Pastor Cleophas Muyelele is joining us with a new message, so we are excited to hear what the Lord has put on his heart to share with us this Sunday. If Pastor Muyelele is new to you, you may listen to his other sermon titled “It’s Time to Do It” on our website at You can also read about him and his ministry in Bungoma, Kenya, and reach out to him on social media or by email with comments, questions, and prayer requests.

Pastor Muyelele provided us with an update since he was last with us. He and his ministry leaders have a new church plant in a neighboring village, so they trust God for Swahili bibles to aid them in their discipleship program. Please keep them in your prayers.

He also mentioned that they stepped out by faith earlier this year to raise money to drill a well in Chemwa village. We have a praise report with Pastor Muyelele’s testimony that the LORD has made a way, and they have raised 90% of their budget. They trust God to launch this project in mid-April - next month. They need the remaining 10% so they can begin drilling. They are still short $2,000, so if you want to donate money to help Pastor Muyelele out, click the Donate button on either the In the Field Audio Scriptures website or the In the Field Worship Radio website. Any donation amount is a huge help and
definitely a blessing.

More good news is that they had a successful children’s outreach sharing the word of God, and they also managed to provide food and hygiene products for 45 of the most vulnerable orphans and children in Chemwa village. If you want to see the outreach photos, click the Donate button and then click Gallery in the middle of the page.

As you can hear, the ministry is seven days a week, and I hope it inspires you to reach out to the Lord in prayer for pastors serving their communities worldwide. I know you are ready to listen to today’s new message, so I hope you enjoy today's sermon titled When Mercy Speaks with Pastor Cleophas Muyelele.


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