Throughout history, technology has enabled transportation to meet the shifting demands of society. Advancement in AI and ML technology is helping the industry get one step close towards an automated future. In this episode of Greymatter, we share a panel discussion from Greylock's Future of Transportation event. Greylock's Reid Hoffman, Aurora co-founder and CEO Chris Urmson and Nauto founder and CEO Stefan Heck discuss the opportunities and challenges, including driver insurance and the digital divide, and the importance of working closely with policy makers and OEMs as we transition to autonomous vehicles.

Aurora and Nauto are building software needed to build and scale autonomous vehicles safely. Prior to founding Aurora, Chris helped found the self-driving car team at Alphabet and led the team for seven years. Stefan was the co-architect of the sustainability practice at McKinsey and taught courses on energy and transportation innovation at Stanford before starting Nauto.

Greylock's invite-only event hosted CEOs, company founders, and top industry leaders to discuss the impact of technology on the transportation landscape and the role of autonomy over the next several decades. Below are key takeaways and quotes from the panel.