William and Scott welcome back Scott's former cohost from Cinemapocalypse Now, Gabe "Good To His Mother" Teixeira to discuss one of their favorite stories, the 2004 assault on the town of Granby, Colorado by a marginalized welder named Marvin Heemeyer. Marvin created a one-of-a-kind revenge machine out of a Kumatsu bulldozer he named "The MK Tank" to demolish the homes and businesses of the denizens of the town he felt he had been wronged by in a real estate deal. You're not gonna be surprised who's side we took. ┬áCheck out Gabe's NEW Podcast, "Sh*t's About 2 Get Spooky at www.Anchor.fm/SA2GS and follow him on IG @CheapGuitarsCheapThrills. Follow us across social media @HistoryHomosPod. You can email us at [email protected] and you can follow Scott @ScottLizardAbrams on IG. Later, homos.


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