On his FINAL Whitta Wednesday Gary joins Greg to talk about the Star Wars games that could be, the ESA PAC stopping political donations, and more! #starwars #ubisoft #ea

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The Roper Report -
00:09:15 - Ubisoft and Massive are making a Star Wars Game, EA Exclusivity Over - StarWars.com
00:31:10 - Is the Ubisoft open world Stars Wars game the Boba Fett game we've been looking for? - Best Friends Q:BJ Bernardo
00:36:40 - How is Disney able to police/control content being made from each developer? - Best Friends Q:Eric
00:52:00 - Todd Howard’s Indy role doesn’t effect Starfield, Elder Scrolls, Jordan Oloman @ IGN
00:56:48 - Hogwarts Legacy Delayed
01:05:20 - ESA PAC to pause political contributions following insurrection at US Capitol, Reb and Brendan Sinclair @ GIB
01:15:00 - Predator coming to Fortnite, Darryn Bonthuys @ GameSpot
01:16:30 - Out today
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01:17:28 - Squad Up:Teflecter(Crossplay baby!) - Teflecter
01:18:10 - You‘re Wrong
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