The biblical story begins and ends with God as king.  Humans rebel however and the world becomes ensnared to the rule of a dark, serpentine lord.  But the story doesn’t end there….

Brent talks with Stephen Dempster, the author of a new IVP book called ‘The Return of the Kingdom: A Biblical Theology of God’s Reign’.

Stephen is emeritus professor of religious studies at Crandall University in Canada and author of numerous publications including ‘Dominion and Dynasty’.    

(1:10) The Return of the King;
(1:40) The 2 bookends of the Bible;
(5:00) God as King in Genesis;
(8:40) The dark serpent of the Bible;
(10:30) 2 kingdoms;
(14:30) The Tabernacle;
(16:15) The prophets and the kingdom;
(19:20) The Psalms;
(22:30) The gospels and the return of the king;
(26:00) Revelation as the grand finale.

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