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The Power of the C-NEAR Algorithm

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English - November 14, 2023 05:00 - 21 minutes - 15 MB - ★★★★★ - 53 ratings
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Prepare yourself for an enlightening journey as we dismantle the intricate workings of our minds using the C-NEAR algorithm! Ever wonder where our thoughts originate - the higher brain or the lower? Intriguing isn't it? How our circumstances are independent of our nervous systems and how our thoughts create emotions, and the profound impacts they have on our actions.

Ever caught yourself in a juncture where you are constantly stuck in the same pattern of thoughts, cycling between productive and unproductive outcomes? This podcast describes a fascinating simple framework that enables us to break free from inaction. 

Let’s explore how we can approach our minds with an attitude of curiosity and compassion. Get ready to be inspired with real-life examples that demonstrate the transformative power of understanding our emotional grid and how this newfound wisdom can restore balance, peace, and positivity in our lives.