On this episode of Keep It Real 365. I talk about some unbelievable stories in professional wrestling from promotions like World Wrestling Entertainment, All ELITE Wrestling, and IMPACT Wrestling. It is a fun time to be a professional wrestling fan, trust me. 

- Pro Wrestling topics No. 39 for July 22, 2021 

Hosted by Jordan Turner 

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- Micheal Cole says Pat McAfee 'totally revitalized' his career 

- 'Significant frustration backstage over Karrion Kross WWE main roster booking  

- Bray Wyatt is being kept off TV for a 'specific reason.' 

- Why Charlotte Flair's RAW Women's Championship reign was so short? 

- Bryan Danielson 'apparently' signed a contract with AEW? 

- Is CM Punk AEW bound? 

- Keira Hogan announces she is leaving IMPACT Wrestling; what are my thoughts