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When Heather isn't headlining theaters across the country as a top stand up comedian, or being the perfect wife and mother of 3, she is diving into juicy pop culture. From all things Hollywood, celebrity romances, Bravo TV to her real life drama, Heather tackles the juiciest and most controversial topics.  Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone. While talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, to comics to reality stars, Heather asks the juiciest questions you always want answered. You can find the entire Juicy Scoop archive, ad-free, only on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to stitcherpremium.com/juicyscoop and use promo code 'JUICY'.

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Amber Rose, The Gay Bachelor, Kristen Smart Case

April 15, 2021 07:01 - 1 hour - 109 MB

Amber Rose, model, author, boy mom, Hip Hop Video Vixen and more is here! She tells about her first time stripping, how she was discovered and cast in the hottest rap videos. She shares about Kanye, her friendship with Blac Chyna, shopping sprees with Billionaire men, Only Fans and how she met the love of her life. She shares how she came up the her Slut Walk, her experience on Dancing With Stars and so much more! Also, I cover Colton Underwood, known best as the Virgin Bachelor on the series...

Royal Funeral, RHOBH Trailer & Usher With Sarah Colonna

April 13, 2021 07:01 - 1 hour - 105 MB

Comedian Sarah Colonna joins and we discuss how awkward the Royal funeral will be for Prince Harry. Why was Kourtney Kardashian really hanging out with Addison Rae of Tik Tok fame? Was Usher really giving strippers fake money? Erika Jayne appears to be in the hot seat this up coming season on Real Housewives’s of Beverly Hills. How do you become a prophet and if you sleep with a housewife of Atlanta, do you lose your powers? Stephanie from 90Day is suing TLC. Seeking Sister wife is more distu...

Billionaire Boyfriend Sues his OnlyFans Model. Brandy & Julie are my guests.

April 08, 2021 07:03 - 1 hour - 90.6 MB

The always hilarious Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard join to discuss how a 58 year billionaire is suing a 26 year old Only Fans model because she wouldn’t marry him or remove her photos taken at his mansions. Rachel Hollis’ ex employee speaks. Who will be fired for Khloegate? Let’s pray it wasn’t Grandma MJ. In Juicy politics, Hunter Biden’s book is out and will he talk about falling in love with his deceased brother’s widow? Also the Matt Gatez sex trafficking scandal is explained.  Get EXT...

USC Survivor of Gyno Sex assault Speaks Out & Jen Shah Shows No Remorse

April 06, 2021 07:03 - 1 hour - 109 MB

A Billion Dollar Lawsuit settlement by USC.  Jen Shah needs $250,000  in less than 2 weeks or she goes into custody. How will she get it? Will Andy Cohen agree to be one of co signers? I discover more “interesting” connections  to financial fraud cases in Utah. Why won’t they release the report on Tiger Woods car accident? Rachel Hollis still does not get it. Bethenny did not list her home with her one time co star, Fredrick. Then I talk to Emily Paulson who was one of the brave survivors who...

Jen Shah, Real Housewife of SLC is Arrested For Fraud, Britney Spears & Kardashians

April 01, 2021 07:03 - 1 hour - 93.8 MB

Jen Shah of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was arrested on fraud charges and more. She is accused of selling lead lists of mostly elderly people. After obtaining their private information, she then sold it to other scam operations, so they could victimize them again. Will she do time? What housewife would have the hardest time in prison? Is Megan McCain choosing horrible hairstyles so I talk about her? Scott Disick shares why he dumped Sophia Richie and Kourtney and Travis Barker are going...

Sharon Osborne leaves the Talk, Chris Franjola discusses

March 30, 2021 07:03 - 1 hour - 107 MB

Comedian Chris Franjola and Heather discuss how a comedy writer’s viral tweet about shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast cereal box may have put an end to his career in Hollywood. Sharon Osborne has left The Talk forever. JLo and ARod and selling gummies that help you bone better. Chris explains why that big ship in the canal could effect Heather’s life. We may never get to read about RHOBH’s Kim Richards life. Kelly Dodd and Lisa Vanderpump prove why you should always tip big and keep a record...

Kylie Jenner, Seeking Sister Wives, & Real Housewives

March 25, 2021 07:08 - 1 hour - 88.5 MB

Kylie Jenner got dragged for a 'go fund me' where she gave $5,000 to the cause. Some felt it was not enough but Kylie set out to explain situation. Seeking Sister Wives is back and weirder and juicier than ever! Real Housewives of Atlanta has a heart felt parenting moment. Who is going on the All Star Housewives’s trip? Heather is quarantined due to secret filming and goes through all the latest hottest topics and shows she has watched while alone! Enjoy.  Get EXTRA Juicy Scoop at: Patreon:...

Comic Jessica Kirson, Woody Allen’s Girlfriend & Varsity Blues

March 23, 2021 07:05 - 1 hour - 100 MB

Comedian Jessica Kirson thought she had seen it all as a touring stand up comic but her story of working for Bethenny Frankel tops it all. She also shares about her new documentary on Hulu “Hysterical” about female comics and our journey in the business over the last few decades.  Heather gets in Varsity Blues on Netflix and how the criminals are being exposed all over again. Deadly Illusions is the best worst movie you’ll ever see. Woody Allen’s girlfriend of 7 years shared her story of purs...

Jo Koy and The Bachelor, The Talk & RHOD drama

March 18, 2021 07:05 - 1 hour - 120 MB

Comedian Jo Koy’s shares his book “Mixed Plate”. He tells us about his struggles and triumphs as today’s top International touring Comedian. In today’s episode, get ready to laugh and be inspired. Jo never gave up his dream. Even when Jo had proven his success as a comic, Netflix still passed on his special. Heather and Jo share about their sons and what it is like to be a teenager of a comedian who often talks about them on stage. The Talk has extended their hiatus as more emerges about Shar...

Sharon Osborne, Armie Hammer’s Dad & The Cayman Islands  by the Zen Blonde

March 16, 2021 07:01 - 1 hour - 95.6 MB

Heather sits down Lauren Skae known as @thezenblonde on Tik Tok who has done extensive research on Armie Hammer, his powerful family and his former girlfriends. Lauren had introduced Heather to Casey Hammer who was featured in the explosive Vanity Fair article which dropped just days ago. Who is with Armie now in The Cayman Islands? Why does his dad supposedly have a 7 foot sex chair with a cage attached? Then, The Talk went on an emergency hiatus to investigate Sharon Osborne and her past be...

Piers Morgan, Megan McCain, Megan Markle called out by Justin Martindale

March 11, 2021 08:05 - 1 hour - 101 MB

Comedian Justin Martindale joins to discuss his viral tweet about Megan McCain and Whoopi.... and was Megan McCain talking about laying the ground work for her own daughter to become Megan Markle’s daughter's best friend? Piers Morgan is still bitter about Megan ghosting him and it cost him his job. Some questions about the interview are answered. Was Lady Gaga’s dog napping part of a gang initiation? Heather concludes that this Bachelor might be the best in sack in all of Bachelor history. S...

526 The Big One - Megan, Harry, Oprah & Sarah Colonna

March 09, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 101 MB

Comedian Sarah Colonna is here to dissect all things Megan Markle, Prince Harry, Oprah, the Royals.  Are child labor laws being broken at Humphrey Yogart by hiring a 13 year old? Did Megan not google the guy you’re about to be set up with, especially when he is a prince? What will Megan’s sister do now? Could we couch surf at Tyler Perry’s mansion? Are all chickens rescues? And more questions we ask and answer about the juiciest interview in Oprah history. Get EXTRA Juicy Scoop at: Patreon:...

The Big One - Megan, Harry, Oprah & Sarah Colonna

March 09, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 101 MB

Comedian Sarah Colonna is here to dissect all things Megan Markle, Prince Harry, Oprah, the Royals.  Are child labor laws being broken at Humphrey Yogart by hiring a 13 year old? Did Megan not google the guy you’re about to be set up with, especially when he is a prince? What will Megan’s sister do now? Could we couch surf at Tyler Perry’s mansion? Are all chickens rescues? And more questions we ask and answer about the juiciest interview in Oprah history. Get EXTRA Juicy Scoop at: Patreon:...

Brandy & Julie  discuss "Bones" David Boreanaz Sex Video, Hilaria Baldwin’s Baby,

March 04, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 111 MB

Comedians Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman join to discuss Bone’s star David Boreanaz’s leaked self filmed masturbation video trended on Twitter. Why was Drew Barrymore so surprised David Letterman came on her show? Comedian Chris D’Elia is being sued for allegedly having sex with a 17 yr old and being in possessions child pornography. Hilaria Baldwin must have used a surrogate. Claudia Conway and Heather audition for American Idol and are aliens coming for us according to the documentary The ...

Allen vs. Farrow, Lady Gaga and Chris Franjola

March 02, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 100 MB

Your favorite Comedian Chris Franjola joins to discuss The Golden Globes, Taylor Swift being mad at Netflix and a juicy Dancing with the Stars breakup. Lady Gaga Frenchies are home safe but where are the people who shot her dog walker four times? Then we get into the fascinating and disturbing story about Woody Allen having sex and marrying Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter and the claims that he molested their 7 yr old daughter in the HBO Max documentary Allen vs. Farrow. I go deep about his Osc...

Det Jim McSorley on Cecil Hotel, RHOA, Strippergate & Interrogations

February 25, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 105 MB

Heather interviews LAPD detective Jim McSorley from The Vanishing at The Cecil Hotel. He answers your questions on that case plus how crimes are investigated, interrogated and solved. She improves with him as if she was being interrogated for her husband’s murder. He also weighs on who based on behavior is the real housewife who may have slept with Bolo in Atlanta. Also, The Bachelor, Tiger Woods, Kim’s favorite new color & a Lisa Rinna prediction.  Get EXTRA Juicy Scoop at: Patreon: https:...

Real Housewives and I Was Duped

February 23, 2021 08:02 - 1 hour - 102 MB

Live from Salt Lake City/Deer Valley and I analyze RHSLC season and reunion. Brandi Redmond announced she is leaving Real Housewives of Dallas. Comedian Chris D’Elia speaks for the first time on his cancellation after many months of being away. Sex and The City won’t include Big as I predicted and Kim has filed for divorce. Arnie’s mom contacted his ex/victim. Then I talk to author Abby Ellin about her book “Duped” about the man she almost married and why men love bomb, gaslight, lie and are ...

Cecil Hotel, New Jersey Housewives’s Premier & Dr Judy Ho

February 18, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 84.3 MB

I interview Dr. Judy Ho, who was featured throughout hottest new documentary on Netflix, The Cecil Hotel. The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s RHONJ first episode includes cheating and cocaine accusations and I’m dying after watching it. Hanna Brown and a former Bachelor contestant are photographed at Antebellum themed celebrations from a few years ago. We are still waiting on RHOA sex scandal. RHOD might be too nice and normal. Then there’s the Only Fans documentary and Below Deck won’t featu...

Chris Harrison, Britney Spears’ Cousin, Scam Artists & Justin Martindale

February 16, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 115 MB

Comedian Justin Martindale discuss The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison stepping down. We share some college theme parties that we attended, so you don't need to search for the photos. Heather was almost scammed by a "Hollywood producer" who now has been revealed as a con man. We created the perfect excuse for ARod to tell JLo. Britney Spears’ cousin speaks and Chris Crocker was right plus juicy personal comedian stories from Justin. Get EXTRA Juicy Scoop at: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/juicy...

Britney Spear’s Boyfriend, Armie Hammer Investigated and Author Jeneva Rose

February 11, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 96.8 MB

From the Cayman Islands, Police tell the press Armie Hammer is not a person of interest in the case of missing people and human remains but there are reasons why some people feel he should be. What will happen to him now that he appears to be in the Cayman Islands? Britney’s boyfriend and her son both say her father, Jamie, is a big dick, let’s hope Britney’s day in court is finally favorable. Which comic was on the right side of Britney History and who wasn’t. Is Nene dropped by Hollywood or...

Sofia Franklyn host of "Sofia with an F" and Framing Britney Spears

February 09, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 105 MB

Sofia Franklyn host of "Sofia with an F" shares all the juice about her podcast journey, including social media shaming she endured and her very juicy and disturbing interview with Armie Hammer’s ex girlfriend. I explore the documentary "Framing Britney" about Britney’s Spears controversial conservatorship. Anna Nicole Smith’s 20/20 episode featured her 14 year old daughter which was exploitive. Corey Feldman claims he was a victim of Marilyn Manson.  Who's the next Bachelorette?...Katie with...

Armie Hammer's Aunt Tells All, Erika Jayne's New Tag Lines

February 04, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 103 MB

This is the FIRST LIVE INTERVIEW of Armie Hammer's aunt, Casey Hammer. She is the grand daughter of oil Tycoon Armand Hammer and sister to Micheal, Armie's dad.  Casey shares all about her dark, twisted and violent childhood which has disrupted this blue blood American family. Did this contribute to Armie's sadistic and cannibalistic actions? This is Casey's first interview so hold on to your air buds.  Holy shit!!!!  Is Pamela Anderson a home wrecker? The Facebook serial dater is fired and a...

To Catch A Predator, Chris Hansen exposes a worse predator than Jeffery Epstien; Peter Nygard

February 02, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 91.9 MB

I interview Chris Hansen of “To Catch A Predator” about how the series began and how grooming has evolved. His new podcast follows what’s happened to predators from the famous TV show. Hanson also shares about his new documentary on Peter Nygard who in Chris’s opinion, is a worse predator than Jeffrey Epstein. I also get into the craziest serial dater story which exploded on Facebook and went viral when a woman exposed that her fiancé, who was the police chief and a pastor, also had a wife, 2...

Armie Hammer, Bling Empire & Kardashians with Chris Franjola

January 28, 2021 09:32 - 1 hour - 101 MB

Comedian Chris Franjola knows one of Armie Hammer's former girlfriends.  Chris cuts his own hair during the pandemic.  Was the star of Netflix's Bling Empire at my horrible Hollywood meeting? Chris shares the controversy over the biggest song in America "Driver's License" and Heather explains the Southern Charm, Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler messy Instagram mess. I relate to Hilaria Baldwin Spanish background and it's explosive!     SPONSORS and DEALS: Apartments.com TakeCareOf.com  co...

RHOBH Erika Jayne’s Husband, Tom Girardi’s Associate Speaks Up, and a Bachelorette is Screwed!

January 26, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 126 MB

Kimberly Archie a former employee and friend of Tom Girardi gives the Juicy Scoop on working for this legal legend!  Archie tells all of the details about the cases and on how Girardi re-victimized his clients.  Erika Jayne strange Instagrams about this make us question her PR stratedy.  You will never feel the same about this scandal after hearing this!   Co-hosts Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-Williams pull back the curtain and dish on the  “EVEN THE RICH” podcast.   You can listen t...

Adult Film Legend Christy Canyon Tells All

January 21, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 95.9 MB

Christy Canyon began her porn career at 18 years old and 35 years later does not have one regret. From posing nude, to the rise of the VHS porn world of the 90's and now to OnlyFans. Christy shares about her childhood, which is not what you would think. Getting into the porn business, making extreme amounts of money dancing and selling polaroids to fans. She also touches on the biggest scandal in the porn world about Traci Lords and her opinion on what really happened, upon knowing her intima...

Spencer Pratt Uncensored Opinions on Everything & Everyone

January 19, 2021 08:00 - 58 minutes - 80.8 MB

Spencer Pratt from The Hills fame, is back to give his opinion on Brody Jenner & His break up with "wife" Kaitlynn Jenner. And her relationship with Miley. David Foster & Katherine McPhee, Selling Sunset, and his history with their shared producer Adam DiVello. He also weighs in on all of the latest hottest topics including Kim & Kanye, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles, Hilaria Baldwin, and Jax/Britney/Stassi from Vanderpump Rules. And how he filled his days and his body in the last 10 months of...

Hollywood Blind Items with Claudia Oshry

January 14, 2021 08:00 - 1 hour - 110 MB

Is a contestant on The Bachelor there for Matt James? Or is she planted by the producer's to stir up drama? I am joined by the hilarious Claudia Oshry, host of the podcast The Morning Toast. We discuss her upcoming autobiography where she shares for the first time about for  her very controversial mother. We also get into the latest on Armie Hammer and proof that these cannibalism DM's are most likely true. How blind items work in social media today. Particularly the latest male beauty guru w...

Sex & The City is Back! Plus, Armie Hammer Leaked Texts

January 12, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 84 MB

Sex & The City is back as a series and we get Kim Cattral's opinion about it. I share about my past relationship with Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big, and how I can repair our relationship (he's annoyed with me) by keeping Mr. Big in the series. Jeffrey Star squashed rumors about him and Kanye but we did more research about why it even had legs in the first place. Instagram DM's allegedly written by Armie Hammer include sexual references to cannabalism and rape fantasies. Then we get into the juice h...

Kim & Kanye Divorce, Rachel Uchitel New Affair, & Scientology

January 07, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 90.8 MB

Kim and Kanye allegedly are preparing to divorce. I speculate on who they might be dating next. Or if they are dating anyone now. I also predict what their co-parenting, post divorce, situation will look like and what Kanye's relationship will look like with the other Kardashian members. Where does this leave Larsa Pippin? Finally a Bachelor has a real job, making him the hottest guy in The Bachelor history. Rachel Uchitel who was previously on Juicy Scoop and famous as Tiger Woods mistress, ...

Did Alec Baldwin Know? Bachelor Breakups & Housewives

January 05, 2021 08:01 - 1 hour - 89 MB

Did Alec Baldwin know about Hilaria's fraudulent Spanish background? Or did he just never ask? Heather talks about other famous people in the past who have lied about their backgrounds or created stories that in turn have furthered their careers. We get into the latest with Ben Affleck, Jordan Firstman's old tweets, Harry Styles new love, and Justin Bieber becoming a preacher. Then I cover the juice from RHOP, RHOC, and RHOSLC.  https://heathermcdonald.net  Sponsors: Nectar Sleep Home Che...

My Husband Is Gay

December 31, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 83.6 MB

Sara Schulting Kranz was a Stay-at-Home Mom to 3 sons with her college sweetheart. She thought she had the perfect life. Until the day she found out her husband was gay, had secret multiple affairs, and many people close to her knew and didn't tell her. Her road to forgiveness, recovery, and coaching others who have suffered traumatic experiences in their life by using nature as the main healing component. Heather and her actually have a history, which long time listeners will definitely reme...

Hilaria Baldwin, Brandy & Julie Return and The Bridges We've Burned

December 29, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 127 MB

First, Heather dissects the Hilaria Baldwin, wife of Alex Baldwin, internet controversy surrounding her heritage and accent. Is she a Bostonian or is she a fraud pretending to be Spanish? Then, Brandy and Julie are back! Heather recalls when she was on Kathie Lee & Hoda and what they said about each other behind the scenes. Brandy & Julie have their own Hoda story. Kardashians, George Clooney, celebrity breakups, and more Hollywood tales!  https://heathermcdonald.net  Sponsors:  Better Hel...

A Housewife's Serial Brother

December 24, 2020 08:01 - 59 minutes - 81.4 MB

The Christmas gift you didn't know you needed. The 100th Housewife of OC, Peggy Sulahian, who was only on one season, shares an incredible story about how her serial brother is probably the one responsible for why she wasn't asked back to the show.  https://heathermcdonald.net  Sponsors: Better Help get 10% off your first month with the discount code HEATHER Firstleaf Wine Club get six hand-picked bottles of wine for $29.95 plus free shipping. Nectar Sleep     Support the show: https:...

Erika & Tom Girardi Exposed, RHOC's Emily Simpson

December 22, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 114 MB

It has been proven that the mommy blogger did falsely accuse a couple of attempting to kidnap her children. Making her the #1 Karen of 2020.  Dina Manzo's ex is claiming innocence.  We go in depth into all the legal issues that Tom and Erika Girardi are facing. Plus those crazy texts that Erika Jayne posted!! Where did all their money go? Emily Simpson, who is on her 3rd season of Real Housewives of Orange County, opens up about her difficult childhood, first husband, and her own "teacher stu...

Brandy & Julie, Lesbian Affairs, Tom Cruise & Monica Lewinsky

December 17, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 107 MB

Heather cracking a very suspicious "attempted kidnapping" story from a mommy blogger in Petaluma, Sonoma County. Is the Bachelorette going to choose someone out of fear of his recently-released-from prison brother? Little People Big World shocking molestation accusation. Tom Cruise has a freak out on set and it's kinda hot. Brandy and Julie join and we talk about the new Monica lewinsky/Bill Clinton series from director Ryan Murphy. Dorinda's daughter Hannah and her amazing thigh gap. Brandy...

Church Corruption, Real Housewives of OC's Elizabeth Vargas

December 15, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 99.8 MB

Real Housewives of Potomac's Monique has a binder of receipts and Gizselle is the first to be served about her cheating pastor ex-husband/ boyfriend. AKA Pastor Holy Whore.  Alleged audio of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Mary, is leaked about how she bullies her congregation into giving her more money. Then. Real Housewives of OC's newest housewife, Elizabeth Vargas, coincidentally shares about her childhood growing up in a corrupt church/cult run by her own grandmother. We also finally ...

Mob Daughter, Olivia Jade Speaks, & The Bachelorette

December 10, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 120 MB

Many of Heather's predictions about what Olivia Jade would say on The Red Table Talk came true...except for one important question. If Tayshia, The Bachelorette, wants a job as a high school counselor for boys, she will forever be employed. Celebrity fitness instructor, Neda Soderqvist, comes clean about her dramatic and organized crime-filled childhood. As the daughter of a Persian mobster, who then became a criminal herself, and everything in between, is shared today on the show.  https://...

500 EP! Chris Franjola, Sarah Colonna, & Jax Quits!?

December 08, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 122 MB

It's Juicy Scoop's 500th episode and Heather shares her appreciation. <3  Plus, her prediction for Jax and Brittany now that they've left Vanderpump Rules. Heather also gives a prediction for Olivia Jade and what she will reveal on Red Table Talk. Your favorites, Comedians Chris Franjola & Sarah Colonna, join to discuss the benefits of no Christmas parties this year, the moment you knew you were straight, Chris shares the purple chords story, and Heather roller skating with a frog head on he...

Selena Gomez Kidney Controversy with Comedian Justin Martindale

December 03, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 101 MB

Selena Gomez received a kidney from her "best friend". However that donor is longer her best friend and they appear to not be friends at all. We investigate. Lori Loughlin's prison cell looks ironically like a college dorm room in Nantucket. Mean Girl's heartthrob Jonathan Bennett had the most extra engagement to his boyfriend. Amelia Gray Hamlin is thankful for Scott Disick. Kelly Clarkson's husband is asking for $436K a month. Britney Spears, Tara Reid, and a big dick golfer. https://heath...

The Undoing, Missing Influencer Found, & Kim D

December 01, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 122 MB

Heather discusses The Undoing (Spoilers*)in the first 7 minutes of the show. Heather believes 1 new Real Housewife's son is actually producing the show for her. Would you ever have an all-girl Dominatrix party in Portugal like Real Housewives of Potomac did? Beautiful influencer from Houston is found naked and dead after an argument.  Kim D from Real Housewives of New Jersey discusses her mob ties and answers all of the mysteries about: Who Really turned Joe Guidice in? Why Teresa ended up d...

Iconic Beverly Hills Housewife, Dana Wilkey

November 26, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 113 MB

A Thanksgiving treat, just for my Juicy Scoopers. Dana Wilkey aka “$25,000 sunglasses” from the first few season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is here to spill all the inside juice from the first seasons. Her friendship with Taylor Armstrong and knowing the abuse going on behind the scenes. Plus their recent fallout. What she thinks Kim Richards was really doing in the bathroom of that epic scene with Brandi Glanville on crutches. Whether she is Team LVP or Team Kyle. Her thoughts on E...

I Married A Monster

November 24, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 88.2 MB

Imagine police taking your husband away and you thinking it has to be a mistake because you've had the most perfect marriage and family for the last 10 years. That is what happened to Brittanie Jenkins, who has recently been sharing her story on social media about how she found out her husband of 10 years was actually a predator. She also shares what she predicts his next steps would have been, had he not been caught. This episode has a *Trigger Warning* but is also a precautionary story for ...

Inside Dr. Drew's Marriage and Salt Lake City Housewives

November 19, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 88.6 MB

Dr. Drew Pinsky and his wife of almost 30 years, Susan, joined Heather in Cabo to record this interview about how they met, fell in love, broke up, got married, and are still super horny for each other 30 years later while raising triplets. Heather also covers The Bachelorette and Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and why Mary isn't the first woman who may have had a romantic relationship with her grandfather. Plus, we share a fun clip from Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Williams new pod...

Chris, Sarah & Heather in Cabo

November 17, 2020 08:01 - 57 minutes - 78.8 MB

Chris Franjola and Sarah Colonna join Heather on a luxury long weekend in Cabo, Mexico. We record from Cabo and describe all of the antics that take place with everyone on this trip, including Dr. Drew Pinsky and Josh Flagg. Million Dollar Listing's Josh Flagg and his drowning phone. Why all married people need cameras inside their homes. What life would be like if you married a ghost. The Miss USA contest and the Juicy Scoop history behind it.  Here’s the Cabo deal: Go to BlueDesertCabo.co...

Brandy & Julie, Runaway Brides, & Shocking Hollywood History

November 12, 2020 08:00 - 1 hour - 115 MB

Comedy duo and Juicy Scoop favorites Brandy & Julie are back for more Juicy Scoop History! A runaway bride with a 28 person wedding party, a missing mom blames hispanic lesbian couple, and a Hawaiian yogi mysteriously found without her shoes on hike. Brandy & Julie tried JLO's diet and tell us all about it. OctoMom, Charles & Camilla and #tampongate, Robert Downey Jr's forgiven by Hollywood, Chuy's appearance on Celebrity Diving and more! New Juicy Scoop Merch!  Sponsors: Theragun  Total ...

Kim K's Ex BFF, The Bachelorette, & Cheaters

November 10, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 110 MB

Heather deep dives into Larsa Pippen, best known as ex-wife of NBA player Scottie Pippen, but better known as Kim K's BFF for the last 12 years. We examine the latest interview she did, plus pull up old news headlines that add to why they are no longer friends. Justin Bieber's pastor admitted to cheating on his wife & what caused Dancing with the Stars cast member Gleb Savchenko's breakup with his wife? Did he hook up with former or past dance partners? Plus Doctor drama.  Shop Juicy Scoop M...

Erika Jayne's Divorce & Megan Wants A Millionaire

November 05, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 99.5 MB

Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's, Erika Jayne, announces her divorce after 21 years of marriage to her much older husband, Tom Girardi. Heather shares facts and theories about what might have happened. Did the missing Woodland Hills mom who went missing in Zion fake it for Go Fund Me money?  Then, Heather speaks to Megan Hauserman of VH1 Reality TV fame. And the tragedy surrounding her last and final reality show, Megan Wants a Millionaire. She answers everything and shares her regrets and c...

Chris Franjola, Halloween Backlash, & Megan Fox

November 03, 2020 08:01 - 1 hour - 125 MB

Comedian Chris Franjola is here to discuss the Kardashian backlash for their Halloween party, KIm's island birthday party, and hologram of her late father. Megan Fox slams Brian Austin Green's parenting on instagram. Heather pretends to be a Hollywood starlet trying to get a roll in a movie. Johnny Depp's lawsuit and the judge's final decision on who shit the bed. & Will we ever know what happened to the mom who mysteriously went missing for 1 month right before Thanksgiving? This and many mo...

Million Dollar Listing's Josh Flagg

October 29, 2020 07:01 - 1 hour - 118 MB

We discuss Josh Flagg's infamous Hollywood dinner party and why some of the stars decided not to show. We share our feelings about Kathy Hilton joining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and his connection to her and her husband. The Bachelorette and our frustration with the strip tease dodgeball game and why it didn't become more gay. He shares shocking personal family scoop he has never shared before. Josh also answers all of your real estate questions. From his castmates to what's happening ...


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