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A weekly podcast hosted by Lisa Wallen and Alexander Pence about Anime and everything in-between. New episodes every Tuesday! Follow us on Twitter @KawaiiFive0!

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Comeback Arc

July 15, 2020 06:08 - 52 minutes - 95.6 MB

MOUTH BREATHING ASMR INCOMING    On a brand new, back from hiatus episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts talk casually about life so far in the apocalypse and Lisa tries and fails to not talk about Yakuza-0. This is bit of a filler episode where basically Lisa talks about seasonal anime and the movie Promare and Alex goes 'yup' a bunch trying not to make weird mouth sounds. Jump in the discord and tell us what you are watching/excited for!    Follow us on Twitter: Alex, Lisa We have a Kofi!...

Live, Die, Re:Zero

May 27, 2020 06:36 - 59 minutes - 109 MB

Re:Groundhog's Day    In this new episode of Kawaii Five-0, the hosts are back from a couple weeks off and are ready to talk anime. Lisa talks about the anime Nana and Alex shares that he is now embroidering so that's how his quarantine is going... Lisa started playing Yakuza 0 and tries to convince Alex to get it despite the lack of Playstation. Of course, the hosts get into the 'anime portion' of the podcast talking about the 2016 anime Re:Zero and Lisa gives her thoughts as Alex decides...

Kill Oo La La Kill

May 06, 2020 06:40 - 1 hour - 113 MB

Before You Start You're Whole Thing...    In this brand new episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts are still living in a nightmare but are getting through it by going on drives and watching 90-day fiancee. Alex only brings up his girlfriend once while the hosts talk about delays to seasonals and what you should be watching instead. Then the show gets nice and ecchi when they talk about Kill la Kill by Trigger Studios. This episode is a bit spoilery, but all in all won't ruin the show for you. ...

Hunter XXX Hunter

April 22, 2020 07:17 - 1 hour - 199 MB

We Say the X    On this brand new episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts realize they both watch trashy reality shows as well as anime and go on for 20 minutes about the Netflix show Love is Blind along with lamenting the news of the One Punch man live action adaptation. Much to Lisa's delight the hosts finally tackle the show Hunter x Hunter (the first three arcs up to episode 36) and break down the everything in the first 3 arcs. Lisa gushes about Killua as Alex finally understand the fandom...

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

April 15, 2020 06:48 - 1 hour - 132 MB

THIS EPISODE IS FILLED WITH SPOILERS Blue Punch Buggie!  In this episode of Kawaii Five-0, Lisa was on the front page and is still perplexed about why everyone is horny for Millionaire Thirst Cop while her and Alex agree that Funimation is a bad app but has all the seasonals worth watching. Then it gets weird, weirder than usual, as the hosts dive into the world that is Madoka Magica the anime. If you haven't seen this 12 episode anime only show then we suggest you turn your phone off and ...

Seasonals for the Apocalypse

April 08, 2020 07:32 - 1 hour - 148 MB

Everything is fine    Alex is back, and count how many times he talks about his new girlfriend! In this all new episode of Kawaii Five-0 during the apocalypse we talk life and about the winter seasonals wrapping up such as: Somali and the Forest Spirit, Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, Dorohedoro, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, Welcome to Demon School, Haikyuu S4, and My Hero Academia S4 along with some dropped anime. The world might be ending but spring seasonals are just getting started and the h...

Run With the Quarantine

March 25, 2020 07:47 - 1 hour - 158 MB

This Episode is Cannon  On this new episode of Kawaii Five-0, Alex AKA DJ Computer is out with the flu (it’s just hay fever, we promise! i hope) Lisa is joined by Tokyopodfathers host @ShaKing807 to discuss their most anticipated series to review: Run with the Wind! Come listen to these lovely ladies as they bond over our favorite sad running boys and talk what makes sports anime so special! Be sure to follow the Tokyopodfathers   Follow us on Twitter: Alex, Lisa We have a Kofi! Youtube...

The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode

March 11, 2020 06:36 - 1 hour - 125 MB

WELCOME TO SPOILER TOWN!!  [THE MOMENT YOU HEAR THE ANIME DROP SPOILERS ABOUND!]  In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 we get into the iconic mecha anime that is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! Before we get drill towards the heavens, the hosts talk about life and Alex explains how weird Seattle is during the COVID outbreak, comparing it to living in an anime. They also announce that the next show during a sports anime tangent about Diamond no Ace and that anime will be Lisa's favorite Run With th...

Emotional Edging (Hinamatsuri / Love is War)

March 03, 2020 08:41 - 1 hour - 133 MB

I Punched My Tooth Out!  On this new episode of Kawaii Five-0 we talk Hinamatsuri and Kaguya-Sama Love is War! But before that Lisa gushes about Diamond no Ace while Alex complains about the new-ish Crunchyroll queue! If you like slice of life comedies with some very fun premises than you are in luck! Alex finally guilted Lisa into finishing Love is War while opening Alex's eyes to Hinamatsuri a superpower gangster anime! Next week we talk Garren Laugen so be sure to brush up!  Thanks for ...

The Noragami Episode

February 18, 2020 06:32 - 1 hour - 118 MB

Fates/ Baskets    In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts are still feeling the Valentine's Day love by gushing over the Crunchyroll Anime Awards... or do they? Before getting into the 'anime part' Lisa talks about a new anime she is excited to watch, and then, Noragami time! The hosts go all in on this God of Calamity and all the hijinks he and his cohorts bring with them. While keeping the spoilers down to a minimum be sure to listen if you have already watched Noragami or are looking...

The Black Lagoon Episode

February 04, 2020 06:22 - 59 minutes - 109 MB

This is now a Revy Podcast! In this week's episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts talk and lightly breakdown (with minimal to light spoilers if at all) Black Lagoon! But first the hosts talk about life and mostly just more anime including the new My Hero movie coming out and Lisa talks about watching Monster and her thoughts all on this week's episode of the cutest funniest anime podcast on the net Kawaii Five-0!   If you like the podcast please rate and review we really appreciate it!  Foll...

Keep Your Hands Off My Seasonals

January 21, 2020 06:31 - 50 minutes - 92 MB

There is a naked man inside all of us!    On this episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts talk a little about life and of course breakdown the newest episode of My Hero (minor spoilers) and the end of the Overhaul arc! Then they get into anime time! Audio drop and all! Lisa and Alex talk about their 5 favorite winter 2020 anime so far including: Dorohedro, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, In/Spectre, and Somali and the Forest Spirit to give you some insight on some seasona...

The Haikyuu!! Episode

January 17, 2020 06:47 - 1 hour - 147 MB

NO MIND NO MIND!  MINOR SPOILERS THROUGHOUT YOU'VE BEEN WARNED  In one of the most anticipated episodes of anime and podcasting history, finally, in this new episode of Kawaii Five-0 we finally talk about volleyball boys AKA Haikyuu! The hosts chit-chat for a bit before getting into the nitty-gritty mildly spoiling Haikyuu. In honor of the new season on Haikyuu Alex and Lisa break down each season along with what parts made them cry the most and their anticipation for the current season......

A Place Further Than Seattle

January 09, 2020 05:01 - 54 minutes - 46.6 MB

It's the journey not the destination! Land ho! In this all new for sure on time episode of Kawaii Five-0 we are taking a trip to Antartica! Before we get into our anime discussion the hosts talk about their New Year's of past and present, and talk a little about what Lisa is currently watching. After the hosts don't talk about drugs we finally get to the meat of the show, A Place Further than the Universe! We get some slice of life goodness that's right up Alex's alley and both hosts dive d...

Back to the Future

December 31, 2019 07:41 - 1 hour - 126 MB

We Barely Talk About Drugs    In this all new episode of Kawaii Five-0, the cutest and funniest podcast about anime on the net, the hosts talk new years resolutions, Alex takes on zoomers on anitwitter, and Lisa talks about some anime that is wrapping up: Food Wars, Fire Force, Babylon, Beastars, My Hero Academia, and others. Followed by a look into the future and what the hosts are excited for in 2020 from movies to seasonals! Be sure to subscribe and rate the podcast!    Follow us on T...

'Tis the Seasonals

December 24, 2019 10:14 - 1 hour - 146 MB

Demon Force: Fire Slayer! It's the most wonderful time of year...To talk about what we've been already talking about for the last couple of months, SEASONALS! This time we break down our favorites with minimal spoilers, if at all. Surprisingly, Lisa and Alex have some things in common on their best of list including their love of Beastars and Mob Psycho season 2, but after that it's Alex surprising Lisa with interesting picks including Ascendance of the Book Worm, Didn't I Said Make My Abil...

I Have Fate/Zero Clue What Happened

December 17, 2019 09:00 - 1 hour - 140 MB

Best Soap Opera Mobile Game I've Ever Watched!  In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts talk about Dr. Stone, Welcome to Demon School, Drugs, Big Mouth, Uwajimaya, Lisa reveals she might have thought the most recent Fire Force was the finale because of how good it was, Alex bought a light novel, telling IGN a thing or two about My Hero Academia and a new soundboard drop?! All before getting in to the nitty gritty that is the Fate Series and all it's hot summoning action. There will be a ...

Kawaii Five-Jojo: Podcast Crusaders Part 1

December 10, 2019 09:00 - 1 hour - 173 MB

[Minor Jojo Spoilers Throughout Ep]  Good Grief!!  We finally did it! Kawaii Five-0's newest episode is about none other than Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! While not full of spoilers, this episode with have a bunch of soft spoilers, but we are confident you'll still enjoy the adventure. Alex and Lisa talk part 1 all the way to part 8 and everything in-between, including the manga, anime, and some of the cultural influence it had on Japan and the world, not to be confused with the stand. They t...

Is Nezuko a Vegan? (w/Greg Beachler)

November 27, 2019 09:07 - 1 hour - 119 MB

[Spoiler Timestamps] [My Hero Academia - 35:00-55:00] [Demon Slayer - 58:00-82:30]   WE HAVE OUR FIRST GUEST.  On this very special episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts are joined by a fellow comedian Greg Beachler to talk mostly My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer, spoiling the sh*t out of them. But first Lisa talks Pokemon and Luigi tweeting her, then later they talk manga and some other animes that Greg grew up watching and stuff he enjoys now. Don't forget to subscribe and rate the podc...

Demon Girls v Sniper Girls

November 20, 2019 08:10 - 1 hour - 104 MB

Sonic the Gerbil Ass  On this all new episode of the cutest and bestest anime podcast, Kawaii Five-0, it's time to talk female characters of anime, with a little help from the discord, Alex and Lisa countdown some of their favorite female characters. You notice the difference between Alex and Lisa's favorite styles but not before they talk about the new sonic redesign and life in general. Be sure to subscribe and give a review on Apple Podcasts!    Follow us on Twitter: Alex, Lisa We hav...

Bad Boys Make Me Feel So Good

November 13, 2019 08:06 - 1 hour - 99.7 MB

IF THEY AREN'T IN SCHOOL BY THE THIRD EPISODE I'M OUT!  On this new episode of Kawaii Five-0 both hosts are sore from doing nothing except being over the age of 30. The show starts off with some light chat about what the hosts are currently watching; Like Lisa watching dark deep shit, as Alex is watching some demon girl slice of life trash, along with what they are excited for coming up. Later they get into the nitty gritty discussing anime villains, or in Alex's case, high school rivals. L...

LuWisa's Haunted Mansion

November 05, 2019 07:49 - 1 hour - 69.4 MB

SHE'S BACK!  In this welcome back episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts are back in the same room for the first time in 2 months! Lisa recaps some of her Asia adventures, her turning 30, Alex has gotten even more slice of life-y while never leaving his room all while Lisa makes fun of him for watching Darling in the Franxx. The hosts break down all the seasonal anime they've picked up recently including: Beastars, Welcome to Demon School, No Gun's Life, Babylon, Blade of the Immortal, Psycho P...

One Pump Man

October 29, 2019 08:25 - 28 minutes - 39.2 MB

Filler Up!   Another quick filler episode coming your way! Alex tries to catch his breath after he blasts you with some Twice, then gets into what's in store for the podcast in the future. Along with shouting out our reviews, Alex talks Welcome to Demon School, Konohana, Quintessential Quintuplets, Girly Air force, Darling in the Franxxs and a bunch others. WE ARE ALMOST BACK TO NORMAL, so thanks to everyone for sticking around! Be sure to rate and subscribe!

Typhoon Lisa

October 15, 2019 08:23 - 1 hour - 103 MB

From Category 5 to Category Weeb. In this international episode of Kawaii Five-0 Lisa talks about her travels in Japan after arriving in Tokyo just in time for a typhoon. They dive into Demon Slayer and get hyped about My Hero coming back! Alex decides its time for a new game so they play a horrible version of Anime Password. Be sure to subscribe and rate the podcast!   Rate on Apple Podcasts and follow us on Twitter!

October Anime Astrology Filler Episode

October 05, 2019 22:32 - 18 minutes - 25.6 MB

Deku in the Streets, Bakugou in the sheets.  On this short Alex only filler episode it gets weird and it gets weird fast. Not even 2 minutes in an Alex is talking about K-pop's SuperM debut and his Twice 'Feel Special' hangover. Anime-wise Alex finally makes it kawaii af talking about the Prism idol shojo series followed by Symphogear! After all the anime is talked about it gets even weirder, instead of a game Alex breaks down the zodiac anime style giving you a forecast into your October f...


September 24, 2019 07:40 - 49 minutes - 68.5 MB

Lisa Really Did It... In this new (on time-ish) episode of Kawaii Five-0, we get better sound quality as Lisa is calling from Japan this time but now you get more mouth noises as Alex is battling a cold. Everyone wins! The hosts talk sports anime since the big season 4 Haikyuu news, but mostly Alex keeps bringing up the fact that Lisa GOT REIGEN FROM MOB PSYCHO TATTOO'D TO HER FRIGGIN' HAND! Also they both want to play The Untitled Goose Game and Lisa has to wait to get back to America bef...

Vandelion Gajelion

September 18, 2019 09:59 - 53 minutes - 73.3 MB

"I Punch Her in the Face". Returning back to "normal-ish", with two hosts at least, Kawaii Five-0 is back, and we talk everything from Lisa sweating in Vietnam to our hosts new favorite manga Gokushufudou! In this episode Lisa calls in all the way from Vietnam (excuse the poor audio quality) while Alex all the way from his bedroom is still reeling from having to watch Dragon Ball Z: Evolution and reminding everyone he's probably not gonna edit this episode, cause he's lazy! Oh, and they als...

Is This Episode Canon?

September 14, 2019 01:36 - 39 minutes - 54.2 MB

These Movies are not Good.  Alex is alone on this episode Kawaii Five-0 so he decided to punish the listeners with an ep all about live-action anime adaptations, and boy did it suck! A little bit of a shorter episode this time, but be sure to be ready next Tuesday for another one!   Movies discussed: Alita: Battle Angel FMA Bleach Speed Racer DBZ: Evolution Initial D Death Note   Don't forget to follow the pod!  

Now Boarding!

September 03, 2019 07:00 - 54 minutes - 75.2 MB

We the Gatekeepers.  In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 it's Lisa's last episode... Before she's off to Asia for 2 months. The hosts talk about the good and the bad of being in the anime community and examples of both. Right on cue, Alex has another game this week, this time we're trying to get Lisa a date with some very lucky young anime men! Be sure to subscribe and rate our podcast to make sure you are up to date!   Follow us on Twitter  

Not Once, but Twice

August 27, 2019 07:05 - 58 minutes - 80.1 MB

St-St-Studios!  In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 the hosts talk their favorite anime games and which non-anime games would make a great anime/manga series! Then, Lisa educates Alex and the listeners on the big anime studios and their popular publications. It wouldn't be an episode if Lisa didn't bring up Gintama at least once and if Alex didn't have a game to play, this game involves Twice from My Hero Academia and Twice the K-Pop girl group!    Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, rate ...

Kawaii Five-0 Strikes Back

August 20, 2019 09:08 - 1 hour - 85.1 MB

A Nightmare on Ghibli Street. In this episode of Kawaii Five-0, Lisa and Alex catch up on what anime they are currently watching, followed by a dissertation on Lisa's favorite anime movies, all while Alex breaks down the 3 he's seen. There has to be a game, and this one is a doozy about dreams and Ghibli movies, so buckle up and enjoy this new episode of Kawaii Five-0!!!  

A Semester Abroad

August 13, 2019 12:00 - 1 hour - 62 MB

Guy Fieri Buying Anime. On this episode of Kawaii Five-0 Lisa and Alex talk Lisa's upcoming trip to Asia, some culture tips and what she has in store for the podcast when she's abroad. Getting into the anime portion, the hosts talk about what makes a good protagonist and countdown their top 5 Main Characters. Plus of course there is a game, and of course it's bad! 

Seasonal Depression

August 06, 2019 08:18 - 1 hour - 61.7 MB

Hot Fox Girl Summer. In this episode of Kawaii Five-0 Lisa and Alex talk a little about their favorite overall anime, before getting side tracked and playing the worst My Hero Academia themed game ever, if you can call it a game. After all that junk, Lisa only talks a little bit about Gintama while mostly discussing Netflix adaptations and seasonals that both hosts are hyped for. Be sure to tune in next week when Lisa talks about traveling to Japan and Alex presents another game about Japan...

A Gateway to Shōnen

July 31, 2019 08:00 - 1 hour - 68.1 MB

Something Something Gintama...  On this episode of Kawaii Five-0, Lisa and Alex talk about a special type of comedy show before diving into Shōnen just so Lisa can bring up Gintama. Later on Alex makes Lisa play a guessing game about movies that you wouldn't want to watch with your parents, wrapping up the first real episode of Kawaii Five-0! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and listen to the newest episodes every Tuesday! 

Origin Arcs

July 23, 2019 07:00 - 50 minutes - 45.9 MB

A Kawaii Menace  This week on Kawaii Five-0 we have a promo episode to get you prepared for the official launch of the podcast! Hosts Lisa and Alex talk about stand-up comedy beginnings and break down their first encounters and obsessions with anime on this very special episode of Kawaii Five-O.