This week’s podcast features special guest Adam, my hubby, talking all things Soul Modes.

As one of the few SM informed men in the world he shares some great insights into his version of what this means for blokes living with a feminine core being. His interpretation of the 4 Modes is pretty incredible considering he hasn’t really even read the book Soul Modes by Carlie Maree.

Discovering Soul Modes was a game changer for me personally and professionally. It had me understand energetic sequence that manifests as motivation in my body. It’s a pattern that all feminine core beings cycle through and when we work with it, can be very powerful in moving the needle forward in all key areas of life.

As a Certified Soul Modes Mentor, I use this modality when mentoring my clients as a way of communicating how they are feeling and where their motivation is at. It sets the pace for our work together.

In our marriage, Soul Modes also provides an easy way of summing things up... after all, masculine core beings like less words. My Bear Mode doesn’t need lots of words any more because we have the shared dialogue and can use it... he can ask “Bear Mode?” or I can explain “I’m off to the Bear Cave!” So can our daughters. It’s a perfectly acceptable way of behaving in our household these days.

Have a listen and give it a share if it resonates. Ladies, encourage your blokes to have a listen or read the book.

Not sure about Soul Modes but keen to learn more? Grab a copy of the book via my website: