Welcome to another episode of Ground Zero Classics, where we delve into the paranormal world and explore mysteries that defy logic and reason. In this episode, host Clyde Lewis is joined by special guests Robert Phoenix and Dr. Sky as they discuss LA LUNA SANGRA, a fascinating topic that combines astrology, mythology, and apocalyptic wonder.

As we approach tomorrow's Red Blood Moon event, the air is charged with an up-swell of energy and anticipation. This celestial phenomenon has been observed throughout history and holds great significance in many cultures around the world. In some traditions, it is seen as a harbinger of doom or a time of great change and transformation. 

But what does all this mean for us today? Tune in to hear Robert Phoenix and Dr. Sky share their insights on LA LUNA SANGRA and how it relates to the current state of our world. They explore the idea that we are living in paranormal times, where things in heaven and earth cannot be dreamt in any philosophy. 

As they delve deeper into this topic, they also discuss the concept of sacrificial kings - past, present, and future. From ancient civilizations to modern-day leaders, these individuals have been willing to make ultimate sacrifices for the greater good. They examine the motivations behind such actions and how they may be connected to LA LUNA SANGRA. 

So join us tonight on Ground Zero Classics as we explore the mysteries of LA LUNA SANGRA and what it means for our world. You won't want to miss this fascinating discussion that combines astrology, mythology, and apocalyptic wonder!

Originally Broadcast On 11/18/21

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