Anthony Trevino is the author of King Space Void and host of the podcasts Reel Obscure and DickHeads Podcast. He lives in San Diego, California.On this episode: bored with lockdown, hurricanes and wildfires, writing talk, a different approach to Nazis, nü-metal, simulation theory, shout-out Cody Goodfellow, parents are people too, post-revenge story, hating on Avengers, multiverses and god stuff, Takashi Miike, pitbulls, drinking cough syrup, filmmakers who don't give a fuck, picking on nerds, bitching corner, creating under the influence, shout-out J. David Osborne, Broken River love, the lost art of writing by hand, writer's block is a myth, there are no rules.Follow Anthony on Twitter and IGBuy Kelby's books or steal them, he doesn't care.

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