Motivation is a tricky thing. It allows us to move forward to goals and accomplish what we need and even our dreams. But sometimes it is HARD! Sometimes getting motivated and staying motivated to finish that project or write that paper is so difficult, other times it’s a breeze. Motivating ourselves and our children can be a challenge. Wouldn’t be amazing if if you could determine what actually motivates your children and you? Especially if those motivators are totally different and might even work against each other. 

Join Janna and Jimmie Quick from TruSpark as they talk about homeschooling and a few ways you can determine what motivates each person and use that to accomplish everyone’s best. 


Jimmie Quick is a former homeschool parent whose only daughter is now an independent adult. After working for about a decade to help homeschool curriculum companies market their materials, she transitioned into marketing for Motivations AI, the owner of the Motivation Code: Suite of Assessments: MCode for adults, TruMotivate for young adults in college, and TruSpark for junior high school. 

Motivation Code: https://motivationcode.com/

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Janna 00:00: How did you become involved in the homeschool world?

Jimmie 02:11: The double-edged sword of education and homeschooling. Excitement is a better motivator than discipline. It’s that old adage of the carrot or the stick and sometimes as parents we have to use the stick.

Janna 08:56: What is the True Spark Assessment? The assessment includes 19 different motivations, including a maximizer, a teacher, and a visionary.

Janna 14:38: What motivates me doesn’t motivate my kids.

Jimmie 19:47: The importance of realizing the vision. Realize the vision is not necessarily a visionary, but if someone gives you a grand idea, let's see how to make it a reality.

Jimmie 20:38: Don't ask kids to do things that are not in their wheelhouse. Make it easier for them to cater to their strengths and cater to their motivation.

Janna 26:25: How to get comfortable in the uncomfortable. Living in an age of innovation, parents who chose to get out of the system and do it a different way. Children are encouraged to think outside the box.

Jimmie 28:44: The most important thing is your relationship with your child. Keep the lines of communication open. TruSpark is a tool to help you listen to your kids.

Janna 31:33: You have to staff to your weakness.