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OU Should Crawl Back, NFL Playoff Picture, New Covid ”Exteremely Mild”

November 29, 2021 15:21 - 51 minutes - 51 MB

   With Lincoln Riley giving Oklahoma the shaft that OU gave to the Big 12, it's time for the Sooners to consider crawling back on their hands and knees.  Stan Weber discusses the disaster in Norman and it's effect on college football across the country.    Also, we break down the playoff picture for Chiefs in the AFC and identify a strong favorite in the NFC.    Hey, there's a new Covid variant and the doctor that discovered it calls it "extremely mild."  So of course, Dr. Fauci is hittin...

Spencer Speaks: KSU and MU End Their Regular Season With A Loss, Chiefs Sit Back On Bye Week While They Watch Some Crucial AFC Matchups

November 27, 2021 15:41 - 39 minutes - 90.1 MB

K-State and Mizzou lose their regular season closers, as they await their bowl game matchups, it's time to ask the question as to what K-State's future looks like at QB in the post Skylar Thompson era. Also, MU has some key players returning next year, do they scare anyone in the SEC east? The Titans play at New England, The Chargers play at Denver, the Browns play at the Ravens, plus Indianapolis has their biggest test thus far as they host Brady and the Bucs, all while the Chiefs are on a...

Thanksgiving Special: Football Picks, Wade Davis Retires, KU Starts Tourney

November 25, 2021 13:25 - 27 minutes - 29.5 MB

   Happy Thanksgiving to all and if you're like us, you're mixing in plenty of sports the next few days.  Lee Sterling of has his Turkey Shootout for us this weekend.    Also, we remember the fiercely quiet competitor Wade Davis.  Davis has hung up the cleats but will always be remembered for transitioning from starter to closer and winning a trophy with the Royals.   And the Kansas Jayhawks open play in a basketball tournament at Disneyworld... it's a tourney they ...

Wisc. Deaths Avoidable, Spaghetti for Thanksgiving, T-Mobile Center is Dirty, SKC v SLC, Greatest Bet Ever

November 24, 2021 15:26 - 51 minutes - 58 MB

   Its sad we have to ignore two days worth of reports about stories like the tragedy in Wisconsin where 6 people were killed and 47 injured, before we learn the real facts.  The truth here is this never should have happened and an elected Democrat is responsible.    NBC News has some suggestions on how to beat Bidenflation on Thanksgiving Day.... Just eat Spaghetti.  You have to hear this.    T-Mobile Center is dirty and could be a bigger health risk for you than some virus.    Sporting ...

KS Gov Concedes, CDC Reports 190m Have had Covid, Biden v Gas Prices, New Football League

November 23, 2021 15:27 - 53 minutes - 58.6 MB

   In a sure sign the election year has started, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has conceded to Republican lawmakers and will sign the Kansas "freedom" bill which means an employee in Kansas does NOT have to get the jab.  It's really a state law that backs up federal law and Kelly knows it.  But it's an election year for her now, she had no choice.    The CDC, as quietly as the Chiefs report settlements, released some stunning numbers of how many Americans have had Covid.  This alone should be...

Why Did Chiefs Pay Little Girl and Family?

November 22, 2021 21:08 - 42 minutes - 46.3 MB

   Nobody's asking the important question about the Chiefs financial payments to little Ariel Young and her family.  This was announced, as all murky news is announced, late on a Friday afternoon.    Why did the Chiefs pay all this money?  The low level, addict employee that got drunk and injured the girl has been fired and is likely headed to jail.  What do the Chiefs have to do with this?    You know how mad this stuff makes me and this is as ugly as it gets.  I'll share the column I wro...

Football Feast: Chiefs D is Shocking, Mizzou is Back, CFB Coaching Changes Coming

November 22, 2021 15:10 - 54 minutes - 53.2 MB

   It's impossible to remember an NFL defense improving this much "in season."  We've never seen anything like it as Chris Jones is back in the middle blowing everything up, the corners are settling in and the rush ends seem to know their roles.  This is amazing as the Chiefs beat Dallas 19-9 and have sent a message to every team in the AFC that they can beat you with something other than 400 yards by Patrick Mahomes.   Stan Weber joins us to analyze the Chiefs, Mizzou's complete season tur...

Holiday Dreams Can Come True

November 19, 2021 13:26 - 35 minutes - 36.3 MB

   There are families and children in need in our community this holiday season and we are blessed to have people like Brigette Chirpich and everyone at Catholic Charities to do God's work.  In fact, there are dozens of organizations that step up year round and you may already be affiliated with one or have your own family tradition to help others.   If you do, we still think you'll be enlightened hearing about Christmas Shining Star and what the program does for kids in Kansas City and St....

Fired Pembroke Teacher Speaks Out, Weekend Football Selections

November 18, 2021 20:52 - 29 minutes - 31.1 MB

   It's been almost two months since Beth Reams lost her job at Pembroke Hill for posting about the vax on her personal Facebook page.  We discuss her comments about how she believes she's a victim of bias that liberal teachers don't endure.    Also, we have special message about our upcoming podcast on Friday.    And Lee Sterling of has his Chiefs/Cowboys pick and our favorite college selections.

Fair Trial Folly, BLM Support Dwindles, Local Startup Thriving, Jerry Jones MO History, Pitt State Bus Ride

November 18, 2021 15:31 - 50 minutes - 57.9 MB

   The Rittenhouse trial is showing all Americans, no matter what you think of the case, that getting a fair trial is folly in America today.  Jurors are threatened and they can hear protesters outside the building.  The prosecution appears to have withheld evidence and the judge has made comments this whole thing is a mess.  So, how do we fix it?    New polling shows Americans, in a dramatic way, are learning that BLM isn't a slogan, it's a Marxist political movement.  We have the numbers....

Burger Traffic Jams, Chiefs v Cowboys, KU‘s Wild Week, Muppets Play Race and Vax Cards

November 17, 2021 15:30 - 56 minutes - 61.7 MB

   It's hard to say whether its a great thing about KC or an embarrassing thing, but the Lee's Summit police are working overtime to re-route traffic jams around Patrick Mahomes first Whataburger in the KC area.  Really?    More importantly, we break down a really sexy matchup between the high flying Cowboy and Chiefs.      Everyone is still buzzing about KU's stunning win over Texas, we hear from about what this means for the program.    And Republicans seem to fi...

Biden Has Duty, Trial Tests Scared Jurors, Hawley‘s Parents Bill, Roos Beat Mizzou, SNF Ratings

November 16, 2021 15:20 - 52 minutes - 57.4 MB

   As we watch the president stammer and stumble, reports are surfacing there is chaos behind the scenes.  This is not a surprise at any White House, but the president has a duty to all Americans to fire, accept resignations or demote staff that are causing problems.  And he hasn't.    The Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial is about as close to a slam dunk self defense case as you'll find.  So what's being tested here?  A scared jury.  Will these people fear violence and perhaps personal problem...

Football Feast: Everybody Wins!

November 15, 2021 14:52 - 43 minutes - 41.8 MB

   What incredible weekend of football as the Chiefs rout the Raiders and take over first place in the AFC West.  But even that paled in comparison to the thrilling drama of KU winning 57-56 at Texas on a two point conversion.  It was a game... and a win... for the ages.    Kansas State is on a roll, make it four in a row for the suddenly surging Wildcats.  And Mizzou's Tyler Badie carries the Tigers to victory over South Carolina.  Stan Weber is here to break it all down. 

Spencer Speaks: Chiefs ”Find a Way to Win Attitude”, K-State is Back On Track, KU Plays Texas For Last Time, MU Has a Must Win

November 12, 2021 23:08 - 48 minutes - 111 MB

The Chiefs have 8 remaining games, and five of them are against their division. Sunday night in Las Vegas is very crucial for the Chiefs playoff hopes. K-State has their season back on track, but can they snap their 5-game losing streak to West Virginia? KU plays Texas for the last time in the for seeable future, and they are 31 point underdogs. If Missouri wants a chance at playing in a Bowl Game, they must beat South Carolina at home. Riley Gates of 24/7 Sports joins Spencer Kietzman to ta...

CDC Comes Clean, America‘s Best Judge, Chiefs/Raiders Preview, Dirty Pizza

November 12, 2021 15:36 - 47 minutes - 51.4 MB

   The CDC comes clean as a truly shocking and under reported fact is out about Americans that have had covid but didn't get the jab.  You won't believe this when you hear it.    Judge Bruce Schroeder is the judge in the Rittenhouse trial and we here at KKHI nominate him as America's best judge.  Of course, the left is unhinged by his tie, his phone ringer and his salute to veterans.  This could only be controversial if you hate America.    We'll talk about the Chiefs game plan this week a...

Fun with Fauci, US Last to Mask Kids, Pigskin Picks

November 11, 2021 19:28 - 37 minutes - 38.9 MB

   Let's call this the greatest hits edition of KKHI as we play for you a clip of Anthony Fauci predicting thousands of kids will die in American homes if they live with somebody that has AIDS.  He was wrong then and, incredibly, still wrong about kids today.    We have a Fauci parody song that's outstanding and getting a ton of views on Youtube, a listener tipped me off.  You'll like "Pure Blooded" the parody of Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" as it just rips Fauci and the vaccine booster madnes...

Salute to Veterans, 2nd Grader Rips Board, LIBron Wrong Again, Libs Dump on Vax, Chiefs and OBJ?

November 11, 2021 15:39 - 54 minutes - 59.9 MB

   We have a salute to veterans theme on this episode featuring a terrific song at the end written for vets called, "Mr. Red, White and Blue."  We know you will like it.    A second grader in Tampa appears before the school board for a second time after being suspended 38 times for not wearing a mask.  She crushes them, we'll play it for you.   LIBron James is wrong again after some really stupid comments on social media about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.   Every day now, more and more lib...

Scary Mahomes Theory, KU Rolls, Inflation Hits New High, Covid to Climate

November 10, 2021 15:33 - 54 minutes - 59.2 MB

   There's a bunch of theories in the media and in conversations with your friends why Patrick Mahomes is playing so poorly and I reject all of them.  We've discussed the possibility there is behind the scenes chaos at Arrowhead, but nobody knows that.  There can only be one other thing and it's scary as heck for Chiefs fans.    The Kansas Jayhawks dismantled Michigan State to start the college basketball season as Ochai Agbaji shreds Sparty for 29.  Remy Martin and the rest of the vets imp...

Court Slams Mandate, KU Ready for Sparty, Vermes‘ Epic Rant, Remembering Christa Patrick

November 09, 2021 15:01 - 57 minutes - 63.1 MB

   The 5th Circuit Court slams Joe Biden's mandate that businesses with 100 employees or more must require the vax or fire the employees.  Another week, another loss for this wobbly president.    There's  a movement to re-name Johnson County, Kansas.  You have to hear the ridiculous solution they have come up with to strip the honor away from a man that died 155 years ago.    Number 3 Kansas starts the college basketball season against an unranked Michigan State team.  On paper, this looks...

Football Feast: Chiefs Win Ugly, NFL Upsets, KSU Rolling

November 08, 2021 14:53 - 46 minutes - 46.8 MB

   The Chiefs have a face only a mother could love... they are that ugly.  But they catch the biggest break of any team in the NFL this year by getting the Packers without Aaron Rodgers.  Take the win, keep grinding, figure out who and what you are and play your best ball in January.  That's the plan and Stan Weber is here to let us know if they can pull it off.    Meanwhile, the rest of the league was bonkers Sunday.  The Bills, Cowboys, Bengals, Saints and Raiders all getting undressed.  ...

Mail-in Rules Must Change, Dems Wrong on Spending, Mahomes is NOT Hurt, Crazy KU/KSU Recruiting Story

November 05, 2021 14:44 - 54 minutes - 60.3 MB

   Now we are seeing local school board races flip in the days after polls close and the whole way we vote in America has become a joke.  Mail-in voting needs to be complete and counted well before election day to restore confidence in the system.    Dems actually think they lost elections this week because they didn't spend $5 trillion on a bunch of useless crap when the truth is Americans are sending a strong signal they want the government to do nothing.    Reporters that predicted the ...

The Story of my Demise, Pigskin Picks for KU/KSU, MU/UGA, KC/GB and More

November 04, 2021 20:08 - 33 minutes - 34.5 MB

   We begin with the story of what many thought was my demise on Wednesday as a trencher ripped through our fiber at the house and the podcast was delayed four hours.  Even my mom was scared for me.  Of course, the liberals were hoping it was anything but a technical issue.  I'll share.   And Lee Sterling of has his picks for KU/KSU, MU/UGA, the Chiefs/Packers and more as the football weekend is almost here.

More Gifts for Chiefs, KU Starts Up, KSU to Continue Killing Beagles, Olathe Election Swings

November 04, 2021 14:10 - 55 minutes - 62.5 MB

   For a team everyone in counting out, the Chiefs sure seem to be living a charmed existence.  The latest gifts to KC have Aaron Rodgers out this week and Henry Ruggs booted from the Raiders.  If... if they could just improve a little, this could still be a fun season.    KU Hoops gets started with a win over Emporia State, but the early season story is how Bill Self is handling a veteran team that has everything on the roster you could hope for.  I love the way this coach whips his team i...

Election Special: Conservatives and Parents Fight Back

November 03, 2021 18:27 - 45 minutes - 51.2 MB

  So sorry for the delay, the landscapers cut a trencher right through my fiber about 5 minutes before posting this morning.  But it's worth the wait.    Conservatives and soccer moms and concerned Americans were heard loud and clear Tuesday that socialism and liberalism are no good.  When elections are about issues and voters know them, Republicans always flourish.   Locally and nationally, people voted in an off year informed and ready to make a difference from school boards to Governors...

KK on KCMO with Chris Stigall

November 02, 2021 21:43 - 24 minutes - 27.3 MB

   Chris Stigall is a good friend and a great conservative broadcaster on KCMO Talk Radio 710.   I spent two segments on his show discussing Patrick Mahomes losing his confidence and the reported research on dogs taking place at Kansas State University.  Thanks to Chris for having me on.

Mahomes‘ Confidence Shot, College Star Breaks Out, Fauci Killing Beagles at KSU

November 02, 2021 14:19 - 56 minutes - 55.1 MB

   The Chiefs keep their season alive by beating the Giants... barely.  Stan Weber is about to provide insight you just don't get from other analysts as he believes Patrick Mahomes' confidence is shot and he won't get it back any time this year.    Also, we talk about a Kansas City kid that is a breakout college football star that could be headed to All America status.    And I learned Monday that my alma mater is taking part in the sick Anthony Fauci funded "research" that is killing Beag...

MNF Starts New Season for Chiefs, KSU Fires Another Coach, Trump at WS, Biden‘s Trip a Mess

November 01, 2021 14:08 - 52 minutes - 58.6 MB

   Monday night football against the Giants is a chance to restart the season for the Chiefs as the Chargers lose again and the division seems to be just sitting there for the Chiefs to take.  With 5 of their next 6 at home... and a bye... the Chiefs have no excuses going forward.     K-State drills TCU and it gets Gary Patterson fired.  That's two weeks in a row the Cats beat a team and fired a coach and it seems like this happens all the time.   In the 31-12 win, KSU fans were treated to ...

Mark Alford Makes Bold Move for Conservatives

October 28, 2021 22:53 - 29 minutes - 31 MB

   This is one of my favorite podcasts yet.    Mark Alford spent 23 years waking up Kansas City viewers as the most popular morning host this town has ever seen.  Funny, smart, informed and sometimes unpredictable, Alford wasn't the anchor of Fox 4's morning show, he was the boat.    A few weeks ago he stunned viewers when he walked away.  Everyone agreed it was amicable, so what the heck was he up to?  Well, we found out.      This dyed in the wool conservative has decided to run for Con...

Pigskin Picks for CFB, Chiefs vs. Giants

October 28, 2021 17:17 - 20 minutes - 21.9 MB

    If you've had the nerve to wager against your teams this year, you've been cleaning up on opponents of Kansas, Kansas State, Mizzou and the Chiefs.  How bad has it been?  Heading into last week, only KU, MU and Clemson hadn't covered this year.  Kansas is now off the list.    K-State has underperformed and the Chiefs have been a big winner for opponents as they've only covered twice since last November.    Does it turn around this week?  Lee Sterling is here from

Election Special: Mark Alford in ‘22, Mike for Mayor, Hamill for JCCC, Gilmore in Olathe

October 28, 2021 12:53 - 1 hour - 63.9 MB

   It's an off year election but there's plenty to pour over.  As Kansas City was stunned to see Fox 4 morning host Mark Alford "retire" from his position of over 20 years, it didn't sound right that he was going into real estate.  He's not.  Alford has announced he's a conservative running for Congress next year.   In Overland Park, voters have a chance to make a real difference by electing a true conservative Tuesday in Mike Czinege for Mayor.  We chat with him about his early voting lead...

Chiefs Face Questions, Manfred Supports ”Braves,” Massive Amount of Ammo on Movie Set

October 27, 2021 13:42 - 51 minutes - 57.3 MB

   Now that the Chiefs are losing, they are answering questions they should have been asked two years ago and Patrick Mahomes' answers are revealing.    MLB commissioner Rob Manfred supports the team name Braves and the chop chant because he says native Americans support it.  So why didn't he support the voter ID law in Georgia, which is clearly the will of the people?    And the DA in New Mexico says there was a massive amount of live ammunition on the set of the movie "Rust."  This is go...

Nashville Wrap, Alec Baldwin Hypocrisy, Fauci is Evil, NBA Truth Teller

October 26, 2021 14:23 - 56 minutes - 62.6 MB

   We cover all the bases on this episode as we wrap up a nearly perfect long weekend in Nashville that will make you feel a lot better than the Chiefs awful play.    The tragic, unnecessary death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins really exposes the corruption and hypocrisy in Hollywood as actors dedicate their off screen time to gun control but make millions on screen playing with guns.  There are only two questions to ask of Alec Baldwin, we'll tell you what they are.    Anthony Fauci i...

Football Feast: Chiefs Get Pounded, KU Hangs With OU, K-State Comes Back To Beat Tech

October 25, 2021 14:54 - 48 minutes - 44.2 MB

Spencer is in for KK on a reaction Monday, joined by Stan Weber breaking down the Chiefs bad loss at Tennessee. Mahomes did not throw a TD pass in a game for the first time in his career, as KC has big issues on both sides of the ball. KU had a second half lead on No. 3 Oklahoma, and QB Jason Bean played well. K-State came back after a slow start to beat Texas Tech in Lubbock. 

Spencer Speaks: Chiefs Still Looking For Their ”A” Game, NFL Week 7 Preview, Comedian In Hot Water With LGBT Community And Netflix

October 22, 2021 16:09 - 43 minutes - 39.4 MB

The Chiefs still haven't shown us the "Chiefs" of the past three years, and the Titans have the best running back in the NFL, which will cause problems for the Chiefs D. Dave Chappelle is being criticized by the LGBT community after his final Netflix special, who paid him $60 million dollars over the last four years. All this and a week 7 NFL preview on a football friday!

An Offer You Can‘t Refuse, Huggins Wants Tourney Change, Lee Sterling Football Picks

October 21, 2021 19:52 - 39 minutes - 42.8 MB

   With so many people worried about getting fired over the federal vaccine mandate, we have some information that could make you feel better.  There's millions of Americans worried about their jobs and careers but I heard from a local businessman that has an idea and an offer you can't refuse if you're in that position.     Bob Huggins is never short on words and he generally has good ideas for college basketball.  At Big 12 media days, Huggins is now proposing to blow up the NCAA Tourney ...

Trump Goes Social, Fauci Lied, NBA Star Banned in China, Chiefs v Titans

October 21, 2021 14:19 - 42 minutes - 47.4 MB

   It's official, Donald Trump has gone social with a brand new platform cleverly called "Trump Social."  Of course it can help him if he runs for president but nobody knows exactly how successful it may be.  We'll discuss the possibilities.    A scientist at the National Institute of Health has provided a letter to congress that the U.S. funded gain of function research in Wuhan and that Anthony Fauci and NIH Director Collins both knew about it an lied under oath.    Enes Kanter of the Bo...

Rae‘s Owner Storms Back, DC Out of Touch, MU Lands Top Recruit, Chiefs Eye Linebacker

October 20, 2021 14:01 - 49 minutes - 55.9 MB

   Amanda Wohletz owns Rae's Cafe and she isn't taking any crap from anybody.  After Jackson County shut her business down for refusing to follow the stupid mask mandate in restaurants, she has up and moved.  A few miles down the road in Independence, there are no silly mandates and she plans to open the new store in two weeks.    Normally, the folks in DC are accused of "spinning" the news but we've entered a whole new era.  There's no spinning the border or the prices of everything you bu...

Mandates Being Challenged, Russia More Free than USA, Coach Fired over Vax, Vitale Ready to Fight

October 19, 2021 14:27 - 45 minutes - 50.7 MB

   Lawsuits are getting filed all over the place challenging the Federal mandate to get the vaccine.  Health care workers, railroad and union employees, even football coaches are losing their jobs for not getting a shot.  But we are starting to fight back and we should.    In Russia, they aren't fighting back because not even Vladimir Putin is mandating his citizens to get the shot.  Russia, in the age of Covid, protects more freedoms for its people than the USA.  How sad.    The coach at ...

Football Feast: Chiefs Stay Alive While Colleges Flounder

October 18, 2021 14:25 - 59 minutes - 59.5 MB

   The Chiefs stay alive with a 31-13 win over Washington that was not nearly as easy as the final score indicates.  Stan Weber separates the good from the bad.    And it was a beautiful day on campus in Lawrence, Columbia in Manhattan but the football teams were total disasters.    Also, SEC football is blood sport as LSU has fired its national title winning coach right after he beats a ranked rival.  This is nuts.

Instant Reaction: Little Progress as Chiefs Whip Bad Team

October 17, 2021 20:28 - 21 minutes - 25.9 MB

   Don't be fooled by a fantastic display the Chiefs put on late against the Redskins.  Remember the first two hours and imagine what the score would have been if the Chiefs were playing a real team.  Oh, wait, we've seen that this year.   Winning is fun and winning 31-13 is something you never apologize for, but it doesn't seem like the Chiefs have fixed their root problems.

Spencer Speaks: Chiefs on the Road Again in the NFC East, Gruden is Out, KSU, KU, and MU Look to Bounce Back

October 16, 2021 05:05 - 48 minutes - 110 MB

The Chiefs are a 7-point favorite at Washington, as they look to get back to .500, which is unfamiliar territory for this bunch. The defense has to get better, and fast! Jon Gruden is out as the Raiders coach, so what will he really be remembered for? K-State, MU and KU are all at home this weekend and are in desperate need of a win. Riley Gates of 24/7 Sports joins to talk football as we near the halfway point of the College Football and NFL Season.

It Hurts to Win, KC Star Blasts Andy Reid, David Beaty Exonerated

October 15, 2021 13:14 - 45 minutes - 52.2 MB

    There's a lot of pain going around in America this year, but sometimes it hurts to win.  There is no question now that conservatism is on the rise as people who don't normally pay attention see the ills of socialism.    The Kansas City Star just unloads on Andy Reid after the Chiefs coach wouldn't comment about his friend Jon Gruden.  Andy "slapped every one of his black players in the face" and "white, good ole boys" are just  a couple of the whoppers they bust out while claiming Andy ...

Cats, Tigers, Jayhawks all Home Underdogs, Chiefs Road Favorite, OU Coach Boots Media

October 14, 2021 21:34 - 27 minutes - 29.6 MB

   Lots of football this weekend and the forecast is great for our college campuses.  That's the good news. The bad news is there's a chance everyone loses as they are all underdogs.  We cover colleges, including OU coach Lincoln Riley kicking out all media in Norman.  This is really childish.   But first, Lee Sterling shares his picks from 

Uh Oh: Andy Silent on Gruden Emails

October 14, 2021 14:34 - 53 minutes - 59.3 MB

   Andy Reid is a Hall of Fame coach that's won a lot in Kansas City, including a Super Bowl.  He's gotten pass after pass with the local media for all kinds of things average coaches would get run out of town for.  But now, Reid has chosen to "no comment" on the Jon Gruden emails and the gloves are off.     The NFL, meanwhile, says it hasn't released any emails and won't.  Sure.    Kyrie Irving stands his ground for freedom, Joe Montana's big pay day, Joe Rogan undresses CNN and the CEO o...

Bieniemy Again, Chiefs Target RB, Social Security Inflation, Sir Paul Slams Rolling Stones

October 13, 2021 14:30 - 45 minutes - 50.8 MB

   With Jon Gruden out, the media go straight to the Eric Bieniemy playbook.... and we don't mean the kind with actual football plays in it.  Almost everyone thinks EB is the leading candidate, but should he be?  He's got some pretty bad actions in his past but we guess in 2021,  that's better than bad words.     The Chiefs are trying to work out a trade with the Colts for runningback Marlon Mack, now that CEH is out for a few weeks.    Social Security benefits are going up 6%, the biggest...

Gruden Can‘t be Whole Story, Chiefs All Talk, Kamala ”Sinking Ship” Production

October 12, 2021 14:18 - 52 minutes - 57.4 MB

   Jon Gruden was dumb to write what he wrote in emails to a Washington Redskins executive 10 years ago, no arguing that.  But if the NFL has 650,000 emails from the Washington Team as they investigate misconduct in the workplace, how is it they selectively leak Gruden emails to the Wall Street Journal?  There has to be more here, or this looks really petty from Roger Goodell.    The Chiefs have had a lot to say about their crappy play this year, but haven't really done anything about it.  ...

Chiefs Hit Rock Bottom

October 11, 2021 14:26 - 1 hour - 60.7 MB

   The Chiefs are an absolute mess.  The defense could be the worst in team history, the offense has turned into a turnover machine and they commit stupid penalties all the time.      Here's the truth.  The coach has health issues, the players look bored and nobody in this organization can identify and acquire good defensive players.  This team has to go 9-3 the rest of the way to make the playoffs... do you see a team that can do that?  I don't.  But Stan Weber is here and he thinks the Ch...

Media Confidence Sinks, Schumer Disgusts Manchin, Meyer Video Hurts Others, Vegas Can Lose Big

October 08, 2021 14:24 - 47 minutes - 55 MB

   The ALS Walk KC is Saturday morning at Kauffman Stadium and we would love to have you come say hello.  Or, make a donation here to support James Bishop and his family as they raise money to fight this awful disease.     The confidence people have in news media is now lower than our confidence in Joe Biden.  That's hard to do.     After Republicans caved in to raise the debt ceiling, Dem Chuck Schumer ...

Chiefs vs Bills Preview and Paramount Picks

October 07, 2021 20:14 - 28 minutes - 30.4 MB

   It's a huge weekend of early season matchups for superiority in the NFL.  The main event, the Chiefs and the Bills.  Buffalo, with a win, would go to 4-1 and be the odds on favorite to get the only bye in the AFC.  The Chiefs have other plans.  We break it down.   So does Lee Sterling of who gives you his pick against the spread along with other huge AFC games.  Also, will Mizzou bounce back after last week's mess, OU/Texas and Iowa/Penn State.  It's all here.

ESPN Silences Sage Steele, Biden Builds TV Studio, ”2SLGBTQQIA+” is a Thing, Chiefs Whiff on Players

October 07, 2021 14:30 - 48 minutes - 55 MB

   ESPN has suspended anchor Sage Steele for making conservative comments about the vaccine and about Barack Obama.  But they may not have thought this through, Sage isn't just conservative, Sage is black and female.  Uh oh.     The Biden admin has taken a new step to be the most fake of all time.  They built the old guy a tv studio to give his addresses with fake backdrops like your local news channel.  It's just one more fake thing in a laundry list of fake things we identify on this epis...


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