You asked and you wanted more of the conversation with Al Lyman. In his sixties and in the best shape of his life, he shares more wisdom on how to get healthy at any age.

Here are the top 3 takeaways from the bonus podcast content:

Lifestyle choices have the power to overcome genetic predispositions. Al is living proof that with knowledge applied through nutrition, exercise, and reducing stress, you can thrive well beyond what your genes may predict.
Having a sense of purpose and mission provides meaning at any age. Al exemplifies staying motivated and making an impact into his sixties. Retirement isn't an end if you feel called to share your gifts.
It's never too late to make positive changes. Your body has amazing capabilities to heal and regenerate when cared for properly. Don't let age hold you back from living your healthiest, most vibrant life.

Al shares that we have more control over our health outcomes than we may believe. Genetics load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger. With motivation and the right knowledge applied daily, we can transform our vitality at nearly any age. It simply requires the courage to change old patterns.

About our Guest

When Al Lyman was 25, he made a conscious decision to "die healthy." The phrase he used at the time was to "square the curve." Every day since then, he's made it his goal to learn how to create good health and vitality and then share what he's learned with others so they too might benefit. That journey led to him writing a book at age 62 titled Age Well and Feel Great: The Proven Path to Solving the Aging Puzzle.

Along his lifelong quest for good health and fitness and vitality, he's finished dozens of marathons including having a 2:39 Boston Marathon personal best, 9 ironman triathlons including 3 finishes at the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, numerous sports therapy and strength and conditioning certifications, as well as having owned and operated a gait analysis lab in partnership with a sports physician.

From overcoming being bullied and a near-fatal drowning at 10 years old, to overcoming PTSD and learning to swim at 36 years old, to transitioning from a career in music to being a business owner, to becoming an author, Al has learned firsthand the importance of failing forward, being a life-long learner, and never giving up. Above it all, every step of his journey has been focused on becoming truly healthy and aging well, so he could extend not only his lifespan, but more importantly, his healthspan. His ultimate goal is to be able to do what he enjoys with those who matter the most, right up until his last day. As his book attests, Al has always been passionate about sharing all that he’s learned with others.


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