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The Approach to Success When it Comes to Benefits and Communicating Rate Increases to Clients with John Melborn

Know Your Risk and Insurance Coverage with RiskProNet

English - September 19, 2023 13:00 - 38 minutes - 26.5 MB - ★★★★★ - 1 rating
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In this week's episode we are joined by John Melbon, the benefits division leader at SullivanCurtisMonroe which is located in Southern California. We dive into benefits, alternative funding, what is the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), and more!

00:34 - Episode start and brief guest introduction.
01:37 - What is he seeing and what is he doing in his approach that may be different than others when it comes to benefits.
02:48 - How does he talk to someone about a 30% rate increase, what can he do to mitigate that, and how do they communicate rate increases to clients.
07:37 - How they manage their renewals and how they use their renewal success calendar.
08:52 - What are people doing to overcome challenges, what alternative methods is he looking into, and what strategies he recommends.
15:27 - What is the pharmacy benefit manager and what role does it play in trying to control costs.
19:13 - Are more people, prospects, or clients going this direction of self-funding mechanisms?
21:38 - What are John’s thoughts on what the future holds?
25:16 - How has it been for John and his firm participating with RiskProNet and how has it benefited him as a broker and his firm.
27:41 - Diving into branding and messaging.
29:57 - What technology they offer and utilize at SullivanCurtisMonroe.
34:53 - How they are continuously evolving and growing for success.

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