We continue our profile on the Hearst family beginning with more details on the Hearst that started it all! Rounding out the end of his life with his family tree going to today. The harrowing story of Patricia Hearst and the conspiracies her time with the SLA contains and a look at Fitch from the Paris-based Fimalac in 2006 for $592 million. Fitch is the world’s third-largest credit-ratings firm. Lastly we round out the episode talking about the 2 billionaire heirs William Randolph Hearst the III, John Augustine Chilton Hearst and closing out the episode talking about our favorite MeToo podcast host Chris Hardwick and his wife Lydia Hearst-Shaw that’s right the Nerdist is a Hearst entity. We are once again join by Eli Sairs go follow him and shit.