On this week...we go a little bit off the normal path. The reason I started this show, and KME in general, was to dig a little bit deeper into the Korean music scene. This episode I wanted to dig deeper into the question of "what is Kpop?" I've always had a hard time making the distinction of what elements are needed to constitute a "Kpop" song. Or if there is a distinction to be made in the first place. Either way, this week I chose songs I felt really blurred that line. They can be considered Kpop and gain mainstream success, or they can be considered as indie, alternative, or something completely different. All in all, they're songs that I think push the limits of the Kpop and what Kpop could be. Enjoy!

P.S. The end tracks will tie into next week's show where we'll look at the merger of Kpop and Hip-hop.

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BSKP17 Tracklist:

1. DIA - UFO (Yeri x no2zcat Remix)
2. Neon Bunny - Room 314 w/ Mark Redito
3. Aseul - Sandcastles
4. Jonghyun - Deja-Boo (IMLAY Remix)
5. Lee Bada - Crush On You
6. DIA - UFO
7. Zion. T - 하루 일과 (Those Days (without you))
8. Minseo - Why So Lonely (Wonder Girls Cover)
9. OOHYO - Honey Tea
10. LambC - Turnin' feat. Se.A
11. Lucite Tokki - every you
12. Suran - Calling In Love feat. Beenzino
13. Taeyeon - Night
14. Red Velvet - Look
15. Primary - Diet feat. Solji (EXID)
16. Samuel Seo - Off You
17. SAAY - Sweaty feat. Crush
18. Stella Jang - Cheerleader feat. Olltii