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Junkfood Cinema is a shame-free celebration of cult cinema hosted by critic Brian Salisbury and Marvel Studios screenwriter C. Robert Cargill

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Billy Jack (1971) with Special Guest Bill Corbett

January 27, 2023 14:37 - 1 hour - 107 MB

The legendary Bill Corbett (Rifftrax, Mystery Science Theater 3000) returns to the show to discuss possibly the weirdest southern social justice movie of the 1970s (and that is saying something): Billy Jack! The guys on the satellite of junk also discuss plastic medicine men, pitch a Billy Jack sitcom, and explain how this franchise gave us modern theatrical film distribution! Soldier up and listen!

Walking Tall Part 2 (1975)

January 20, 2023 17:39 - 1 hour - 92.2 MB

The Wallking Tallboys reconvene to discuss the second chapter of The Legend of Buford Pusser: Walking Tall Part 2! Bo for the Sven!

JFC Walking Tall (1973)

January 13, 2023 03:20 - 1 hour - 92.9 MB

Brian and Cargill are ready to grab 2x4’s and clean up a dirty town with Walking Tall. Is this the signature hixploitation movie? Why are even the cops outlaws? Why DID that untouched police car explode?

Walking Tall (1973)

January 13, 2023 03:20 - 1 hour - 92.9 MB

Brian and Cargill are ready to grab 2x4’s and clean up a dirty town with Walking Tall. Is this the signature hixploitation movie? Why are even the cops outlaws? Why DID that untouched police car explode?


January 06, 2023 15:50 - 1 hour - 89.8 MB

It's 2023, punters, and Brian & Cargill are hoping you'll gamble on a little thriller called Croupier. From late, great director Mike Hodges, Croupier stars Clive Owen as a casino dealer who lives to watch you lose. The only sure bet is to listen and subscribe!

Another Thin Man

December 30, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 98 MB

Brian and Cargill fall back on their auld New Year's Tradition: covering another Thin Man movie. This time, it's...Another Thin Man!

The 2022 Killer Santa Classic

December 23, 2022 07:27 - 1 hour - 89.3 MB

Just in time for Christmas, it’s Merry Madness as Brian & Cargill pit against each other the Obscene Sixteen of cinema’s best/worst killer Santas! Will Killer Kringle underdog have a Cinderella story? Or will a festive favorite run the proverbial table? Ho Ho Hold on to your hats!

Bedazzled (2000)

December 16, 2022 03:23 - 1 hour - 94.9 MB

What in the hell is this? A Bedazzled new episode! Brian and Cargill grant all your podcast wishes...with diabolical consequences, as they discuss one of the best comedies of the year 2000! Download and subscribe. Mucho gusto!

Draft Day (2014)

December 09, 2022 15:50 - 1 hour - 97.5 MB

Grab your picks, it’s time for Junkfood Cinema! This week, Brian & Cargill go behind the gridiron to the fiery world of NFL head offices with Ivan Reitman’s Draft Day! They discuss real football, fictional football, and fantasy football. Also, the first ever JFC stadium food draft! Don’t be Mr Irrelevant, subscribe and listen now!

Fade to Black (1980) with Scott Weinberg

December 01, 2022 04:24 - 1 hour - 83.7 MB

Things get reel as Scott Weinberg returns to the show to discuss, what else, a wildly underrated 80s horror flick: Fade to Black! We like movies, but Eric Binford…well he loves them to death. Listen and subscribe before the credits roll for the last time.

Breakdown (1997)

November 25, 2022 17:20 - 1 hour - 93.7 MB

Happy Snack Friday! If you’re not too full from yesterday, gorge yourself on the yummy 90s thriller goodness that is Breakdown! Oh, and be safe driving home.


November 18, 2022 14:24 - 1 hour - 97.6 MB

It’s a real killer thriller this week as Brian and Cargill investigate Copycat! Why were the 90s the perfect decade for serial killer thrillers? How did Sigourney Weaver relieve stress after shooting? What’s with all the pocket burgers?

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

November 15, 2022 03:45 - 1 hour - 99.8 MB

Per a Patron request, Brian and Cargill keep the spooky season alive as they celebrate Halloween III: Season of the Witch! Get ready to rock out with your Silver Shamrock out!

Oatestober: Race with the Devil

October 31, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 95.9 MB

Happy HalloWarren, Junkions! Jump in the Winnebago with Brian & Cargill as they Race with the Devil to the end of Oatestober! This episode is a real (satanic) panic!

Streaming & Screaming: A Chat with Shudder GM Craig Engler

October 28, 2022 04:44 - 1 hour - 93.2 MB

An extra special treat just in time for Halloween! Brian and Cargill are joined by Shudder GM Craig Engler to discuss the best the streaming service currently has to offer, the challenges of horror curation, and Craig jumps into the Halloween Hotseat! Listen and share. There’s so much great stuff in this episode…it’s scary!

Oatestober: Tough Enough with Greg MacLennan

October 25, 2022 03:37 - 1 hour - 103 MB

It’s time to find which is the toughest Warren Oates in all of Oatestober! Brian is joined by film editor/programmer/friend-of-the-show Greg MacLennan to find out if they’re tough enough for…Tough Enough! Redneck Rocky? Hillbilly Bloodsport? Over the Top…with Rhinestones? Put up your dukes, it’s fight night!

Oatestober: Kid Blue with Noah Segan

October 14, 2022 04:19 - 1 hour - 109 MB

As Oatestober continues, Brian is joined by actor/writer/director/certified Oatestologist Noah Segan (Looper, Mohawk) to discuss the movie that gave him his moniker: Kid Blue. As a special side dish, the guys also do some crowing about the Oates/Corman joint Cockfighter. Yes, that’s the actual title.

Oatestober: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia with Luke Mullen

October 09, 2022 23:49 - 1 hour - 93.4 MB

Heads Up! Oatestober kicks off as Brian is joined by film editor and festival programmer Luke Mullen to discuss arguably Peckinpah’s grittiest film: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.

Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? with Blake Salisbury

September 30, 2022 13:52 - 1 hour - 106 MB

Brian welcomes his brother Blake to the main feed and the siblings discuss the Jackie Chan movie that kicked and punched its way into their teenage hearts: Who Am I? They also get very upset at the Nintendo Virtual Boy for some reason. Don’t forget to download, listen, and share!

Lost Episode: Class of 1999 with Brad Henderson

September 28, 2022 13:12 - 1 hour - 84 MB

Recorded over two years ago, and thought glitched beyond repair, Brian is joined by Brad Henderson of Vinegar Syndrome to discuss one of cinema’s most insane sequels: The Class of 1999. Brad chats about his unique relationship with the film, cast, and filmmakers while Brian learns shocking familial trivia about some of his favorite cult actors. Ring the bell, school’s in session!

Broken Arrow (1996)

September 23, 2022 18:29 - 1 hour - 88.3 MB

It’s a Class 4 Podcast Emergency: A Broken Arrow…episode! Brian and Cargill take flight and square off against John Travolta…’s agent…as they discuss what is arguably John Woo’s most underrated flick! Listen and share before things go boom!

Stay Tuned

September 09, 2022 04:18 - 1 hour - 91.7 MB

Do not attempt to adjust your TV sets. We control the vertical, we control the horizontal. We control…the commercials? Tune in as Brian and Cargill explain how this underseen 90s comedy deserves better reception.

Rock Star (2001)

September 01, 2022 10:00 - 1 hour - 98.6 MB

Brian and Cargill tease up their hair, hike up their leather pants, and see if they can live that Rock Star life! So much hair metal in this patron requested flick…and even more in this episode! We all die young, so listen and share now!

Enemy Mine

August 26, 2022 18:34 - 1 hour - 99 MB

Brian and Cargill put aside their differences and go into the trenches with Enemy Mine. Whose enemy? Mine enemy? The enemy mine? Anemone? Drac or Human, give it a listen now!

Conan the Barbarian (1982)

August 21, 2022 01:58 - 1 hour - 100 MB

Brian & Cargill enjoy the best in life, and the artiest of pulp, with John Milius’ Conan The Barbarian! This is the…pumpkin spice…of junkfood movies?

Drive (1997) with Josh Griffey

August 12, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 96.7 MB

Josh Griffey from The Film Alchemist podcast rides along with Brian through the amazing insanity of Drive (1997). You will never look at Planet Hollywood, or Deliverance, the same way again.

Strange Brew with John Gholson

August 03, 2022 13:43 - 1 hour - 94.6 MB

Good day, eh? This week Brian is joined by artist/actor/cartoonist John Gholson to discuss the most beer-bellied, donutty Canadian comedy of all time: Strange Brew. This episode is cooler than a new bottle of Molsons.

Rock 'n' Roll High School

July 28, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 97.6 MB

Gabba Gabba Hey, Junkions! Brian and Cargill invite you to grab your hall pass and get your ass to class at Rock ‘n’ Roll High School! Don’t bring any wheat germ or riboflavin…unless you have enough for the whole class.

The Last Starfighter with Eric Szyszka

July 20, 2022 15:27 - 1 hour - 107 MB

We Hate Movies’ Eric Szyszka returns to the show as he and Brian try and top their own high score on The Last Starfighter! Enjoy this…weird walk through the woods?

Junk Bond: No Time To Die

July 12, 2022 02:58 - 1 hour - 111 MB

Here it is, the grand finale of both #JunkBond and the Daniel Craig era. Brian and Cargill sit down to spend some quality time with No Time to Die. What have we learned? Where do we go from here? Was Whitney Houston actually part of the X-Men? We hope you have enjoyed this miniseries. The remaining few Bond films will all be covered in Patron bonus content. Seems like there's never enough time.

Junk Bond: Goldeneye

July 01, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 105 MB

Brian and Cargill set their sights the film that ushered in the modern Bond era: Goldeneye. There’s also a great deal of discussion about the game that ushered in the modern era of FPS: Goldeneye.

Junk Bond: Goldfinger with Richard Whittaker

June 28, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 123 MB

Brian is joined by Richard Whittaker of The Austin Chronicle to discuss the gold standard of Bond films. Download and listen so we may pour some golden words in your ear! I promise that’s less creepy than it sounds.

Junk Bond: The Living Daylights

June 23, 2022 03:22 - 1 hour - 94.4 MB

Brian and Cargill are here to share The Living Daylights with you! The guys discuss Cold War confusion, unused theme songs, and how Cannon Films ensured Dalton played Bond. Hold on right now!

Junk Bond: Live and Let Die with Scott Weinberg

June 16, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 103 MB

As Junk Bond continues, Brian is joined by JFC favorite Scott Weinberg to discuss the debut Roger Moore outing (with the notably horror-sounding name): Live and Let Die! The guys discuss the highs, the lows, and the elements that no longer seem to fit the ever-changing world in which we live in.

Junk Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me REDUX

June 01, 2022 14:59 - 58 minutes - 79.7 MB

Released from the top secret Patron vault, this Spy Who Loved Me episode from 2017 has been re-edited and enhanced with a brand new opening segment. Oh, and did we mentioned Windy Bowlsby was our guest?! Sink your Jaws into this!

Junk Bond: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

May 27, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 92.8 MB

Brian and Cargill travel to The Himalayas to cure the world of its allergy to George Lazenby as Bond. That’s right, they are officially On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Junkfood Reheated: Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI

May 13, 2022 19:00 - 1 hour - 57.3 MB

A ki-ki-killer bonus! What better day to dig up this terrifying corpse from the archives?! Happy Friday, Campers!

Junk Bond: Casino Royale (2006)

May 13, 2022 04:33 - 1 hour - 108 MB

Arm yourselves because Brian and Cargill won’t save you from losing your shirt (and your mind) at Casino Royale!

Junk Bond: Octopussy

May 06, 2022 14:20 - 1 hour - 88.6 MB

Brian and Cargill wrap their tentacles around one of Cargill's favorite Bond films. Enjoy!

Junk Bond: Licence to Kill with Windy Bowlsby

April 29, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 104 MB

Brian is joined by the chaotic pixie of pod and rink, Windy Bowlsby, to swim with sharks and set Coke dealers on fire. They also discuss Licence to Kill. Enjoy!

Junk Bond: Diamonds Are Forever with John Maddening

April 22, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 121 MB

For this sparkling installment of Junk Bond, Brian is joined by First Wrestling ring announcer John Maddening to discuss Diamonds Are Forever. Howard Hughes, fake moon landings, and a lifelong feud between Bond girls all mined for this episode.

Junk Bond: Dr. No

April 14, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 116 MB

For your ears only: Brian & Cargill undertake the epic mission of covering every single James Bond film between Patreon and the main feed. We hope this first episode, on the first Bond flick, will leave you both shaken and stirred.

April Fool's Day (1986)

April 07, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 83.8 MB

Brian and Cargill bring you an episode on April Fool’s Day…but they didn’t bring it on April Fool’s Day. So you can rest assured, there will be no pranks or shenanigans. None whatsoever.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

March 31, 2022 11:00 - 1 hour - 93.1 MB

Brian and Cargill (unwisely) go Behind the Mask to fulfill a Patron request. Will they make it out alive? Listen to find out!

The Slumber Party Massacre Franchise with Special Guest Danishka Esterhazy

March 25, 2022 03:56 - 1 hour - 111 MB

Brian and Cargill are joined by director Danishka Esterhazy to discuss the Slumber Party Massacre franchise and how her fantastic new entry fits into it! There is also a fair amount of discussion of 70s kid shows, getting “iced,” and sad penis. So, ya know, a typical episode. Buy or rent Danishka’s Slumber Party Massacre (2021) right now on your favorite streaming service!

The Last Dragon with Joe Lynch

March 17, 2022 05:21 - 1 hour - 125 MB

Brian and Cargill are joined once again by the fantastic Joe Lynch as they fulfill a Patron request and experience the ultimate Glow-up with The Last Dragon. Can you expect insane stories? Sho’nuff! Will there be plenty of sidebars? Sho’nuff! Was this episode, as with all Joe Lynch appearances, almost lost to technical difficulties? Sho. Nuff.

Definitely, Maybe

March 08, 2022 13:45 - 1 hour - 91.9 MB

Brian and Cargill wrap up Love Snacktually with definitely possibly probably the sweetest, cutest, most Ryan Reynolds-y film they’ve ever covered. By the way, this episode is not actually sponsored by Aviation Gin. No one asked us to say that, but it still feels like something we’d be legally obligated to state.

Dave (1993)

February 24, 2022 12:28 - 1 hour - 88.5 MB

In honor of the late, great Ivan Reitman, Brian and Cargill end the Love Snacktually administration by hailing to the Dave!

Grosse Pointe Blank

February 11, 2022 12:00 - 1 hour - 114 MB

As #LoveSnacktually continues, a Patron request reunites Brian & Cargill with Grosse Pointe Blank!

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

February 04, 2022 05:04 - 1 hour - 88.9 MB

Brian and Cargill kick off their Love Snack-ually series with a movie that asks the important question: Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Be a loverdoll, listen and subscribe now!


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