In this episode, Corinne Angelica joins me to discuss hormonal imbalances among women, hormonal birth control, infertility, and how women can start balancing their hormones naturally.

Corinne is a Mom, wife and former High School teacher turned Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, Podcaster & Speaker who empowers women to use food & lifestyle as medicine to address the root cause of their hormone imbalances and honor their cyclical nature. Corinne specializes in helping women have regular, pain & PMS free periods, boosted fertility for a healthy pregnancy & thrive in motherhood. Corinne’s passion for wellness came out of her own health struggles of an irregular/non existent period, migraines, body rashes, facial hair growth & IBS all which stemmed from undiagnosed PCOS. It’s now her mission to help as many women as possible understand their cycle & fertility & how to support themselves naturally so they can feel their best, be their best & fully reach their potential.

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