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Slaying the Monster of Poverty in Africa – a conversation with Moses Tai Founder and CEO of African Development Choices (ADC), Author of ‘There Is Shade’ and Speaker

Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend

English - February 13, 2024 00:00 - 33 minutes - 23.1 MB
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Welcome and welcome back to Leaders in Conversation with me, Anni Townend, the podcast that helps you to grow confidence and courage your leadership.

I created this series of candid conversations for leaders to share their inspirational leadership stories, weaving together the threads of their life - the people, places and experiences that have shaped them and made them the leader that they are today. 

They offer valuable insights and rich experience to help and inspire you on your own unique leadership journey. If you are not already please do subscribe to the podcast, review and share it. Thank you!

About This Episode

In this episode I am delighted to be in conversation with Moses Tai Founder and CEO African Development Choices (ADC), Author of ‘There Is Shade’ and Speaker.

We delve together into the working culture of African Development Choices, in particular how they encourage community and reflect who they are in what they do: 

Seeking and giving input, raising awareness of choiceShowing and taking initiative as part of sustainable changeCommitment to the organisation and its purpose through building belief and hope, and working together

Moses’ Three Key Encouragements to Leaders 

Develop a strong vision Recruit and retain talented people Build well structured teams

Connect with Moses Tai, and find out more about African Development Choices




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About Moses

My mission with the podcast is to be in conversation with people who have a passion and purpose (no matter how small or large), and, who want to make a difference through their leadership, and to give them a way of sharing their story to inspire, confidence, care and courage in you the  listener - far and wide. So when Taryn Weeks of Sparks Marketing suggested that Moses would be a great guest I contacted him, and bought a copy of his book ‘There Is Shade’. Moses is an inspiring leader, a passionate voice for sustainable change.