In this episode of Shift with Elena Agar - I sit down with Ramy Eissa. Ramy's work experience is with reputable companies on both the agency & client side. He started his career in a regional marketing agency, ROI ME, handling some of their biggest clients. He then moved to the client side by joining JTI's brand team, followed by Mr Jeff & Nestlé's coffee team. Three years ago, he relocated to Canada, where he initially joined MYCourier as the Operation manager and is now holding the role of Chief Operating Officer.

In this insightful episode, we sit down with Ramy to explore his remarkable journey through diverse roles in the marketing and operations fields. Ramy takes us from his early days managing major clients in a regional marketing agency to his transition to the client side with JTI and Nestlé. He shares his experiences relocating to Canada and assuming leadership as the Chief Operating Officer at MYCourier. Join us as we discuss career transitions, international moves, and the invaluable lessons Ramy has learned along the way.

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From university lecture halls to global corporate boardrooms, Elena Agaragimova's journey epitomizes resilience. Her mission? To cultivate human potential, set up effective talent acquisition pipelines, and build transformative talent development programs.

Elena doesn't merely train—she transforms. Whether engaging a bustling room of executives or leading a virtual session for tech aficionados, her insights ignite change. Colleagues and clients praise her knack for driving growth and empowering others, ensuring both individuals and organizations flourish in the competitive business landscape. Her enthusiasm for cognitive science enriches her strategies, reflecting her deep belief in the untapped potential of the human mind. As a current enrollee in a Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Program, Elena broadens her understanding of how people learn, aiming to maximize effectiveness both personally and professionally. When Elena takes the stage to speak, her message resonates with audiences from New York to Dubai. As an entrepreneur, Elena co-founded Bloom Youth, a tech education platform that arms the next generation with essential future-ready skills. She also launched Bessern, a tech solution focused on enhancing productivity and well-being within organizations.

Elena also hosts two podcasts. Shift with Elena Agar serves as an extension of her first book, helping people overcome the inertia found in comfort zones to make meaningful shifts in their careers and lives. Confessions of a Career Coach offers lighter but insightful fare, providing a behind-the-scenes look at her world and dispensing valuable career advice.

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