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English - May 04, 2021 20:00 - 1 minute - 1.33 MB
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Hypnotherapist John Morgan talks about one of the things we shouldn't talk about: Politics.

Grasshopper Notes  are inspired writings from America's Best Known Hypnotherapist John Morgan. These podcasts contain recorded versions of John's  most responded to essays and blog posts from the past two decades.

If you choose to read them or print them out for for others, or just turn others onto them, they can be found on John's website:​

John calls The Grasshopper the part of you that occasionally whispers pearls of wisdom that just seem to pop into your mind from out of the blue. His essays and blog posts are his interpretations of these unexpected gifts that he refers to as "Nips of Nectar." Others have labeled these writings as timeless wisdom.

Most of the writings revolve around self improvement and self help and address topics like mindfulness, peace of mind, creativity, how to stay in the present moment,, spirituality, behavior improvement, tips for more mindful living, and stories that transform you from being stuck in the moment to a wider sense of awareness that presents more options. And isn't that what we all want, more options?

John will upload more of these podcasts on a regular basis, so check back often to hear these podcasts that are heard around the world. Who wants to be the next person to change?

Make sure to order a copy of John's new book: WISDOM OF THE GRASSHOPPER – 21 Days to Creativity. It's filled with mini-meditations that take you inside where all your creative resources reside. And you'll come out not only refreshed but recommitted to creating your future.

It's only $16.95 and available at BLURB.COM at the link below.

Also, download John's FREE book INTER RUPTION: The Magic Key To Lasting Change. It's available at John's website