On this week...It's all about the relationship between Hip Hop/RnB and K-pop. I've seen an amazing revolution in the Korean Hip Hop and RnB scene just in the last 3 or 4 years and that has definitely had a residual effect on the K-pop scene as a whole. There seems to be a more authentic hip-hop sound injecting itself into even the most mainstream of K-pop songs. Which is great! Whereas in the past "hip hop" in K-pop often seemed more of a characterization, it has now evolved to a level of understanding that feels more reverent and authentic. While there are still very many issues of understanding Hip Hop and the appropriation of the black community in Korean music, in my opinion, it's in a much better place now than say 5 years ago. Rather than having a "rapper" or two in the group, there's some legitimate lyricists in most groups now. There's new crop of young artists that have grown up with hip-hop being the mainstream sound. All this must factor into this change. So that's what this episode is about. Just some of my favorite K-Hip Hop K-pop tracks, both current and past. Enjoy!

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BSKP 018 Tracklist:

1. G-Dragon - INTRO. (Middle Fingers-Up)
2. Asol - Nothing feat. Taeha of Momoland
3. BTS - Cypher 4
5. Jay Park - Drive feat. Gray
6. Red Velvet - Bad Boy
7. NCT 127 - Baby Don't Like
8. EXID - Velvet (LE Solo)
9. EXO-CBX - Monday Blues
10. J-Hope - Airplane
11. BTS - MIC Drop
12. Hyolyn - Love Like This feat. Dok2
13. TWICE - 툭하면 톡
14. (G)- IDLE - $$$
15. Block B - A Few Years Later
16. Seventeen - Lizzie Velasquez (Vernon)
17. Mi-No - Body
18. Cheetah - Stagger
19. GD & TOP - Knockout