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Hour 1 (7-22-21)

Stillman & Company

English - July 22, 2021 20:25 - 47 minutes - 43.8 MB - ★★★★ - 25 ratings
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Jared Stillman and Caroline Fenton talk Preds and the expansion draft in the first hour of Thursday's show:

-0:00, Jared asked Preds general manager David Poile why he protected Tanner Jeannot in the expansion draft, and fans thought Poile was shutting down Jared, which we don't believe was the case. Hear what Poile said and how he answered the question.

-19:15, Jared also asked David Poile this morning about the status of the team's big contracts and how that reflects on the GM. He was not pleased with the GM's answer.

-33:00, Listeners react to the Preds moves and Jared vs. Poile.