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Intaresu Podcast 367 - Ellzo

September 29, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 67 MB

Ellzo, a 25-year-old DJ hailing from South East London, has etched his name onto the music scene with a self-driven passion for mixing that ignited at the age of 16. Since then, his dedication has propelled him through the industry's currents, leading him to co-own a thriving label and event project in collaboration with a close friend. Across various venues in the UK, his sound has reverberated, while his mixes have journeyed across the globe to countries like Chile, the Netherlands, and bey...

premiere: Tommaso Giovannoni - Dreams [RFC054]

September 28, 2023 10:00 - 8 minutes - 7.62 MB

download it now: track info: artist: Tommaso Giovannoni title: Dreams label: RE.FACE RECORDS catalog number: RFC054 release date: 2023-09-22 style: Minimal House keep an eye on Tommaso Giovannoni keep an eye on RE.FACE RECORDS for premiere requests, please use the ...

Intaresu Podcast 364 - Felipe Galleguillos

September 18, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 66.4 MB

Felipe Galleguillos, a prominent Chilean DJ who stands as both a visionary artist and the visionary founder of Moon Lake Records. Since 2016, his label has served as a global platform, spotlighting talents from around the world. Felipe's enthralling journey commenced at the age of sixteen, when he first laid hands on turntables, mesmerized by the enchanting realm of electronic music. His mastery over the decks and his distinct musical stylings have propelled him into the limelight, gracing t...

Intaresu Podcast 363 - Thudoor

September 15, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 64 MB

Meet Thudoor, also known as Robert Tudor, a dynamic DJ and producer hailing from Bucharest. His musical identity draws inspiration from an eclectic array of genres, with a special affinity for Hip Hop, Jazz, and Blues. These genres have etched a permanent place in his heart, influencing the captivating sounds he creates. Thudoor's creative journey has birthed an impressive collection of tracks, a testament to his unwavering dedication. His musical endeavors have already graced renowned label...

Intaresu Podcast 362 - Jampikid

September 11, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 57.7 MB

In this episode, we delve into the captivating journey of Jampikid—a true embodiment of musical diversity and innovation. Hailing from the northernmost reaches of Romania in the late 90s, Jampikid's odyssey led him to Germany, where he has called home since his formative teenage years. Jampikid's musical identity is an intricate tapestry woven from a myriad of genres that shaped his upbringing. However, it's within the vibrant realm of house music that he found his playground. Spanning acros...

Intaresu Podcast 361 - Nestor Arriaga

September 08, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 60.2 MB

Nestor Arriaga is a DJ and producer of House and Techno music with a Minimal twist. Born in Honduras, Central America, and currently based in Chicago, he draws inspiration from local and regional influences. His music features distinct sounds and a well-defined style crafted for the dancefloor. This is evident in his upbringing, which involved exposure to Jazz, Classical Music, and Funk. Nestor's unique sound has caught the attention of labels like Innocent Music, Hatching Creatures, and Mi...

Intaresu Podcast 360 - Vosap Soden

September 04, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 64.9 MB

Vosap Soden is a young minimal lover and SchëlkTV promo owner who played at venues in Moscow like Gazgolder Club, RNDM, Slyozy and shared the stage with names like Vid, Shyam, Yury Usachev, Levchenkov and more. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Vosap Soden: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 359 - Apetri

September 01, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 78.7 MB

Apetri Andrei, has been on the road of music since early childhood. He began by studying the piano, an instrument he got very attached to, and by getting involved in anything related to the vast art of music. After many years, his interest and curiosity transformed into a constantly growing passion for electronic music. He is on a journey of continuous improvement and recently joined "Get Booked Academy" where he is being mentored by Danny Savage, Brandon Block and Roger Sanchez. Keep an ey...

Intaresu Podcast 358 - Petit Batou

August 28, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 75.7 MB

Baptiste Saint-James aka Petit Batou Dj-Producer from Paris began his interest in electronic music since he started learning the violin in 2011, he has been surrounded by jazz and classical music. Stamp Records was established in 2015 by his fascination for musical innovation and the development of new talent from around the world. His skill on the decks captivates audiences and brings people together. Batou can switch between different emotional states using his mixing technique. He positi...

Intaresu Podcast 357 - K - Lil

August 25, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 84.6 MB

Khalil Menidjah, an Algerian DJ/producer known as K-lil, is a true enthusiast of underground electronic music, with a particular passion for Rominimal and Minimalhouse. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on K-lil: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 356 - BART

August 21, 2023 14:59 - 1 hour - 70.7 MB

Ilya Pozniak, better known as BART, is an up-and-coming DJ hailing from Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Making a name for himself in the music industry, BART is quickly gaining recognition for his distinctive style, which explores the realms of deep dub tech. Beyond his passion for music, BART works as a firefighter, demonstrating his commitment to serving his community. However, it is his unwavering dedication and love for music that have propelled him to create remarkable beats that redefine m...

Intaresu Podcast 355 - Thorkell Máni

August 18, 2023 14:59 - 57 minutes - 52.5 MB

Thorkell Máni, an Icelandic DJ/producer, has devoted himself to the world of minimal music, drawing abundant inspiration from the vibrant Romanian scene. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Thorkell Máni: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 354 - Laumee

August 14, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 55.2 MB

Laumee hails from a small town in Lithuania and is currently based in London, where his journey in music began. Known for his distinct sound, Laumee's music can be best described as bassline-driven, enriched with a warm palette of atmospheres, catchy hooks, and captivating vocals. His releases have found a home on renowned labels such as The Lab Records, Tzinah Records, and Goosebumps Records. Laumee's talent has garnered support from esteemed names in the industry, including Petre Inspiresc...

Intaresu Podcast 353 - MAHAR

August 11, 2023 15:00 - 59 minutes - 54.8 MB

Mahar, a talented DJ, and producer, embarked on his musical journey with Shuvt Resonance, where his debut EP, "Magnetism [SHVT003]," gained significant recognition. Established artists in the industry rallied behind his work, propelling him into the limelight. After successfully releasing ten tracks with the renowned UK-based label, Mahar expanded his horizons and collaborated with @perception_records in Brussels and All Blak Records in Toronto. In Montreal, he captivated audiences at pre...

Intaresu Podcast 352 - Club Therapy

August 07, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 81.6 MB

Club Therapy, a talented Mexican DJ, daydreamer, and music producer, is leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant electronic music scene. Hailing from the city of Morelia, Mexico, Club Therapy's unique sound has been making waves and capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned for his distinct style, Club Therapy creates music that exudes an infectious groove and captivates listeners with its profound depth. His carefully crafted tracks are designed to ignite dancefloors and...

Intaresu Podcast 351 - Alex Baciu

August 04, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 58 MB

Alex Baciu fell in love with electronic music in the late 90s, when music became more than just a hobby for him, and he began playing and producing. Alex is an artist who builds himself alongside the history of the moments from parties he lived, his sets are packed with grand soundscapes and unusual songs, taking the hypnotic groove of minimal and incorporating the swing of classic techno. His latest releases can be found on Conceptüm , C.A.B.S. Records, PianoForest Records, Any1, Re.Face...

Intaresu Podcast 350 - OXY

July 31, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 59.9 MB

Meet Oxy, an emerging DJ, driven by an unyielding passion and a burning desire to establish his name in the scene. Although he's just embarking on his musical journey, Oxy's distinctive style has already caught the attention of influential artists who recognize his immense potential. Sharing the DJ booth with renowned talents like Sit (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia), Silat Beksi, Vlad Arapasu, Andrei Ciubuc, and many others, Oxy is rapidly gaining recognition as an artist to watch. As a producer, ...

Intaresu Podcast 349 - Dubpoet

July 28, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 65.7 MB

Daniel Alvarez, better known as Dubpoet or Suferdesign, is a Colombian-born DJ and graphic designer currently based in Montreal. Over the past three years, he has been cultivating an eclectic and versatile sound, ranging from house and techno to minimal, disco, electro, world music, ambient and more. He has played at various local clubs, afterparties, and radio shows, including Le Salon Daomé, New Haus, Pow Pow Club, Barbossa, Durocher basement, and As a DJ, his unique blend of style...

Intaresu Podcast 348 - Gus Bonani

July 24, 2023 15:00 - 59 minutes - 54.8 MB

With several years of record releases under his belt, Gus Bonani finds himself living an unbeatable moment in his career. Going through different aspects of the house and minimal sound, his works have seen the light of day on respected labels such as Body Parts, Musica Lunar, Zingiber, Feeder Sound and Blind Vision. 
 In turn, he is co-founder of Tangible Records label that, in just over 11 editions, it has positioned itself as one of the most interesting projects to emerge in his country lat...

Intaresu Podcast 347 - Heinz Ficktion

July 21, 2023 15:00 - 2 hours - 120 MB

Heinz Ficktion is an underground DJ from Germany with over 25 years in the scene. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Heinz Ficktion Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu:

Intaresu Podcast 346 - Lauro Martins

July 17, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 57 MB

Lauro Martins is a Brazilian DJ who has spent the majority of his creative career in the United States developing his deep, moody and hypnotic sounds. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Lauro Martins: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu:

Intaresu Podcast 345 - Avstin Frank

July 14, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 56.4 MB

We are thrilled to feature Avstin Frank, a Miami-based DJ/Producer whose music transcends boundaries and ignites the dancefloor with pure groove. Drawing inspiration from the tropical landscapes of his surroundings, Avstin Frank's unique sense of rhythm sets him apart. With his minimalist style of house and techno, he creates an atmosphere that captivates listeners and transports them to a state of pure musical bliss. Avstin Frank's talent has caught the attention of renowned labels such as ...

Intaresu Podcast 344 - James Reid

July 10, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 55.4 MB

James Reid, a British DJ, producer, and record label owner, spent 9 years as a resident DJ in Ibiza. Starting his career in Harrogate in 1998, he honed his skills in Ibiza's top venues. Influenced by the US West Coast sound of the early 2000s, James discovered the underground sounds of France and Romania, which now define his style. His sets feature infectious grooves and a stripped-back minimal sound. With an impressive track record, James has performed in renowned venues like Space Ibiz...

Intaresu Podcast 343 - Adam Rahman

July 07, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 93.3 MB

Adam Rahman is a DJ/Producer based out of Dubai. He has been instrumental in developing the Techno scene in India since 1999 and Middle East since 2004. A DJ, promoter, label & festival co-owner, Adam Rahman has been a driving force for dance music in the Middle East, India and increasingly the rest of the world, for decades. And while techno might be the go-to sound for dance music right now, he’s been pushing forward-thinking techno and electronica since he started in the late 90s. A trai...

Intaresu Podcast 342 - aka „K"

July 03, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 107 MB

aka "K" is a talented DJ hailing from Dortmund, Germany. With a passion for electronic music, he has been an avid raver from the very beginning, dancing at raves and later exploring clubs in Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, and Ibiza. Deeply ingrained in the vibrant DJ scene of Ruhrvalley and Cologne, aka "K" has graced several clubs and open-air events in and around the Ruhrvalley. His skillful sets have also taken him to renowned venues in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, and Antwerpen. Prepare to...

Intaresu Podcast 341 - 2deB

June 30, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 89 MB

2deB is a duo of Romanian DJs named Baciu and Baux. They skillfully blend different styles of music, ranging from dark to groovy tunes, adapting their sound to match the vibe of the room. They have had the privilege of sharing the stage with esteemed artists such as Traumer, Suciu, Lizz, Bryz, Tulbure, Ertmi, and many more. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Baciu: Keep an eye on Baux:

Intaresu Podcast 340 - Rie

June 26, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 63.5 MB

Rie, hailing from Transylvania, Romania, delivers a mesmerizing mix that takes us on a journey through deep and hypnotic sounds. Stripped-down and captivating, this mix is a testament to Rie's skillful curation and ability to create an immersive musical experience. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Rie Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 339 - Triff Triff

June 23, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 55.1 MB

Triff Triff, originally from Timisoara, Romania, recorded this mix that explores different takes on minimal music. Now based in Birmingham, UK, he finds immense joy in the underground music scene. From a young age, music has been his primary source of inspiration. Having immersed himself in the vibrant UK scene, Triff Triff has built his artistic background by playing at various venues in the city, as well as intimate private parties. His style encompasses the deep, minimal Romanian tones, ...

Intaresu Podcast 338 - ARiS

June 19, 2023 15:00 - 58 minutes - 53.5 MB

ARiS returns to our podcast series, making it his third appearance with an energetic mix. Originally hailing from Greece, he later relocated to Central Italy, immersing himself in the vibrant house and techno scene. He quickly made a name for himself, securing residencies at renowned clubs such as Oniremac, Plush, Club Gallery, Caffe Concerto, 300 Monkeys, and Much More Club. His exceptional talent has taken him to various venues across Italy and the captivating Greek Islands. Recently, ARi...

Intaresu Podcast 337 - Lancov

June 16, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 60.1 MB

Hailing all the way from Baranivichi, Belarus, Lancov has recorded an introspective and hypnotic mix that explores various shades of minimal techno. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Lancov: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 336 - alegreO

June 12, 2023 14:59 - 57 minutes - 52.7 MB

For the second time, we are thrilled to feature alegreO, the Berlin-based DJ, on our podcast. He's definitely a specialist when it comes to keeping the bassline deep and these hi-hats high. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on alegreO: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 335 - Guille Arias

June 09, 2023 14:59 - 58 minutes - 54 MB

Guille Arias, hailing from Cordoba, Argentina, is a highly skilled sound technician who has played a vital role in shaping the cultural landscape of his hometown for over a decade. With an extensive repertoire that includes managerial, production, stage management, DJing, sound engineering, and lighting expertise, he has contributed to numerous music events across diverse genres, with electronic music being a prominent part of his repertoire. From a young age, Guille has been an ardent au...

Intaresu Podcast 334 - Jula

June 05, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 55.6 MB

Juliann Spercel, born in São Paulo, is the name behind Jula. Driven by a deep passion for music, he decided to embark on his career in 2020, encouraged by DJ friends who recognized his potential. With an extensive collection of music spanning from house to techno, and a strong affinity for the underground scene, Jula is able to cater to diverse audiences with varying musical tastes within the electronic music realm. Having performed at notable venues such as Nola Bar, Coffee Shop, Heavy Hous...

Intaresu Podcast 333 - Nadiru

June 02, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 58.3 MB

Fellipe Octavio AKA Nadiru is a truly exceptional and instantly recognizable artist in the realm of music. With his diverse talents as a DJ, musician, curator, cultural catalyst, and painter, he stands out from the crowd. Hailing from a lineage of Latinos, Spanicos, and Afro-South Americans, Fellipe brings his own distinctive approach to music, drawing inspiration from his rich heritage. Born and raised in a peaceful countryside city in Sao Paulo, Fellipe discovered his passion for DJing dur...

Intaresu Podcast 332 - Elsoo

May 29, 2023 15:00 - 59 minutes - 54.8 MB

Elsoo is a 20-year-old DJ from the capital of Morocco, Rabat. She made her debut at the notorious event known as Utopia in 2022, and she is eager to enhance her musical abilities and share her deep love for music. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Elsoo: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 331 - Radu Andrei

May 26, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 65.9 MB

Radu Andrei is a Romanian DJ from Bucharest. He is co-founder and co-owner of the record label ALIBI Records and has been DJing sice 2009. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Radu Andrei: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 330 - martín vespa

May 22, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 66.8 MB

martín vespa is an underground music enthusiast from Argentina and Bolivia who found his passion in Barcelona's vibrant nightlife scene. As a melomaniac, sound technician, producer, and synth lover, Martín's life has always revolved around music. He plays a blend of minimal house, deeptech, and electro, and is a proud member of collectives [Safe Word] and [504]. His carefully curated selections always aim to create the perfect atmosphere for his audience. Nowadays, Martín is the director ...

Intaresu Podcast 329 - Utip [own productions only]

May 19, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 84.2 MB

Pitu Razvan, also known as Utip, an artist based in Berlin whose music draws inspiration from the city's vibrant underground house scene. His style combines minimal and house elements with groovy beats, creating a unique sound that's catching the attention of music lovers around the world. For Pitu, music is more than sounds, it's a way to connect with his audience and create an energy that brings people together. Come along as we delve into Pitu's musical journey and explore the passion th...

Intaresu Podcast 328 - Federico Otranto

May 15, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 56.3 MB

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Federico Otranto recorded this energetic and minimalistic mix. You can find him playing around his homecity Buenos Aires where he has shared the booth with artists like Leo Portela, Di Pietro, and more. Keep an eye on Federico Otranto: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 327 - BogSu

May 12, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 90.2 MB

Bogdan Susa, also known as BogSu, a music producer from Baia Mare, Romania, currently residing in Germany. BogSu's passion for music dates back to his childhood, starting with House Music, and later moving on to Techno, which became increasingly popular during his time in Italy. After attending various music festivals and clubs across Europe, especially in Romania, BogSu discovered the Romanian Minimal Scene, which he felt deeply connected to. The community of people who were all there for t...

Intaresu Podcast 326 - iacob

May 08, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 103 MB

iacob discovered the underground electronic music of Bucharest in 2017. He got hypnotized by the variety of beats and sounds. Later on he learned how to mix and after improving his mixing skills, he felt in love with the art of DJing. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Iacob : Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 325 - Eugene Schieffer

May 05, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 60.5 MB

Eugene Schieffer is a Barcelona-based producer who has been creating electronic music for the past five years. His primary styles are minimal and deeptech, and he has released many tracks on labels throughout Europe. In addition to his work as a producer, Eugene is also the founder and curator of his own label, Koche Records. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Eugene Schieffer :

Intaresu Podcast 324 - Yassir

May 01, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 72 MB

Yassir is a DJ and producer born and based in Tangier, in the north of Morocco. With ambition and a determination to pursue his passion, he has brought his work to a high level. His debut was at forest parties in the Hoia Baciu forest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where he shared the stage with artists from the Romanian and international scene. Yassir has released multiple tracks with labels from around the globe, including an EP with Welter Records from Bucharest, and has appeared on many VA ...

Intaresu Podcast 323 - Mary Sekihara

April 28, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 54.9 MB

Mary Sekihara is a native of Japan, currently based in England, UK. Her sound is characterized by minimal, deep tech, and house music, which she developed through spending a lot of time in European electronic music capitals such as Berlin and Amsterdam. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Mary Sekihara: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 322 - Geroge

April 24, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 66.8 MB

The set was recorded at Culture Box in Copenhagen and consists of minimal grooves, dub, and breaks, featuring tracks from Techu, KiRiK, Silat Beksi, mtps, Djosh, and many more. Born in '93 and raised in Romania, Geroge discovered his passion for underground music in 2012 after attending numerous events in Bucharest and a couple of festivals in Romania. Inspired by artists like Ion Ludwig, Petre Inspirescu, Priku, Takashi Himeoka, Barac, Herodot, and Afriqua, he started playing music in 2018...

Intaresu Podcast 321 - Valhalla

April 21, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 63.9 MB

Valhalla is a Berlin-based DJ and producer. Originally from the south of France, he trained as a percussionist. His first DJ gigs happened with the Lyon-based collective Radioactiv, and later in Paris with NC Family, a collective he co-created. The release of his first EP is scheduled for June. He draws inspiration from various musical genres and enjoys navigating between them. For Intaresu, he recorded a DJ set that is radically inspired by rominimal, but also adds his own groovy touch at ...

Intaresu Podcast 320 - Santiago

April 17, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 55.4 MB

Santiago is a Colombian music producer and DJ based in California who is making a name for himself in the minimal music scene. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Santiago: Listen to more electronic music on Intaresu

Intaresu Podcast 319 - Junior.

April 14, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 73.2 MB

Junior. brings you the freshest sounds in electronic music straight from São Paulo, Brazil. He is the creator of the RITMIC nucleus and has been making waves in the underground scene since 2017 with his duo J&J alongside his friend Jonathan Santos aka Rod J. With a passion for all things techno, Junior merge a diverse range of influences to his sets, from Rominimal to Electro and Breaks. Hit play and enjoy the journey! Keep an eye on Junior: https://sound...

Intaresu Podcast 318 - Verzila

April 10, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 59.5 MB

Sebastian Borca aka Verzila, is a local electronic music producer and promoter, the one behind the well-known eponymous YouTube channel of the same name. Born in Sighetu Marmatiei, the northernmost point of Romania, he developed a passion for modern electronic dance rhythms from the age of 14, exploring numerous genres and subgenres. In time, he finds various flavors of house and techno to be the ones he resonates with the most and starts dedicating more and more attention to music. In Fe...

Intaresu Podcast 317 - David Carollo

April 07, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 55 MB

David Carollo is a DJ that started recording live radio broadcasts in Italy and creating his own compilations with an old stereo. In 2004, he got his first set of Pioneer CDJ-100s and began playing at clubs and events around the world, including Magazzini Generali, Amnesia, and Milano Fashion Week in Italy, as well as in Germany, Spain, Turkey, and other countries. Currently, he is based in Singapore, where he performs at venues such as Headquarters and Tanjong Beach Club. David also hosts ...

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