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Backstage has been the #1 resource for actors and talent-seekers for 60 years. In the Envelope, Backstage’s podcast, features intimate, in-depth conversations with today’s most noteworthy film, television, and theater actors and creators. This is your guide to every aspect of acting, from voiceover and commercial work to casting directors, agents, and more. Full of both know-how and inspiration, In the Envelope airs weekly to cover everything from practical advice on navigating the industry, to how your favorite projects are made, to personal stories of success and failure alike. Join host Jack Smart, Awards Editor at Backstage, for this guide on how to live the creative life from those who are doing it every day.

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April 29, 2021 17:04 - 1 hour - 104 MB

Today’s “In the Envelope” episode takes an in-depth look at safety and parity in the entertainment industry, and in particular an organization leading that conversation. We’re honored to be joined by Tina Tchen, president and CEO of TIME’S UP: Created in 2018 partly in response to sexual assault allegations in Hollywood and its resulting #MeToo movement, TIME’S UP Now and the TIME’S UP Foundation advocate for “a society free of gender-based discrimination in the workpl...

Amber Ruffin

April 22, 2021 18:13 - 1 hour - 85.9 MB

Now is a particularly exciting time to talk to Amber Ruffin, an improvisation-trained comedy performer and writer whose talent, perseverance, and upbeat charm have led to her own late night variety series. Peacock’s “The Amber Ruffin Show” allows the multihyphenate host to both indulge in the silliest comedic premises and cover current events with a refreshing directness otherwise rare in late night television. Her advice to fellow creators and comedians is to take risks, have no shame, and b...

Film Independent & the Spirit Awards

April 15, 2021 17:12 - 1 hour - 87.5 MB

As this year’s film awards season nears its conclusion, we’re diving deep into one of its most fabulous, and essential, ceremonies: the Film Independent Spirit Awards! Founded in the 1980s as the Independent Feature Project/West by producers looking to foster cinematic visions outside of Hollywood’s traditional studio system, Film Independent offers year-round resources, programming, and events—all for filmmakers, by filmmakers. The Spirit Awards honoring small-budget indie artistry, usually ...

Andra Day

April 08, 2021 19:35 - 1 hour - 97.6 MB

Singer-songwriter-turned-award-winning actor Cassandra Monique Batie goes by Andra Day—a stage name inspired by one of her biggest influences, Billie Holiday. It feels meant to be, then, that Andra’s recent Golden Globe win and Oscar nomination are for her portrayal of the iconic musician in Hulu’s “The United States vs. Billie Holiday,” adapted for the screen by Suzan-Lori Parks and directed by Lee Daniels. From singing and dancing as a child in San Diego to being discovered by Stevie Wonder...

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation

April 01, 2021 16:10 - 1 hour - 87.1 MB

Attention, SAG-AFTRA members! We’re dedicating this episode to a deep dive on the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, your guild’s 501(c) non-profit organization. Board members Sharon Lawrence and Jason George are here to check in on the state of the biz in 2021, offer advice to their fellow working actors, and remind union and non-union artists alike of the resources, programming, and aid the Foundation offers. From the award-winning children’s literacy series Storyline Online to over $6 million and count...

Bill Camp

March 25, 2021 19:00 - 55 minutes - 76.4 MB

Often referred to as one of the best “character” actors around, Bill Camp memorably appears—or often disappears—into countless supporting roles, and can be counted on to give a truthful, compelling performance each time. His “In the Envelope” interview sheds light on how to do so, from heightening material onstage or onscreen to harnessing the power of imagination and sense memory. “I’m recalling from memories all the time,” Bill says of his character work. “I am content.” Raised in Massachu...

Daniel Kaluuya

March 23, 2021 16:27 - 45 minutes - 62.6 MB

Daniel Kaluuya is now a two-time Academy Award–nominated actor, in 2018 for his breakout in “Get Out” and this year for playing the assassinated Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton in “Judas and the Black Messiah,” which has also earned him SAG Award, BAFTA film, and Golden Globe recognition. The electrifying stage and screen star takes us into the depths of his subconsciousness, describing the process that goes into building such characters: “I’m using who I am to show you who I’m not.” Bor...

Daveed Diggs

March 18, 2021 18:42 - 1 hour - 96.4 MB

Daveed Diggs is best known for his Tony Award–winning portrayals of Marquis de Lafayette and President Thomas Jefferson in the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” released last year as a TV film on Disney+ and garnering Daveed a SAG Award nomination. Here, the singer-rapper-songwriter and actor-writer-producer reveals much of his creative philosophy to Backstage—a publication he used to read in the early, blissfully uncertain days of his career. His advice: “Be fully creative and really experiment w...

Backstage’s Casting Experts Talk Audition Trends

March 11, 2021 17:54 - 47 minutes - 65.4 MB

With the entertainment industry still in flux due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we at Backstage want to keep actors and storytellers informed on the latest trends—and how they can best pursue their craft in 2021. Our ""In the Envelope"" casting insider Christine McKenna-Tirella has assembled an international panel of experts from the Backstage casting team to do just that. Joined by Backstage’s vice president of casting Luke Crowe, voiceover casting specialist Sonja Smith, UK casting spe...

Nicole Beharie

March 04, 2021 20:54 - 1 hour - 86.5 MB

In both navigating her impressive career and approaching the acting craft, Nicole Beharie has never given less than 100%. In this fun and forthright conversation, she delves into her artistic process, which differs from role to role but ultimately entails an earnest examination of her proximity to a character. And through it all, Nicole advises, you have to love acting and be clear on why you love acting. “Sometimes you end up with a few scratches and bruises,” she says of life in the biz. “B...

Delroy Lindo

February 25, 2021 19:14 - 1 hour - 87.8 MB

Throughout a stage and screen career spanning decades, Delroy Lindo has intentionally set out to play the widest possible variety of characters. “I want to be able to encompass different human beings,” explains the actor, detailing the ebbs and flows of his career on this week's episode of “In the Envelope.” Delroy’s advice is balanced between optimistic encouragement and no-nonsense realism. It is inevitable that a life in the arts will bring dry spells, he says, but “don’t be dissuaded by t...

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

February 18, 2021 19:06 - 55 minutes - 76.4 MB

If you’re an auditioning actor, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has a strange but effective tip for you: wear mismatched socks. “It takes the pressure off of trying to be perfect,” says the Emmy-winning star, who has many other practical tips for his peers. The former architect’s rigorously methodical approach to both his career and craft is proof that there’s no one path to success in the entertainment industry. Read his 2016 cover story here: Born in New Orleans, raised in the...

Black Voices in Hollywood

February 11, 2021 18:32 - 1 hour - 94.1 MB

Happy Black History Month! As part of Backstage’s ongoing mission to provide platforms for BIPOC storytellers and amplify inclusive stories, we’re presenting a very special podcast episode for Black and non-Black listeners alike. Echoing questions the arts community has faced with particular urgency over the last year, “In the Envelope” has asked recent guests about the state of the biz: How do Black actors and creators navigate the entertainment industry today? How can white people leverage ...

Emma Corrin

February 04, 2021 18:39 - 1 hour - 88.7 MB

Emma Corrin is best known as the SAG- and Golden Globe Award–nominated star of Peter Morgan’s Netflix drama “The Crown” Season 4, where she took on the daunting role of Lady Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales. As the breakout star points out, there’s something inherently effortful in the term “breakout”—Emma earned the part of Diana after a rigorous, years-long process, first serving as a reader in the audition room, doing extensive research, and at one point being spontaneously asked to si...

Aldis Hodge

January 28, 2021 19:37 - 1 hour - 87.1 MB

If you’re a performer who has recorded a self-taped audition over 300 times, Aldis Hodge is your craft and career guru. An actor and entrepreneur since childhood, Aldis has risen through the ranks of Hollywood and made thoughtful, intentional choices on- and off-screen (including resisting Black stereotypes). “Put that hustle in,” he advises fellow artists. “I find the true professionals to be more dedicated and more motivated now than they were when they started. Because they realize how muc...

Olivia Cooke

January 21, 2021 20:08 - 57 minutes - 78.6 MB

Inspired to try acting at a young age and single-mindedly focused on it ever since, Olivia Cooke has appeared in some of the most acclaimed film and TV projects of the last decade, reinventing herself on screen each time. Her “In the Envelope” interview is a crash course in several key tricks of the trade: accent work, self-tape advice, even the nuances of crying. Inhabiting a character inside and out, she says, requires selfless collaboration and detailed backstories. “Otherwise, you’re comi...

Sarah Paulson

January 19, 2021 18:40 - 1 hour - 104 MB

Narrowing down an actor’s artistic philosophy to one all-encompassing statement can be tricky, especially if that actor is the prolific, terrific Sarah Paulson. But if there’s a credo guiding her creative decisions throughout such a remarkable career, it’s this: “I only think about what is truthful.” (She also offers a second pro tip for working actors: use Backstage!) Sarah began acting onstage in New York City before graduating high school, making her screen debut on “Law and Order” and cl...

Paul Bettany

January 14, 2021 21:10 - 1 hour - 93.4 MB

Given his wide array of screen roles, it makes sense that Paul Bettany would approach each character with dramatically different processes. By zeroing in on the tricks of the trade that always help, and the techniques he’s picked up over a decades-long career, Paul provides “In the Envelope” listeners several key takeaways. For example: actors should determine what they can and cannot control, whether that’s on set or in the audition room. “The thing that I could control and could promise to ...

Rashida Jones

January 12, 2021 22:10 - 59 minutes - 80.9 MB

Joining Backstage at the very end of 2020, Rashida Jones invites listeners to both look back at her wandering journey through the biz and anticipate what’s to come in 2021. The actor has had her finger on the industry’s pulse since also finding her voice as a writer-producer-director-activist, and offers as much valuable insight into the state of Hollywood today as she does audition advice. “The truth is,” she tells fellow artists, “you only become great when you’re yourself.” Rashida grew u...

Carey Mulligan

January 07, 2021 19:26 - 56 minutes - 76.9 MB

As a teenager, Carey Mulligan wrote letters to filmmakers asking for advice on breaking into the biz. After tepid responses, and rejections from U.K. training programs, her determination paid off with a screen debut in 2005’s “Pride and Prejudice” and stage performances in her native London. In her “In the Envelope” interview, Carey reveals the intricacies of her creative process in the years since, including how to protect her own emotions from those of her characters. “I’m just really inter...

Julia Hart

December 31, 2020 15:00 - 1 hour - 92.9 MB

Aspiring writers and directors should take a page out of Julia Hart’s book: don’t wait to tell your story. And if that story experiments with or outright subverts filmmaking genres by centering those typically underrepresented on screen, all the better. “What I find exciting and interesting as a filmmaker is finding new ways to tell old stories about different people,” she says, taking us inside her writing, casting, and directing processes. A New Yorker who for years taught high school and ...

Simone Missick

December 24, 2020 16:00 - 1 hour - 91.1 MB

For inspiration on how to empower yourself as an actor—a profession that doesn’t usually feel empowering—listen to “All Rise” star Simone Missick’s advice: “So many more actors would be so much happier with the process of going to work, the process of auditioning, which is another part of work, if we recognize the power that we do have to advocate for ourselves.” That includes advocating for actors’ safety, particularly when filming amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A Howard University graduate or...

Dialect Coaching 101

December 18, 2020 14:23 - 1 hour - 120 MB

How can actors master dialects? How important is it for a performer, in an audition or after booking a job, to have specific regional accents in their skill set? Among the many resources available to actors looking to expand their craft, dialect coaching is a growing field of study that most of today’s successful actors have undertaken. This “In the Envelope” episode, featuring experts Barbara Rubin and Jerome Butler, serves as an introduction to the ins and outs of dialect training. Check ou...

Hugh Grant

December 10, 2020 19:15 - 56 minutes - 77.6 MB

Throughout his over 30 years in the biz, Hugh Grant has evolved through different phases, defining an era of romantic comedies before subverting expectations with the character-driven parts he’s always preferred. “I’d much rather have a silly voice, a funny haircut, and a funny walk,” he says, revealing the intricacies of his character-building process and how it’s changed since his 1990s Hollywood breakthrough. In particular, Hugh advises listeners on how to make each take fresh and believab...

John Boyega

December 03, 2020 18:16 - 42 minutes - 58.6 MB

Starstruck by cinema since childhood and then trained on London stages, John Boyega was always meant to be an actor. Recently the “Star Wars” star also became a producer, forming the U.K. production company Upperroom Entertainment Limited. In this interview about his creative processes, John reveals how to transform into a character until you hardly recognize yourself onscreen, as well as his best philosophy for fellow working artists: navigating the biz is about “being present, consistently ...

Jonathan Majors

November 19, 2020 18:57 - 1 hour - 102 MB

Jonathan Majors approaches every performance with a “tabula rasa,” or blank slate, mentality. “You do so much work creatively, emotionally, physically, spiritually, to prepare for the role,” he says. “But then when you get there, it’s go time.” And only with a strong foundation of training and life experience—knowing one’s craft and oneself—can “go time” be achieved on set. Raised in Texas and discovering theater as a creative outlet while a teenager, Jonathan studied acting at the Universit...

Justin Simien

November 12, 2020 18:30 - 1 hour - 95 MB

Writer-director-editor-producer Justin Simien believes all working and aspiring storytellers should have an artistic mission statement guiding them. Know thyself and know the industry, he advises, and stay in touch with the inherent joy of the creative process. “You should be thinking about the marketplace, you have to,” he tells listeners. “Most importantly, do you. Be clear about what that means.” A student of theater in Houston and film in Los Angeles, Justin seeks to bring typically unde...

The 2021 Awards Season Preview

November 05, 2020 20:09 - 40 minutes - 55.8 MB

We’re dedicating this week’s episode to the 2021 awards and festival season—perhaps the strangest one in Hollywood history! Jack is joined once again by Backstage’s executive director of media Kasey Howe to discuss how COVID-19 has shifted film and guilds awards’ schedules, what the 2020 Emmys can teach us about advertising trends and remote campaigning, and whether virtual film festivals will affect what we consider an Oscar contender this year. Casting insider Christine McKenna-Tirella the...

Bob The Drag Queen

October 29, 2020 14:08 - 53 minutes - 73.5 MB

Actor, producer, podcaster, comedian, and activist Caldwell Tidicue is best known as his drag persona Bob the Drag Queen, winner of reality competition “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 8. The heightened gender expression of drag, which encompasses many different skills and performance styles, has proved Bob’s gateway into the entertainment industry. “No one is going to cheer for you harder than you have to cheer for yourself,” he tells fellow artists. Born in Georgia and trained as a theater arti...

Julie Taymor

October 22, 2020 17:54 - 59 minutes - 81.3 MB

Julie Taymor is a legendary multidisciplinary artist, with inspirations so varied it becomes difficult to classify her. Identifying primarily as a director, she’s also written, produced, composed music, and designed her celebrated stage and screen productions. Her advice for fellow storytellers: embrace limitations, combine mediums, travel the world, and “find something that you’re really, really passionate about.” Julie won directing and costuming Tony Awards for her screen-to-Broadway adap...

Voiceover Advice From the Pros

October 15, 2020 17:55 - 43 minutes - 60.1 MB

Continuing our commitment to spotlighting the voiceover industry today, this week’s episode is throwing it back. Hear advice-filled excerpts from the “In the Envelope” archive featuring legendary voice artists Hank Azaria, Pamela Adlon, and Maya Rudolph—all winners of the voiceover performance Emmy Award—plus insights into recent trends from VO expert Jamie Muffett and Backstage casting insider Christine McKenna-Tirella. All this craft and career advice may inspire you to get involved in the ...

Eva Noblezada

October 08, 2020 17:48 - 56 minutes - 77.1 MB

Everyone has a different path to success in the biz. Eva Noblezada was launched to musical theater superstardom at age 17 when her performance at the National High School Musical Theatre Awards, a.k.a. the Jimmys, earned her the lead role in the West End revival of “Miss Saigon.” Before she could finish high school in North Carolina, Eva was navigating the joys—and high-pressure demands—of pursuing a childhood dream at the highest level. This candid interview includes plenty of advice for you...

How to Use Backstage to Launch Your Career

October 01, 2020 19:20 - 38 minutes - 52.7 MB

“In the Envelope” listeners are in for a treat this week, as Jack is joined by Christine McKenna-Tirella, Backstage’s casting specialist, to give an update from the jobs market on Backstage: virtual auditions, profile-building options, and other insider tips that prospective subscribers may not know about casting, particularly amid an unpredictable 2020. “I want you to feel prepared, I want you to feel like you can put your best foot forward and that you can really launch your career—even in...

Highlights & Trends of the 2020 Emmy Awards

September 24, 2020 19:29 - 40 minutes - 56.2 MB

For a very special discussion of the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards, Backstage is joining forces with Gold Derby! Following the Sept. 20 Jimmy Kimmel–hosted telecast, Jack asks Chris Beachum and Tom O’Neil, both experts from the awards prediction and news site, for their candid analysis of both results and the ceremony itself. Chris Beachum is the Managing Editor of Gold Derby, where he’s hosted thousands of interviews with contenders and advised studios and networks on award campaign strategy. ...

Showrunners Ben Sinclair & Prentice Penny

September 17, 2020 14:15 - 1 hour - 85.1 MB

What does a TV showrunner do? More to the point, how many other tasks does a TV showrunner tend to take on? What is their relationship to actors? In today’s deep dive episode, Ben Sinclair of “High Maintenance” and Prentice Penny of “Insecure” reveal the creative and logistical processes of keeping a hit show...running! Writer-director-editor-actor Ben Sinclair became a pioneer of short form content alongside Katja Blichfeld by developing a community of filmmakers around “High Maintenance.” ...

Nicole Byer

September 10, 2020 15:07 - 1 hour - 82.5 MB

Nicole Byer just made history. The actor, writer, comedian, and podcaster is the first Black woman Emmy-nominated for outstanding host of a reality program, for her hilarious work on the Netflix baking competition “Nailed It!” Trained at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and Upright Citizens Brigade, Nicole knows a thing or two about pounding the pavement in the biz. “Everybody starts at zero,” she reminds her fellow performers. “Just know that you earned it. If you didn’t earn it, it...

Aidy Bryant

September 03, 2020 16:57 - 55 minutes - 76.4 MB

Actor-writer-comedian Aidy Bryant’s philosophy when it comes to her industry is to create the work she likes—even if no such work exists yet. Born in Phoenix and trained in comedy at Chicago’s The Second City, she has turned her uniqueness into both a guiding light and, against all odds, a thriving career. “If you’re not getting the parts that you want,” she advises, “it’s up to you to make it.” Since 2012 Aidy has been stealing the show every week as a cast member on NBC’s “Saturday Night L...

2020 Emmy-Nominated Casting Directors

August 27, 2020 14:55 - 1 hour - 117 MB

Casting directors have a special position within the entertainment industry, matching talent and roles on dozens of projects at once. Actors, of course, want to understand those on the other side of the audition table: What are casting directors looking for, and what exactly do they do? Three Emmy Award nominees for casting, and Senior Editor Elyse Roth, join the podcast to answer those questions and more. Cindy Tolan is the winner of five Artios Awards and an Emmy for her work in casting. H...

Maya Rudolph

August 20, 2020 14:58 - 53 minutes - 73.6 MB

Acting, for Maya Rudolph, “comes with a suit of armor and allows me to protect my little, sensitive insides.” The comedian, musician, and all-around performer reflects on the childhood influences that inspired her artistry; by pretending to be other people, she empowers herself to explore different energies and vulnerabilities. When it comes to creating characters, as she’s done for years in animated roles and on “Saturday Night Live,” that empowerment is a joyful process. Maya booked her ch...

Cord Jefferson & Damon Lindelof

August 13, 2020 15:15 - 58 minutes - 79.6 MB

Like any good collaborators, co-writers Damon Lindelof and Cord Jefferson can find common ground despite drawing from different inspirations. One similarity they share may be familiar to artists in any field: imposter syndrome. As the two tell Backstage, great screenwriting requires overcoming such self-doubt achieving agency in one’s career by churning out first drafts. Another tip: get off Twitter. Damon is an Emmy-winning writer and showrunner, known as the creator of the hit series “Lost...

Nancy Cartwright

August 06, 2020 14:49 - 1 hour - 88.6 MB

When it comes to voiceover, says Nancy Cartwright, “you can’t really make any mistakes.” The television legend, best known for her longtime work as Bart Simpson, here gives listeners a crash course on breaking into the biz as a voiceover talent—plus many words of inspiration. Whether you’re curious about voice acting or an artist wondering how to navigate the ongoing industry shutdown, this interview covers it all. Born in Ohio and mentored by Daws Butler in the art of voice acting, Nancy is...

The 2020 Emmy Award Nominations

August 04, 2020 16:01 - 37 minutes - 51.9 MB

In this special discussion episode, Jack is joined by Backstage’s social media specialist Katie Minard and senior staff writer Casey Mink to chat the 2020 Emmy Award nominations: gut reactions ranging from gratifying to frustrating, Emmy trends both typical and unusual, and what the Sept. 20 ceremony might have in store for us. Will the Television Academy vote for new streamers Disney+ and Apple TV+, and how much might Netflix win? Are there categories that deserve another look, or new ones t...

Jean Smart

July 30, 2020 14:04 - 56 minutes - 78.1 MB

Jean Smart has the kind of craft and career advice only an actor with her breadth of experience could provide. Since her early days studying theater in her home state of Washington, there’s little the three-time Emmy Award-winning actor hasn’t taken on, avoiding pigeonholing and receiving constant critical acclaim. Case in point: her recently Emmy-nominated work as Laurie Blake on HBO’s Damon Lindelof limited series “Watchmen.” As she puts it, “Who knew at this stage of the game I was going t...

Zoë Kravitz

July 23, 2020 16:15 - 45 minutes - 62.2 MB

Zoë Kravitz has developed a philosophy toward auditions that any actor facing the prospect of rejection can adopt for themselves. “The truth is, you were always right or you were never right,” says the actor-model-musician, reflecting on her recent experience on the other side of the audition room table. The daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, Zoë grew up surrounded by artists, and has plenty of advice, from navigating the artistic life in general to her specific creative process, to pa...

Eugene Mirman & John Roberts

July 16, 2020 15:07 - 1 hour - 106 MB

If voicing a character on a hit animated sitcom is your idea of a dream job, let this deep dive into both voiceover and comedy be your guide. Eugene Mirman and John Roberts, both voice actors on Fox’s Emmy Award winner “Bob’s Burgers,” join us to map out how they broke into the biz and offer advice for those looking to do the same. Their paths were different but their advice is the same: create and test out the material that best showcases your talent. Loren Bouchard’s animated family comedy...

Ana Fabrega & Julio Torres

July 09, 2020 13:57 - 49 minutes - 67.2 MB

The hilarious Ana Fabrega and Julio Torres take a serious approach to comedy, a philosophy echoed in their advice for other writers and performers: do what you like, and only what you like. “Creatively, if it’s not fun, stop doing it,” says Julio. “You should be enjoying what you’re doing at all times,” agrees Ana. The two comedians are the co-creators and stars, along with Fred Armisen, of HBO’s “Los Espookys,” the Spanish-language comedy following a group of friends who launch a business s...

Rob McElhenney

July 08, 2020 14:31 - 57 minutes - 78.9 MB

Rob McElhenney’s credo has always been “make what you want to see.” It’s the advice the actor-writer-producer keeps coming back to in this inspiring interview, which spans Rob’s childhood in Philadelphia, the bit-by-bit process by which he became a TV creator and star, and the audition philosophy his fellow performers should keep in mind. Best known as Mac on FXX’s long-running “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” which he co-created and co-produces with Glenn Howerton, Rob was and still is...

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

July 03, 2020 13:35 - 58 minutes - 79.7 MB

Gugu Mbatha-Raw has proven herself a chameleonic star of stage and screen. Since studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, appearing on London stages and TV series, and then breaking out with her British Independent Film Award-winning turn in the feature film “Belle,” the actor-activist has dazzled in everything from period dramas to sci-fi adventures. In episode #100 of “In the Envelope,” Gugu opens up about the artistic processes she relies on—including using music, accents, and even s...

D’Arcy Carden

July 02, 2020 13:39 - 1 hour - 86.9 MB

D’Arcy Carden is proof that breaking through in the biz usually requires years of studying the craft of acting, practicing resilience amid rejection, and getting by with survival gigs. After graduating from Southern Oregon University and moving to New York City, D’Arcy was “equal parts delusional and also confident,” she says. She knew the odds of making it as a professional actor and held onto the dream anyway. She is now best known as Janet, the cheerful virtual assistant of the afterlife,...

Hailee Steinfeld

June 30, 2020 16:44 - 49 minutes - 68 MB

Superstar Hailee Steinfeld had the biggest of big breaks at age 13, when she earned an Academy Award nomination for the Coen brothers’ “True Grit,” opposite Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. Her thriving career ever since, both as an actor and singer-songwriter, is the result of a childhood obsession with playing other people—and, with her family’s support, managing realistic expectations. “Every time I walk onto a set for the first day I feel like I know nothing,” she reveals. “And I hope that fe...


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