Gerasimos Papaleventis (Vice President - Treasury, Head of Controlling and Monitoring in FIMBank plc, Malta) discusses and helps us detangle the implications of the current banks’ crises to see how they could affect the start-up and technology sectors:

how startup-focused banks affect the innovation ecosystem globally (US, Israel, the Gulf countries),
upcoming vulnerabilities to the US banking system and the US market crisis in the next six months,
what start-ups and venture capitals should do to safeguard their deposits,
why (or not) crypto-currency could become a backup system to centralised banking,
SVB vs Credit Suisse.

Gerasimos is a Banker and an Economist with almost 25 years of experience and progressive responsibility in financial and banking services. He holds a Master II degree in Banking and Insurance Science from Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (Paris XIII).

Music: "Fortitude" by Humans Win

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