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EPISODE 143 SEASON 4 | As homeschoolers, the idea of cramming for a test may be slightly foreign but as your student grows and contemplates college or a form of higher education you want them to have the strongest skill set available to help them succeed. Part of that skill set needs to be studying. But how to study without cramming? How can you help your student best retain all the information your student needs without stressing about their grade?

Find out some tips and techniques your student can use to create positive study habits on this episode of Homeschool Your Way. Listen in as Janna is joined by Mark Pruitt, creator of Making the Grade as they discuss all things related to studying and being successful academically. Till Oct. 15th, 2023 you can save $30 on the college prep, use code JANNA at checkout.

ABOUT OUR GUEST | Mark Pruitt (aka: Captain College) is Assoc. Director of Admissions for Harding University and has been on a college campus for over twenty years. Mark developed a study strategy that helped him earn 95% or higher in every college class! Being super successful in school does not have to be hard, so let Mark - the author and producer of the college prep curriculum Making the Grade - help you become a student of Excellence so you can master the material quickly and effectively, have a ton of fun, and enjoy the best years of your life! 


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Janna: What is making the grade and why did you decide to create it? (0:00)

Mark: Developed the making the grade college prep course.

Homeschooling and cramming

Mark: We all have different strengths, different interests, different personalities, and different learning styles. This course takes all of those aspects into consideration and helps students learn to a deeper level.

Super smart students may think they don't need this, but college is an amazing experience.

The importance of having the right mindset for success. (11:40)

Mark: At the college level, you need to be setting aside probably three or four hours a day.

Janna:  Doing anything guilt-free is so much more pleasurable.

Mark: Anxiety levels are through the roof, and there are more people seeing counselors and mental health professionals now than ever before.

The stress of high school and college. (18:31)

Mark: The material is still applicable if the student goes to college, trade school, or the military.

Mark: One of the neatest tips for reading textbook material is to read it at least twice, the first time is the hardest.

Janna: Set the time limit to 30 minutes, then walk away and come back to do another 30 minutes if you can. (25:38)

How to get in touch with Mark. (28:44)

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