more.

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