Welcome to one of my fave interviews of all time. @adrienneoliverrr is eloquent and brilliant and accessible. She’s a writer, she guides hearts to seek and manifest their truths through artistic expression, culturally responsive engagement, and sharp leadership. Her perspective + words about creativity, motherhood, and justice will have you leaving this episode with a new perspective.

In this episode:
-How to deal with the mundane to inspire creativity

-how to use your pain for creativity without becoming a tortured artist

-how to exist in opposites when you’re interested in tons of things + drawn to many topics

Adrienne's website: https://www.adrienneoliverrr.com/

Adrienne's workshop Say the Words: https://www.adrienneoliverrr.com/shop/p/say-the-words-presale

Adrienne's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/adrienneoliverrr/

Now, Now school: https://www.nownowschool.com/