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#187 Shan Hanif – The Mastermind Behind Your Favourite Creator

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English - November 21, 2023 02:00 - 1 hour - 42.5 MB - ★★★★★ - 1 rating
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On episode #187 of Kickoff Sessions, we sit down with Shan Hanif, the mastermind behind Genflow, a $100M+ agency that helps creators launch their business.

Shan shares his experience working with top creators like Logan Paul, Iman Gadzhi, Mike Thurston, and Ali Abdaal and how he helped them monetise their brand.

Shan shares his strategies for audience building and analysing growth metrics. We also touch on client success strategies, the significance of being a student of the game, and the challenges and mindset shifts involved in transitioning from a creator to an entrepreneur.

We also break down Genflow's valuation at $100 million, with Shan explaining the origins of this figure, the development of intellectual property, and the importance of IP for an agency. Shan shares his learnings on focus, prioritisation, and maintaining dedication to a singular idea, so make sure to watch till the end!

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(00:00) Preview 
(01:00) Introducing Shan Hanif and GenFlow’s Origin Story
(02:53) Shan’s Philosophy on Monetizing Audiences
(05:42) Breaking Down GenFlow’s Business Model
(08:12) How Did Shan Learn About The Creator Economy? 
(11:52) The Challenges of Scaling An Agency 
(16:16) Strategies for Content Creators Seeking Growth
(19:04) Who Is Shan’s Ideal Client?
(23:41) What Makes Chris Williamson Stand Out?
(26:56) The Key to Successful Creator-Brand Alignment
(30:06) Is Hate Taking Over The Internet Now? 
(34:27) Decoding Andrew Tate's Marketing Strategy
(40:01) What's the Transition Like from Creator to Entrepreneur?  
(43:22) How Does GenFlow Make Money?
(49:10) Managing Financial Investments in Creator Projects
(51:52) How To Stay Focused with Multiple Ventures?
(54:34) Shan Hanif On The Future of Content

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