On Saturday, May 1, a partnership of city entrepreneurs put on a COVID-responsible celebration called Troja Est Open, signaling that the city was, if not entirely open, at least eager to be open. HMM correspondent Corinne Carey spoke with a number of those involved, including the organizer of the event and local entrepreneur Susan Dunckle, the event's publicist Duncan Crary, and Troy Deputy Mayor Monica Kurzejeski. The event featured a parade, promotions from local businesses, a “Trojan Horse,” by Danny Killion of Weathered Wood Troy, which was fitted with a hollow belly to receive special handwritten missives about people, events & feelings from 2020. Nighttime events kicked off with a drone light show over the Hudson River.

The day was presented by Sweet Sue’s Copper Pot, with financial support from River Street Market, Troy Local Development Corporation and Troy Capital Resource Corporation. The drone light show was sponsored by the Troy Redevelopment Foundation.