Langer is trying to start over  after getting out of Silicon Valley, but accidently gets pulled into a terrorist conspiracy while trying to develop his next web product.

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Cast of characters:Bria Burton as Lee-AnnRish Outfield as ZoltanJosh Roseman as Armin PlutoMarshal Latham as Langer, and the narrator.
R.C. Anderson is an amateur writer who would much rather write something original and good, than cliché and great. Although his attempts at “Original & Great” have sometimes yielded success.  While he wishes he could focus on writing more, (‘focus’ being the key word), his day job at a microchip fab provides for such luxuries as food, shelter, a backyard tomato garden, and the ability to have writing as a hobby, even if he’s too tired to want to do it most days.  He lives in Oregon with two cats (Katie and Bobbie), is considering his alternatives to this, (on states of which to live in, not the cats).
More stories by R.C.:BacktalkJourney Into IFCStory Music: "Mesmerizing Galaxy" (and others) by Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License
Theme music: Liberator by Man In Space
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