A podcast about the root of anxiety, if it's sin, how to deal with it biblically, and how to help others who struggle with it.

Part 1

Mental Health Matters


1.     What is anxiety? 

2.     Where does it come from?

3.     Are there any examples of anxiety in the Bible? 

4.     Is anxiety a sin?

5.     Is anxiety disobedience?

6.     How do I biblically deal with anxiety? 

7.     What do I do if I pray, follow the Word, but I still feel anxious?

8.     Am I in sin if I continue to struggle with anxiety?

9.     How does “having enough faith” factor into anxiety attacks?

10.  How should I respond to someone who tells me I “don’t have enough faith” when I suffer with anxiety?

11.  What is Scripturally helpful to say to someone/do for someone who struggles with anxiety?

12.  Is taking medicine for anxiety unbiblical? Or does it mean I don’t trust in God?

13.  Are there any exercises you recommend outside of saying Scripture or praying?


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