In this episode, we discuss how we manage our mental health, bulking strategies, drugs and alcohol, clean eating, and more.

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(00:00) — Intro

(00:11) — Microplastics, testosterone levels, & what Mike actually means when he says he's "not scrolling"

(04:56) — Mike has a theory about fiber, sugar, and optimal digestion

(07:45) — We're bringing clean eating BACK

(12:52) — Mike is a big mobility guy now

(17:51) — Caffeine & artificial sweeteners

(24:02) — Dating advice on the Personal Trainer Podcast

(28:30) — Our experiences with bulking (& would we ever do it again?)

(37:56) — Gratuitous nudity and sexual content in TV & movies

(42:12) — Using pre-workout to stave off tiredness

(44:08) — Total carbs vs net carbs - which should you count? (+ the definition of gluttony)

(51:47) — Ways we manage our mental health

(59:21) — Wrap-up

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