“5 Questions With”

Ready to Deep Dive into our guest’s personalities? It’s time for “5 Questions With…” We put our previous guests back on the hot seat to answer 5 more burning, quirky and random questions we just had to know. Back today is:

Stan Zimmerman, Writer, Director and now Published Author: Stan’s new memoir, “The Girls; From Golden to Gilmore,” talks all about the amazing women in his life in his long and amazing career writing for some of your favorite shows and movies. Stan is also directing, Paul Rudnick’s “The New Century,” a hilarious play in it’s final weekend with the Bent Theatre Company in Palm Springs.

Then Mat Hayes, another fantastic Actor, Writer and Producer is back. His newest film, “Shafted,” is winning audience and jury prizes around the world for this poignant, and heartfelt short. We had a great talk last week about Mat’s amazing year, starring in his first feature film, working Off Broadway with a legendary cast and much more.

And the questions are…….

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