Tom Reuner, Executive Research Leader, HFS


Angela Johnson, Partner - Head of Capital Formation, Fifth Wall
Armen R. Kherlopian, Ph.D., Chief Science and Innovation Officer, Covenant Venture Capital
Rajesh Rajappan, Senior Vice President - Global Markets, Hitachi Vantara
Nitin Rakesh, CEO & MD, Mphasis
Ted Shelton, Expert Partner, Bain & Company

Session Description:

HFS has outlined the vision, but how do we operationalize the autonomous enterprise? Many organizations still struggle to scale their low-level automation projects. Is it realistic to expect machines will make decisions without human interaction? How should we adapt the innovation agenda to finally get data and workflows out of silos?

We’ll hear from leaders driving the innovation agenda discuss and debate these questions:

How do you design the innovation agenda to enable the autonomous enterprise?
How do we need to think about the operating model?
What will the most important change agents be: next-gen AI and industry cloud or culture and governance?
How do you safeguard the necessary skills amid the war for talent?