On a new episode of the Imma Tell It Like It T-I-IS podcast, Jai Shields rips the unwatchable, uncompetitive, lethargic farce of a basketball game that was the 2024 NBA All-Star Game plus expresses how he dealt with football withdrawal during the 1st Sunday after the Super Bowl. Also, Jai takes umbrage with Kyle Shanahan for firing 49ers Defensive Coordinator Steve Wilks in the aftermath of San Francisco's Super Bowl LVIII loss & sounds off on the shooting that took place at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl Championship parade last week.


(0:00) The 1st Sunday After the Super Bowl Stinks

(29:18) The NBA All-Star Game Has Gotta Go

(1:15:10) Chiefs Super Bowl Parade Shooting

(1:14:13) Shanahan Makes Steve Wilks The Scapegoat


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