We think this episode might be worth listening to more than once.

It’s that good and that important…especially this month (Pride Month).

Author and teacher, Rebecca McLaughlin, takes some of the real-life theological conversations many of us are having right now and helps us to respond with grace and truth.

She explores these questions and more:

-How can we respond kindly and truthfully when people say to us, “Love is love! Why can’t you just love people!”?

-What can we say when people tell us that holding to a historical biblical view of marriage is intrinsically harmful (ie. It encourages suicidal behavior)?

-What if people point at slavery being acceptable in the Bible, “And it was wrong about that, so it must be wrong about ‘homosexuality’”?

-What if friends also say, “How can you prevent people from loving who they want to love?”

We’re going to go there, friends. We need to—with grace, love, and truth.

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